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Finally updating again

Yoyoyo finally I have decided to update. It has really been quite busy nowadays. I just finished my work assignment today and just reached home from Shuyan's birthday celebration. We went to Swensons for dinner and just stayed there and camwhore after that. Actually Shuyan is the one that is camwhoring la ~.~ hahaha.

For dinner I ordered Fish Baked Rice and Malted Milkshake Cookies & Cream flavour. The milkshake was quite alright, cus even though they say its of an ice cream of any flavour of my choice, I felt that they really literally just blended the ice cream in LOL. I probably will just give it a 6/10 or something ba. Cus throughout the drinking I keep wanting to drink plain water cus it just felt too sweet for my own good LOL.

I still very much prefer Billy Bombers' Cookies & Cream milkshake as well as Hokkaido Ice Cream's Cookies & Cream milkshake. Omg speaking of Hokkaido Ice Cream, I must say they really do have the nicest Cookies & Cream ice cream ever!!! Its not too creamy and not too watery, and the amount of oreo cookies is just nice!! Wooot. ^^ Now that you know that next time when you wanna do something nice for me you know what to do hehe =D

Alright back to the food, Fish Baked Rice was of course normal, just like Chicken Baked Rice just that instead of putting chicken inside they put fish instead ~.~ haha. There is something that I need to mention though, Shuhui ordered this Crabmeat Fried Rice, apparently something new on the menu, not sure if its available from other outlets, but the Fried Rice is NICE NICE NICE NICE NICE!!!! WOOOOO!!!

Ok la some people may say that it tastes like normal fried rice, but I dare you to go find any food centre or hawker centre that sells Fried Rice that taste like that. If you do find it, LET ME KNOW!! Then next time I can go there and buy, cheaper too =X. If not then from now on when I go swensons its just CRABMEAT FRIED RICE!!!! WOOOOO!!!!! HAHA sorry get carried away once more. LOL

Oh ya, during the dinner I just heard that the A level results will be out on 6TH MARCH!!! OMG?!?!?!?! I just cant help but worry la, I mean well..not like I am very confident about it and my chances dont seem that high too. Just hope that I can get into NTU T_____T sobs.. haha..

Stressful events aside, I realised that me, Shuhui and Davis are all using Guess wallets!! HAHA..actually they have been using theirs for quite some time already but somehow I had forgotten, and when we were paying our bill just now Clifford was like 'Waaa, all using Guess wallets..' LOL!!! And we were like 'oh ya!!! woo we're the Guess gang' ~.~ Stupid I know blahh..hahaha..

And today is FRIDAY!! Which means there is Survivor!! Well I already watched it la, I just gotta say I love Sierra so so much! Even though she seems to always be carrying this face like 'I dont know what else I gonna do', but I just hope that she will go far in this game. LOL..Im supporting her team though.LOL.. And I kinda am secretly supporting Brenden too LOL!!Well but I know that guys like him probably wont be going too far in this game, cus he is afterall a huge physical threat, and unless he has a very strong ally I dont really see him going too far, unless the other team keeps losing until the merge. Hehe. GO TIMBIRA!! Not just because your buff is black colour though, but this sure is an interesting team LOL .

Alright I guess I have blogged long enough, well I think I will be uploading the 2 favourite songs of mine of the Kinki Kids album that I bought last week. Interested people can go listen, doesnt take much time anyway if not its totally cool =) The first song title will be Yakusoku, and the second song is Yume Hajime Hana. Both with super nice lyrics. Interested can go google the translation its easy to access. =)When I'm free I shall go put that in =X

Alright finally, here comes the video of Lu Chen that he performed during the last day of Chinese New Year. I tell you the trick is AMAZING you gotta watch this man!! And woo I like how he made the host swore that they did not gang up together which hence made this whole performance really magic =D. Now its 见证奇迹的时刻!!!

PS: He is really really good, in response to the people who had slammed him, he used this frisbee method to show that he really did not gang up with anyone to make his magic a success! LU CHEN WAY TO GO!!! ^^ And the last magic tutorial is just damm cute!!!! ^^ No other magician is as cute as he can be hehe.

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