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Thank you everyone! T____T

Hey~ I'm back from my weekend trip to Malaysia~ hahaha
Oh my this trip is practically like a trip for me to sleep
The moment I get into the bus I plug in my earphones
KinKi starts singing and I'm off to sleep LOLOLOL

And I stayed at the hotel to sleep more when the rest are playing tele-matches at the beach too~ LOL
Thats because before that I went swimming and got too tired
And also because I just bathe and I didn't want to sweat again =X HAHAHA
So yeaa like what Vanilla said,
It's something that Koichi would do~

Speaking of Koichi, I had a 2 hour shopping time today~
And me found many many Koichi and many many Tsuyoshi!!!
I'm sooooo happy hahaha!
Shall blog about that when I start caning my camera get my camera fixed hahahaha
But right now~
Yuanshan is a happy happy girl now~ ^^

Because I had many many Koichi~
And also cus Baka talked to me in msn just now hehe
And I know my previous entry was quite depressing,
But still thanks to everyone for your concern~ T___T
You guys don't know how much strength your words gave me when I read them
It literally made me want to tear up and yet it made me much stronger inside

Gally: Thanks for your hugs! Hahaha even though it was just a simple word but I am very thankful for that~ *hugs back* ^^

Tsuyoaki: Hahaha thanks so much!! Mou daijoubu desu~ hahaha
And I'm looking foward to see that Koichi-Cloud picture you're talking about ^^

Hika: Wow!! It's been sooooo long since I last heard from you!! I didn't know you are still reading my blog! hahahaha I missed you! ^^ Haha yeaa at that moment it was really hard for me na~ hahaha especially when I didn't have enough sleep too~ haha but I'm alright now hahaha thanks so much for tagging even though I know you must have like soooooooo many things to deal with in school eh? hahaha Gambatte!! *hugs*
HAHAHHA YESS!!! I LOVE THAT AI NO APRON!!! Hahahahaha and he's just ahhh so cute!!
My goodness I would definitely love to see him make sushi again! HAHA
Still remember him being so nervous about making sushi because in the drama all he does is say "HA!!" and the sushi is done LOLOL!!

Eliza: Hahaha!! Yeaa I so wanted to tell them off saying that the reason why I have to be polite is because I need to protect Singapore's image for the tourists, but since they ARE Singaporeans, there is actually no point in me trying to give Singapore a good image to them ~.~ LOL And yea I really pity their children also, having such unreasonable parents LOLOL Well I hope I won't be seeing them again LOL And me is back!! =DD So I'll be seeing you at work tomorrow!!! ^^

Kristy: Ya lor~! Grrr makes me soo mad! LOL They really want their 'right' as customers lor~ Talking in such a rude manner lol
HAHAHA!! Yeaaa I totally would love to do mean things to them in my brain` hahaha!
But I would much rather fill my brain with more Koichi than to fill it with their stupid faces again =XX HAHAHA!!!

Vanilla: Yay I replied you last because we are conversing in lj also HAHAHA!!
But yeaa still~ Just wanna tell you, me loves you!! =DD Hopefully I can reply your mail by tomorrow~ T_____T hahahahahaahah

And yay~ I replied the tags! hahaha
So sorry it's much more convenient to reply the tags here =X Hahaha
And while I'm at it,
Wink Up Dec scans!! =DD
(Sorry but I am too lazy and tired so I actually copied and pasted this from the livejournal entry =X)


Lol frankly speaking, I'm not too big a fan of his little mustache T___T
Hahaha but I still love his eyes hehe

Hahaha this picture is nice! ^^

Koichi's Best Performance and Music concert!!

Doesn't he look soooo prince-like in this Peaceful World costume!!
I can't wait to see the DVD when he performs this song! T___T

And this!!!
Falling!! The red light sphere!!

2nd page hehehe
Oh my there are sooo many nice pictures in here that I practically enlarged everything T___T

Shhhhh~ hahahaha
KAWAII!!!!!! T___________T

Hehe I love how he keeps smiling and laughing in this concert haha
He looks like he's enjoying himself soo much! haha

More cuteness!!!!
Ahhhhhhh~~~ *faints*

The next part is just a rough translation of what I understand~
So please forgive if my translations are lousy T___T

Koichi presents some big dokkiri challenge hahaha

No More's ending position
Koichi: There are guys that are doing weird poses

Someone doing Tsubasa's pose is discovered!!

Ah! Right there, the real Tsubasa has made a surprise appearance!
Dancer: ehhhhh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Dancer: Sumimasendeshita (I'm sorry)
(HAHAHA Koichi is sooo cute pulling the fish head like that HAHAHA!!)

The two of them are friends now!? Tsubasa pose!

Lastly, Koichi also did a Tsubasa pose~
(Hehe cute!!)

Big success!!
(Ahhhh that cute smile again!!! T____T)

Hahaha and now the long awaited Kochan Photoshoot! ^^

Oh my he's in a suit again!!
He needs to stop making me buy these magazines!! T___T

Ahhhh I love this picture!!! Hahaha
He looks sooo yasashii~~

LOL and this picture just kills you right there T____T
Ahhh that look =X hahaha

And of course~~~
I'm sure everyone wants to see this hehehe

A candid shot from the photoshoot
AHO!!! AHOO!! AHO!!!
His face on the 2nd pic is EPIC!! HAHAHAHA

It's always because he is able to do such stupid things~
That make me love him soooo much!! Hahaha
Cute!!! ^^
How can this 30 year old guy (turning 31 in another month's time) play with a chair like that and still look soooo cute!!!! T____T


Hahaha alright I'm done hehehe
Have work at 9am tomorrow~ LOL
Off to sleep now! =DD
*hugs every single person who is reading this entry ^^*

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blogged @ Sunday, November 29, 2009 11:27:00 PM

Samare Kadas~

Recently these few days~
Work hasnt been exactly going very well
Things got screwed up,
Storeroom getting more and more crammed
Mean people around,
Resulting in my supervisor crying yesterday

I seriously hate guys that make girls cry
It's like the worst thing to do
Why can't these guys just disappear for good
Sometimes guys are really jerks

Today during work
I broke down.

I was doing redemption and because it's a public holiday,
There were soooo many people and I had to give out the gifts as fast as I could
Then this Singaporean family came
And they got 4 fans,
Then the dad immediately snapped at me
Saying "We got so many fans can give us something else anot?' in a very rude manner
I tried to be polite and say that I can't so exchange
Again he snapped at me and said "Can't you be flexible? we got 2 kids here we don't need so many fans, it's their Sentosa experience can't you just give them something else?"
And in case you didn't know
His tone was outright rude, and his face makes me want to use a knife and disfigure it =X

So I relented and say ok I'll change it for you
Apparently they are not happy and they say that I 'threw' the things at them
So the guy threw me another 3 cards to do exchange
And the mum snapped and me and said that I'm being very rude to them
I apologized and apologized and said that I did not have any intention of being rude, and I'm not trying to be rude or anything
But all the said was
"Do you know I can lodge a complaint against you Sarah?'
So obviously I apologized again and they just went off continuing to insult me

You have no idea how fucking pissed I was ok
And the 1st line he spoke to me he was sooo rude already
I have every right not to do any exchange for him ok
I am not even allowed to
And this is what I get in return
So when my friend came I was just too tired I bent over on the table
And somehow I guess because of the lack of sleep and over-exhaustion I burst in tears
It was really embarrassing
And what was even more embarrassing was that I couldn't even stop myself from crying
I cried so hard that I couldnt even breathe/talk properly

The reason why I cried was because 1stly,
I hate it when people say that I am rude
Because I am not,
And I always try my best to be polite no matter how pissed I am,
I always never flare up at the guests no matter how demanding or unreasonable they are
And just because they are in a bad mood or anything doesn't give them the right to shoot me down and say that I am rude to them when I apparently made an extra effort to try and satisfy them
Sometimes I really hate Singaporeans and their shitty attitude

So my colleague told me to go into the storeroom and rest
And as I walked my boss saw me and asked me what actually happened
And I explained everything to him (of course crying at the same time)
So he said 'aiya, don't care about them la..just now they also come and complain to me about you, I just listen lor, don't worry la~ nothing one...go for your lunch now"
When I heard that I was like "huh?? go for lunch?!?!"
Then he said "Of course la if not you want to go serve guests looking like that ah"
So I just went for lunch

Seriously, I am really thankful that he's my boss
I really really am grateful
And all my colleagues they were all so nice and supportive
But it was so embarrassing because in this world not many people have seen me cry before
Just today the whole Merlion staff saw me crying
Ahhhhh kakkowarukatta T____T

At this point of time when I took out my phone to listen to my player,
I totally didn't expect this but what came playing in my player is Samare Kadas~Another Oasis~
I was like "waaa nice~~ just what I needed" and I closed my eyes and started listening to the song
And as I listened to the lyrics I wanted to cry again~ T_____T
Sometimes when bad things happen,
It always makes me feel like KinKi Kids wants to speak to me..
And yeaa I really want a place like Samare Kadas too~
A place where it's full of happiness, a place where no one else can enter
Just me and my thoughts~

I translated this song a few days ago,
But somehow I didn't have the motivation to post it here
And yet it's as if this song is meant to complement this entry~
It's sometimes weird how life works isn't it?

サマルェカダス~another oasis~ - KinKi Kids (Samare Kadas)

Boku ga umareta sono hi kara kisetsu wa meguri
Since the day I was born, the seasons have passed
Chizu mo motazuni koko made aruita
Without holding any map, I walked this far
Enogu ga tarinaku naru hodo egai yume nara
While painting out my dreams, I ran out of colors
Gaku ni kazatte bakari jya imi ga nai
There is no meaning if I just mount them into the frames

Ikitomari ni kata otoshite
As I reached the dead end, my shoulders dropped
Kaoru hana ni hagemasarete
The fragrance of the flowers encouraged me
Tomawari koso utsukushii
Such roundabouts is beautiful
Sou shinjireba dokodemo yukeru
If I believe that, I can go anywhere

Yoru ga michi tara fune wo ukabete
When the night is complete, I will set sail on a boat
Samare Kadas e tabini deyou
And go on a trip to Samare Kadas
Osanai boku nara hadashi de iketa
If I were younger, I would go barefooted
Akogareto yorokobuga afuredasu sekai
In a world overflowing with longing and happiness
Kisetsu hitotsu ima kanaete
Right now, a single miracle has come true

Yuugure fensu koshi no kaze yureru himejion
In the evening, the wind blowing over the fence is swaying the daisies
Akichi no sora ni mitsuketa hikouki
In the open sky, I found the aeroplane
Nani iro no pasupoto demo ikenai basho wo
A place that no passport color can go to
boku no kokoro ni tsukuretara ii na
It would be nice if I can create such a place within my heart

Kodomo no koro mita chikyuugi
The globe that I saw since young
Ima no boku wa mawaseru kana?
Being who I am now, can I still spin it?
Hitosashi yubi jya hakarenai
It can't be measured by the forefingers
Sore wa kyodaina shinjitsu no hoshi
That's the gigantic planet of truth

Yoru ga michi tara fune wo ukabete
When the night is complete, I will set sail on a boat
Samare Kadas e tabini deyou
And go on a trip to Samare Kadas
Osanai boku nara hadashi de iketa
If I were younger, I would go barefooted
Akogareto yorokobuga afuredasu sekai
In a world overflowing with longing and happiness

Mikazuki no ho wo tatetara
If you sail on a cresent shaped sail,
Kibou no umi eto massugu ni michikareruyo
You will be led directly to the ocean of hope

Hitomi tojireba ano hi no boku ga
If I close my eyes, the me of that day
Samare Kadas e tsureteikuyo
Is taken to Samare Kadas
Kizu mo kinisezu hashiri mawatta
Without worrying about my wounds, I ran around
Akogareto yorokobi ga afuredasu sekai
In a world overflowing with longing and happiness

Yoru ga michi tara fune wo ukabete
When the night is complete, I will set sail on a boat
Samare Kadas e tabini deyou
And go on a trip to Samare Kadas
Osanai boku nara hadashi de iketa
If I were younger, I would go barefooted
Akogareto yorokobuga afuredasu sekai
In a world overflowing with longing and happiness

It's a beautiful song isn't it?
Doesn't it paint a very beautiful picture in your head??
In this song,
My favorite sentences are:

(Such roundabouts are so beautiful, if I believe that, I can go anywhere)

Isn't it true?
I mean in life how many of us can live life in a perfect way?
Finding the right job?
Getting the best results and going into a great school?
No! Nobody's life route is perfect,
We tend to deter from the original path,
We tend to walk the wrong paths and make mistakes
We always make roundabouts
But if we believe that everything happens for a reason,
Things would be very different, life wouldnt be as great if we walked the 'right path,
If we really believe in all that
I'm sure we will definitely be able to go anywhere~ ^^

Another one would be:


(A place that no passport color can go to, it will be nice if I can create such a place within my heart)

Yes I love this line because it's somehow so beautiful~
A place where no one else can intrude in
A place that only belongs to you yourself,
Full of only things that you like,
Things that make you happy
Who wouldn't want that huh?
I also love how they used the passport color to represent the feeling
This is just a song full of beautiful lyrics

Right now, I am trying to create that place within my heart
Sometimes I really would like to just get cut off from the world for a while
Which is also the reason why I like to blast my earpiece, so that I can totally not hear what is going on around me,
And sometimes why I want to get cooped up inside my room

This girl is exhausted I guess~
Alright I'm going off now,
Getting too emo lol
Gotta pack my bag and leave for vacation tomorrow~ =)

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blogged @ Saturday, November 28, 2009 12:41:00 AM

Did I mention I love KinKi Kids?


Hi erm I was just wondering don't I have to pay for the DVD? Oo
Since we won it
Or are you going to give that to me for free?? =DDD
HAHAHA joking~ ^^


how are ja? :)
ah you did not get invoice?
so im gonna sed invoice again ne?
ehehe for free? no way~~" XD

But well anyways I just paid for my Endless SHOCK DVD~
Costed me $100.79 T___T
But at least it saved me at least 50 bucks~
If I were to buy from HMV or CDJapan
So I guess it's worth it ^^
It's brand new unopened too! Hehe

But yeaa that's the last
I'm locking my card up!!! Grrrr
KinKi concert goods are super nice!!!

Hey you know what~
I have been listening to the previews of some songs from J Album,
And it's NICE!!!!!
Don't believe???
Click HERE!!!

I totally love the last song on that list!!
It's sooo beautiful~
And I can't wait to hear the full song!
And the rest of the songs are just as nice!!
Oh my KinKi this is the reason why I LOVE YOU!!!

Now after hearing the songs it makes me WANT TO GO TO THE CONCERT!
And dammit now I would want to get the concert goods T____T
Haii we shall see what are the goods~
Give me Parka please??? *puppy eyes*

Ok today is public holiday~
So work will be $8.50 per hour~
So yay~~ I'm off to bathe and go work! =DD
Will be overseas for the weekend~
So just to let you guys know, in case I fail to blog tonight hahaha

Alright cya!!! =DD

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blogged @ Friday, November 27, 2009 9:10:00 AM


This girl is soooo depressed now~
Know why?
Because she just saw her timetable for the rest of next year

Of all times WHY 12-3??!
Don't tell me I have to go busker every day?!?!?!
Which means I end at 10~~~~~~
Then next day go school again?
I think I will die
I really do~

If I can't work for more hours it means I can't earn enough money to go Japan!
Why why WHY?!?!
Oh my everything doesnt seem to be going well now~
Maybe I should really reconsider getting concert goods
Haiiii life sucks

Give up?
Buy lesser things?
Shut down computer?
Find faster money earning ways?
Please~~~ somehow please make things work out
Yuanshan you know you can do it~
Your dream..please use your own hands and make it come true~
Yes cut down on food~~~~
Seriously cut down~

Yes everytime when I feel demoralized I will always watch SHOCK
And seriously screencapping always soothes me~
It sort of calms my nerves down~
And make me appreciate the thing I am watching more somehow~ haha

I wanted to cap Endless SHOCK's Flying and Yoru no Umi~
But as I am trying to cap Flying, I realized that it's sooo beautiful that pausing and screen capping it still doesnt do it much justice!!
But well I did the best I can~ hahaha
Next time I am sooo showing the video here!!

I love every single one of the stance for the 1st few seconds before he flies~

Yes it looks beautiful~


And he flies!!

I love how the sleeves complement with his every single movement~

See??? =DD

Ahhh~ so majestic~

This is just beautiful~
He looks like a fairy~

He really looks like some fairy descending to Earth~ LOL

He landed in front of the audience on the 2nd storey~
And wooosh~ he looks super kakkoii when he did that for the audience!

Ending pose~~

Yoru no Umi~~

I love it when he did that~

This looks nice too~
I can never do that properly no matter how hard I try~ LOL


I love love love this step!
And his isolation is good!!
The side view ahhhh~
And his hand is nice!! =X

I say goodbye to yesterday~~


This is just beautiful~~

Can you feel the warmness of the ocean?

What a nice angle~

I just like the way he stands like this =D

This is beautiful~

And oh my~
This just takes my breath away~

Ahhh~ beautiful~~

That tired face~~
He's gonna die soon T___T

I love the camera effect~

Hehe I love this shot~ =D
His neck is nice too~ HAHAHA


He's dying! T____T

No one dies as beautifully as him~
Seriously LOL

Beautifully dead =X

Ok sorry this entry had to end in such a depressing way~
But well I'm off to sleep so nights!! =DD

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blogged @ Thursday, November 26, 2009 12:05:00 AM

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