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This is driving me crazy

I think Im having a nervous breakdown.

Seriously this A level thing is really driving me crazy. I never thought that knowing the results will be released this next friday will affect me this much. I am having constantly having dreams about getting bad results. Just last time I dreamt about me getting the lowest out of everyone in the class, but that wasnt too bad cus the dream didnt made any sense.

But this time its different.

Yesterday I dreamt that I got E for maths and Cs for the rest of all my subjects. Somehow in that dream it seemed so scary, and I was considering whether I should retake my maths anot, and I felt so ashamed to show my teacher and my friends my results.

And tonight more letters from NTU and NUS came. It sucks to see them sending so many phamlets asking you to go to their school when you know that there is a chance that you might not even be able to get into anyone of them. It just sucks, and there is totally no one I can talk this to, and after a phonecall I made somehow I just couldnt take it and I cried for a short while.

This A level thing really scares me. I mean what if on that day itself I got my results and see my friends jumping around for joy, while I just kept quiet to myself, and sit at a corner, or maybe just walk away..2 dreams I've had both indicating that I have sucky results, maybe its a bad sign? Omg I really cant even imagine what would happen after I got my result on that day. What my future will be like, or if I even am going to have one..

Well saw these pictures from Lu Chen's blog a long long time ago, and seeing them again somehow just made me feel how small I am, and makes me wonder even more how my future would be like.

This is a picture of his poster being pasted on a bus, the bus looks kinda dirty but
hell, its a bus!

And this picture is just so freaking amazing, I mean how many times in our lifetime to you think this can actually happen to us?

If you think about it, how he became what he is now is because when he was in university, he majored in Japanese Literature, and when he graduated there was totally no job for him, which is what pushed him to do magic as a career. But what the hell, at least he managed to get into a university. OMG I dont know what the hell is going on now, I just wish I can stop thinking about it until at least next thursday which is one day before I am going to get the results.

And to those people who are feeling depressed after reading this entry, Im sorry. Well good day.

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blogged @ Thursday, February 26, 2009 9:24:00 PM

And here comes another entry...

Well had a dream yesterday, dreamed of someone whom I have never seen for a very very long time, and was quite surprised because I havent thought about that person for a very long time le..well its just a random dream though..just that after that dream it made me thought of that person again and made me curious about how that person is doing now. LOL

Alright back to the main topic..this entry is supposed to be about the Jap class last sat..since Yiting is already complaining that I asked the pictures from her on Sun and havent even updated until now LOL. Yiting woohoo here I am updating it le =DD

As usual I was late for Jap class, and nice Takatsuka sensei didnt scold me again LOL..I really need to start getting early for class..especially if I dont wanna sit beside someone again HAHAHAHA.. The lesson proceeded on as usual..until..Takatsuka sensei gave us a surprise test LOL. And we are supposed to write everything in Hiragana!! Everyone was like OMGOMGOMGOMG DIE DIE DIE LOL. Well I managed to write 27 words out of 52 words la, but technically still fail LOL. After the test Takatsuka sensei gave us back our homework for last week, and this is something I've got to show you guys LOL.

This is how the 1st page of my homework looks like:

Zooming in on the words at the corner, what he wrote is Jap was 'good work' and he actually wrote 'very good' in chinese as well!! Never have I been praised in 3 different languages before lol.

This is how the other pages of my homework look like:

And next page:

And next page:

Well, you get the idea..

LOL upon seeing these, I couldnt help it but ask him whats with all the lollipop thinggy, and guess what he said? He said that it means very good. LOLOLOL!!! omg this is the 1st time I have seen a teacher mark it this way LOLOL..but well its kind of special huh? And I kinda liked it LOL!!

After teaching what he was supposed to, he took out this stack of origami papers and asked all of us to choose 3 colours, so both Yiting and I chose our colours and started our origami.

Yiting's colour:



Well Yiting originally wanted to choose her ACJC's colours, while I just chose my favourite colours, but somehow it ended up that the colours that I choose looked like PJC's colours too! Just that I chose light blue instead of white. HAHA!!

So Takatsuka sensei taught us how to fold the origami and it was quite interested, and these are the pictures.


Halfway through...


End product..


Halfway through...

End product...

Yupp, isnt it cute?? Haha well I do hope that I can learn more origami from Jap class, so far I only know how to fold the paper crane, the gold ingot and camera, which was taught to me by my Jap friend when I went to Japan during sec 3, but it seems that I have forgotten much of it already, haha..and now I learn something new!! weee haha..

After that folding Takatsuka sensei gave us a small piece of paper each and taught us how to sing this children's song, the elephant song, which some of you or rather most of you have heard it before..haha..and he took out a harmonica and blew the tune for us, and taught us the words to sing it! LOL!! Omg that was like one of the best lessons Ive had hahaha..

After lesson Yiting and I went for dinner and caught a late night show, this movie called Role Models, those who havent watched it yet should give it a shot, I think this show is funny and someone worth watching..I enjoyed that show more than He's just not that into you though..dont ask me why hahaha..

Alright Im really really tired already, and I guess I wont be posting any Lu chen's videos for this entry cause Im really beat and I dont know what video I should post and doesnt seem like much people do watch those videos either, so yea..

Oh before I forgot when I get the photos from XiaoWei already I shall update on the farewell party for XiuMin my sec sch friend who is leaving for China until July as well as the birthday celebration of Mui Mui and Huiying which are held together as well..Till then..cya!! And I still wanna say...


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blogged @ Wednesday, February 25, 2009 2:06:00 AM

Finally updating again

Yoyoyo finally I have decided to update. It has really been quite busy nowadays. I just finished my work assignment today and just reached home from Shuyan's birthday celebration. We went to Swensons for dinner and just stayed there and camwhore after that. Actually Shuyan is the one that is camwhoring la ~.~ hahaha.

For dinner I ordered Fish Baked Rice and Malted Milkshake Cookies & Cream flavour. The milkshake was quite alright, cus even though they say its of an ice cream of any flavour of my choice, I felt that they really literally just blended the ice cream in LOL. I probably will just give it a 6/10 or something ba. Cus throughout the drinking I keep wanting to drink plain water cus it just felt too sweet for my own good LOL.

I still very much prefer Billy Bombers' Cookies & Cream milkshake as well as Hokkaido Ice Cream's Cookies & Cream milkshake. Omg speaking of Hokkaido Ice Cream, I must say they really do have the nicest Cookies & Cream ice cream ever!!! Its not too creamy and not too watery, and the amount of oreo cookies is just nice!! Wooot. ^^ Now that you know that next time when you wanna do something nice for me you know what to do hehe =D

Alright back to the food, Fish Baked Rice was of course normal, just like Chicken Baked Rice just that instead of putting chicken inside they put fish instead ~.~ haha. There is something that I need to mention though, Shuhui ordered this Crabmeat Fried Rice, apparently something new on the menu, not sure if its available from other outlets, but the Fried Rice is NICE NICE NICE NICE NICE!!!! WOOOOO!!!

Ok la some people may say that it tastes like normal fried rice, but I dare you to go find any food centre or hawker centre that sells Fried Rice that taste like that. If you do find it, LET ME KNOW!! Then next time I can go there and buy, cheaper too =X. If not then from now on when I go swensons its just CRABMEAT FRIED RICE!!!! WOOOOO!!!!! HAHA sorry get carried away once more. LOL

Oh ya, during the dinner I just heard that the A level results will be out on 6TH MARCH!!! OMG?!?!?!?! I just cant help but worry la, I mean well..not like I am very confident about it and my chances dont seem that high too. Just hope that I can get into NTU T_____T sobs.. haha..

Stressful events aside, I realised that me, Shuhui and Davis are all using Guess wallets!! HAHA..actually they have been using theirs for quite some time already but somehow I had forgotten, and when we were paying our bill just now Clifford was like 'Waaa, all using Guess wallets..' LOL!!! And we were like 'oh ya!!! woo we're the Guess gang' ~.~ Stupid I know blahh..hahaha..

And today is FRIDAY!! Which means there is Survivor!! Well I already watched it la, I just gotta say I love Sierra so so much! Even though she seems to always be carrying this face like 'I dont know what else I gonna do', but I just hope that she will go far in this game. LOL..Im supporting her team though.LOL.. And I kinda am secretly supporting Brenden too LOL!!Well but I know that guys like him probably wont be going too far in this game, cus he is afterall a huge physical threat, and unless he has a very strong ally I dont really see him going too far, unless the other team keeps losing until the merge. Hehe. GO TIMBIRA!! Not just because your buff is black colour though, but this sure is an interesting team LOL .

Alright I guess I have blogged long enough, well I think I will be uploading the 2 favourite songs of mine of the Kinki Kids album that I bought last week. Interested people can go listen, doesnt take much time anyway if not its totally cool =) The first song title will be Yakusoku, and the second song is Yume Hajime Hana. Both with super nice lyrics. Interested can go google the translation its easy to access. =)When I'm free I shall go put that in =X

Alright finally, here comes the video of Lu Chen that he performed during the last day of Chinese New Year. I tell you the trick is AMAZING you gotta watch this man!! And woo I like how he made the host swore that they did not gang up together which hence made this whole performance really magic =D. Now its 见证奇迹的时刻!!!

PS: He is really really good, in response to the people who had slammed him, he used this frisbee method to show that he really did not gang up with anyone to make his magic a success! LU CHEN WAY TO GO!!! ^^ And the last magic tutorial is just damm cute!!!! ^^ No other magician is as cute as he can be hehe.

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blogged @ Friday, February 20, 2009 11:56:00 PM

Spend Spend Spend AGAIN!!!


I cant believe what I did this time round. Waking up late in the afternoon AGAIN, Shaun asked me to accompany him for dinner at the last minute and so off we go to Marina Square to have our dinner at this place called "Dome". Well I ordered a plate of Fish and Chips and a ice chocolate with geletto or smth..and being the stupid ys that I am, I ordered a side dish of FRIES. Well apparently I forgot that inside Fish and CHIPS there are supposed to have FRIES inside. And so there I go, spending 5.50 bucks on something that I already have. Stupid or Stupid? zz

Well I guess that is gonna be the last time I'll be eating at "Dome" as well, cause generally the food there is not exactly very special or very nice, and besides the Fish and Chips I bought is like overfried or smth, and that piece of fish is so thin lol, as if it came from Africa or smth. I still prefer the fish at Fish and Co though, where the meat is so freaking thick =XX

And so the dinner that I didnt really enjoyed cost me like 30 bucks? OMGOMGOMG there I go spending like that again, and both me and Shaun totally cant finish the fries at all and so i asked for the fries to be packeted and I brought home, and luckily my baby sister seems to love them alot hehe.

After dinner we went to walk around and apparently most of the shops were closed since we reached Marina at around 8pm and finished dinner at around I dunno 8+ 9pm? Oo So yea and we ended up going back though citylink, and we passed by this shop called "Print" and there are so so so many notebooks and stuffs inside that I just went wooo!!!! And in the end I spent 22.70 bucks buying one notebook and 3 boxes for my valentine's chocolates ~.~ Omg I really have a spending problem!! SOMEONE SAVE ME!!!!

After we finally left that "Print" shop, we continued walking down and we passed by HMV, and I suddenly got reminded of KINKI KIDS!!! And I rushed in to see if they have their newest single which was released on 28th Jan, and to my surprise, THEY HAVE IT!!! WOOOO!!! Without any hesitation I took the cd and went to the counter and paid 22.90 bucks for a singles cd with only 3 songs inside LOLOL!! But well, I am not regretting this purchase for I totally loved the songs and the cd cover!!!! Look Look!!

The front cover:

The back:

Omg you have to agree with me that Domoto Koichi (guy at the right) is damm freaking handsome!!! Omg he totally suit this haircut la!! Not that he doesnt suit the other haircuts he had but I myself preferred this alot alot. LOL

And so yea, this concludes my night at Marina square where I easily spent $30+$22.70+$22.90= $75.60 !!! Shit this is really shit. I need to start getting my pay soon or my card is gonna melt T____T

Well I guess that concludes my entry, and last of all, I am so so looking forward to watching Survivor Tocantins tomorrow!! =D Hope there are pretty girls and hunks though, unlike Survivor Gabon where it is not very eye pleasing. Hehe.

Oh yea before I forgot. When I reached home today I was surfing google about 刘谦 in the Singapore pages, and I realised that the Singapore online newspaper as well as the chinese version of "Newasia" do talk about him! And apparently majority of the articles were not very flattering. Apparently the topic about 刘谦 being in cahoots with the China host who is assisting him in magic is now up for discussing in the Singapore media. When I read it I was like 'OMG cant someone just cut him some slack??' I mean its not like he hasnt already explained it to everyone inside his blog what is going on, whereby what everyone has so called heard the host saying 'is it the egg that contains the ring?' is totally not true, and what the host is saying is 'what about the ring?', because she knows that he is gonna borrow a ring from her to put inside the egg as a magic act, and for fear that he might perform the procedure wrongly she reminded him of the ring. And just because of that everyone is now slamming him being in cahoots with the host.

I mean I was surprised, because even the Singapore media is not cutting him some slack? I thought they would be checking out the facts first before actually posting it on the newspaper. Well I guess sometimes things are just meant to be this way huh. Maybe a lot of people can say that he is just denying what he does and hence is attempting to 'clear the misunderstanding' in his blog. Well for me I still choose to believe him since he say that he didnt do it, and I dont see why people should continue to doubt him. Well he's just so poor thing la, like what he said in his blog when the Taiwan reporter interviewed him he attempted to clear everything by saying that he is not in cahoots, and he did not exposed his magic accidentally, and yet when the interview is published everything was out in the total opposite. Well thats life, people get jealous of you and they want to see some drama.

Well this incident had made me learned alot though, life is not always smooth sailing, and of course often there are people who would want to knock you off your boat. What matters most of course is that you are able to swim back up the sea and get back on your ship and continue your journey of life. Shit I realised that I cant swim!! Am I gonna die?? Oo No meaning hahahaha.. Alright I guess this entry is long enough for today already.

So now i present you guys the magic act that 刘谦 did that aroused much discussion on the media as to whether he was in cahoots with the host or did he slip up during his magic trick. Well you guys can watch and see how well he actually performed these tricks and decide whether he deserved to be slammed like that or not! And now its 见证奇迹的时刻!!!

Ps: That rubber band trick still continues to baffle me, and that coin trick is wtf?!?! Haha and the way he wants the applause from the audience is so cute! ^^

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blogged @ Friday, February 13, 2009 2:02:00 AM

Survivor Tocantins!!

Weee!! Finally its here!!! While watching American Idol and eating dinner today, I heard this familiar music while looking into my maggie mee, and when I lifted my head up...



WOOOOOOO!!!! Ive been waiting for this day to come ever since Survivor Gabon has ended. Well to tell the truth I didnt really enjoyed Survivor Gabon a lot especially when it comes after Survivor Micronesia, which is ultrasupermazingly nice and exciting as compared to Survivor Gabon, and apparently as said by Jeff Probst, the casts for Survivor Tocantins are gonna be full of much nicer people and its gonna be more exciting, so I shall be looking forward to that! =D

Wow..today woke up at like 3pm and apparently I told my mum to buy me Wanton noodles in my sleep and I totally have no recollection whatsoever LOL!! But thats fine, cus I ended up waking up and have a nice lunch waiting for me hehe..

Tomorrow have to go down to Tanjong Pajar for a new job briefing. Hope its not too demanding and I can get the job done easily and money will come flying to me! Weeeee..

Alright last but not least, how can I forget about this? Its time for my Lu Chen to appear again!!! Hehe..hmmm..but while I'm blogging now I cant really think of what video I should post of him leh. Hmm..lemme think....


Thinking somemore...

Oh yeah!!! I know!!!
There you go!!! A very nice card trick done by 刘谦!! So now its 见证奇迹的时刻!!!

Ps: Dont you think its amazing how he can fiddle with those cards? And the way the 4 aces come out is just damm damm zai~~ Oh yea..HE LOOK DAMM CUTE IN SPECS! >.<

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blogged @ Thursday, February 12, 2009 1:16:00 AM

Spend Spend Spend!!!

Wow, what a day! Today met up with Shaun at town, cause its been a long long time since I last met him, and we went to town. Ate at heeren's fish and co and I alone spend about 17 bucks on lunch. Well you can say that its generally cheaper than what I had spent at TCC, but well still..money fly away!!!

So after lunch we went to walk around and I went to Guess shop and bought a wallet for 65.9 bucks!! OMGOMGOMGOMG but well it was quite nice la, and I have been wanting a guess wallet so there, hehe =D Its a black long wallet, and well here's how it looks like;


How it looks like on the inside:


After buying that we walked to Plaza Singapura and passed by the Concord Hotel and this is where Shaun told me that this is the place that has this magic shop and sells the bicycle deck poker cards!! So without delay wooot there we go, to this shop called the "Magic Hall" which is on the 3rd floor, and down there WOW!! There are all sorts of bicycle decks for sale! And I really mean ALL. LOL down there you have orange deck, black deck, red deck, blue deck, green deck, you name it they have it LOL! And they even have the black deck with this skeleton design which Shaun bought for 16 bucks.

Inside the shop the people there are actually quite friendly, and they showed us quite a few magic tricks, some which I have already seen 刘谦 performed before. Hehe.. and down there there are so so so many magic props that I have seen magicians used in 大魔竞,and I saw alot of coins there! Big coins small coins LOL!! One day when I get my pay Im gonna go there and buy afew so I can learn some coin tricks taught by 刘谦! Hehe

So in the end I bought 3 decks of card and a new card trick wee hoo. I am so happy that I bought them that I gotta show you guys, and the black deck is one of my favourite deck! =D

The red deck:



The blue deck:



The black deck:


For the black deck, its kinda special because it doesnt have red and black suits, it has black and GREY suits! Special huh? But kinda confusing when you actually use it and play though LOL.

Hearts and clouds:


Diamonds and spades:


And with that in addition to the new trick which I bought for 20 bucks, I spent a total of 44 bucks in that shop!! And to sum up the total amount which I have spent today, which is $20+$3.8+$65.9+$44 = $133.70!!! GOSH I need to stop spending like that! Haha, well Shaun wasnt any better off, he spent a total of 114 bucks on one jacket and one long sleeved top, and 16 bucks on a skeleton deck, so the total amount he spent is $114+$16+$3.80+$16 = $149.80!!!

LOL omg thats how much we spent, and he spent more than me!! Shaun if you're reading this, ITS TIME TO CUT DOWN ON YOUR SPENDING!!!!!

In case you guys were thinking, the 3.80 bucks added to both of us is the hokkaido single scoop ice cream that we decided to have at Takashimaya ~.~ Oh ya and in the end I cabbed home from Jurong Point just so that I wouldnt miss any of my 刘谦 in 综艺大哥大 hehe, and what wasnt included in the $133.70 as well!! Wow thats a big burn in my wallet, but Im super happy now hehe =D

And of course, last of all, to end my happy day I watched my 刘谦 show and he did this amazing trick that he had invented recently and wooo! I cannot even describe the amazingness LOL!! You guys have to watch it yourselves to understand!!! And now, its 见证奇迹的时刻!!!!

Ps: I like how he keeps saying 奇愚果 instead of 开心果 lol!! So cute!! And at that moment when he gets all tongue tied, SUPER CUTENESS!!

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blogged @ Tuesday, February 10, 2009 10:43:00 PM

Amazing amazing!!

Today was one of the more meaningful days for me, but well what happens next is still early to say, but all I can do is to wait. =)

Well now is Liu Qian time again!! This is one of the tricks that really made me go 'WAAHH', well almost all of his magic makes me go 'waaahh' la, but well I still like this trick I still dont understand the logic of it..LOL!! So now, its 见证奇迹的时刻!!!

PS: Sorry for the lousy quality, this is the best I could find. Dont you just love the way he makes those sound effects?!?! =D


blogged @ Monday, February 9, 2009 12:36:00 AM

Jap class wooo!!

Wow, had my 1st Japanese lesson today, and it was GREAT! The teacher was Takatsuka sensei, and we started the lesson with basic pronunciations and simple conversations. Takatsuka sensei was damm funny, he will ask everyone individual questions in Jap and we will have to reply him in Jap, and when reaching the end which is where Yiting and I sit, he will always come up with some weird questions because he ran out of questions to ask! Haha..

He's one of the more interesting teachers I've come across, and to my amazement, for the whole 3 hour lesson, there was NOT one minute or one second that I feel like sleeping!! Isnt it just amazing?!?! Yuan shan not falling asleep in an air conditioned 3 hour lesson..LOL!!
That ought to set some guiness world record haha!

After lesson Yiting and I went to TCC for dinner, and omg that place, the food is freaking expensive!! I bought one lagsane for 16 bucks!! I feel so cheated and wasteful, especially since I only finished half of the lagsane, cus my stomach was filled with their cookies and cream milkshake! Wooo I tell you that is one of the better cookies and cream milkshake I have ever tasted, apart from the one from Billy Bombers. That cookies and cream milkshake cost me 7.70 bucks as well, so it was one of the more expensive meals Ive had since my last visit to a restaurant.

After eating we practically sat at the restaurant and chatted for more than one hour..hohoho, and ended up leaving only at 11plus, and in the end we cabbed home hehe..

Well thats all for today, and I guess that perhaps I will want to post my favourite Liu Qian's magic video every now and then, haha..interested people can watch, not interested can just leave wooo. I want to make everyone a fan! =D

PS: I love his hair in this magic, one day I shall highlight my hair to this colour! ^^

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blogged @ Sunday, February 8, 2009 1:26:00 AM

Liu Qian in Singapore!!

Well, just as the title had suggested, this is actually something that seems to be quite magical for me. On the previous post liu qian apparently had announced the date of his book signature event that is going to be held in Taiwan, and omg how I wish I was there!! So i left a comment saying that if he is coming to Singapore, I hope that he will announce it!

And the next day arrived and when I woke up I just randomly went to his blog and I saw a new entry saying: "Singapore" and I was like OMG?!?! Inside that entry he said that he will be coming to Singapore on that night, 5th of Feb!! Can you believe it?? For a moment I was so happy but it turned out that he was supposed to perform for some corporate dinner and is unable to disclose the location T___T

However I do hope that this could be the start of something, whereby the next time if he does come to Singapore it will be the time where I can actually go and see him perform!! Haha.. well till now I will just be looking forward to all his magic shows through television! T_T

PS: He is really the cutest guy that I have ever come across!! LOL

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blogged @ Saturday, February 7, 2009 3:21:00 PM

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