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The night

The night when he called her and told her that he's at JP
The night when he messaged her and told her that he went to the wrong block
The moment he messaged her and told her that he had reached
The happy moment when she looked out of her room window

The few moments when he played a few stunts for her because she asked him to
The night continued with him downstairs and her upstairs
The few times he looked up, waved to her and she waved back

The time finally came when he had to go
The one call that she got hearing him say that he's going off
The girl looked out of the window again, seeing the boy that looked back up
The boy waved, and the girl waved back

Finally the boy got onto his bike and cycled off, giving the last look up and said 'Bye'
Feeling happy yet sad, the girl too said 'Bye'

Love you till the very end. =)


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Screw it

Screw it.

I have super serious burns on my body now, thanks to the 4 hour swim that I went with Jenmey yesterday. Now I have to walk around in sleeveless shirts so poor thing right T____T

Well yesterday went swimming with Jen from 10am - 2pm LOLOL.
Well I gotta say it is REAL REAL FUN!
Especially the adult pool, we enjoyed and relaxed there so so so much that we didnt want to leave. T___T
And I realised that going into the Lazy River WITHOUT the float is even more fun!!! Can you believe it? LOL
Just that I will have the risk of falling into the water la =X

After swimming both me and Jen rushed home to bathe and then rushed back to the complex to eat at Nihon Mura! Yay! =D
(We kinda had to rush because Jen needs to be on the train by 4pm in order not to be late for her work lol)

The food we ate, and Jen the freaking full and satisfied girl LOL

The me that got burnt, happy with a lunch and am unaware of what is coming my way.
People who seen faces like mine after they got into the sun for long, be afraid.

Well like I said, my body is freaking burnt that now I am going around in sleeveless tops.
The following few pictures might scare you and distort your image of me forever more.
You have been warned.

The me that got burnt, and nope, this is so not a camera effect. What you see in real life is worse.

My super scorched arms. Red and burnt. Again NOT camera effects.

Alright enough about the burnt me.
Lets talk about the me that was still unburnt last Saturday.

Last Saturday, as usual its Jap class time!
Well the lesson wasnt as enjoyable as I expected, but it was the last lesson.
So next week, it will be my JAP EXAM!!!!!
Die or die you tell me.
Gotta start brushing up on my vocabs and particles already T_____T

Oh ya to talk about something that made me happy, Takatsuka sensei gave back our 6-form test from last week, and weee!!!
I only got 1 wrong!

My test paper. I am supposed to fill in the blanks with only the dictionary form given hehe. Takatsuka sensei praised me with 3 different languages!! WEE! =D

So next week I will be having an Oral test and a written test all in 3 hours. Haha.

After Jap class, Yiting and I went to Cineleisure for dinner, and we went to Shokudo for dinner.
I gotta say, their food there was not too bad!
Im sure I will go back and eat again =D

My fried potato spaghetti with tomato cream sauce!
Apparently, over there its ok for you to choose the sauce that you want for your spaghetti.
Initially my dish does not come with a tomato cream sauce, and I asked if it could be changed to tomato cream sauce and its allowed! Nice right! =D
The food doesnt really seem great from here la, but trust me its really nice! =D

After dinner got dragged by Yiting to take neoprints LOL!
Its been a really really long time since I last took neoprints le.
These are the 4 pictures =D..

I love this pic =D

I miss my unburnt self T___T

After taking neoprints went to play Wii with Yiting at the lan shop at the 9th storey.
Played Wii sports, and weee!!
I totally owned Yiting at tennis! HAHAHAHA!!!!
Lol it was damm fun la! Haha! Definitely want to go there again! =D With the tootz and Peixin! =DD

After Wii-ing had supper and the Tootz came to find me!! =D
Cycled to Cineleisure to meet me hehe. Thanks so much =)
Thats very nice =))

Hmmm alright thats all I have today.
Feeling quite pissed as well about some things.
Hmm..to end it off, here are some of the pictures that I took of my baby sis.

She made a party hat in class today, so I asked her to wear it and I took some pictures =D

Isnt she cute?!?!?! =))

The cute naughty girl that puts a smile on my face everyday =)


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Ahh!!! New pictures!!!!! >.<

OMG FAN ALERT!!!!!! People you are warned!!!!!!

Muhahahahahaha!!! OMG Yuan Shan is really really really seriously damm damm happy!!
"Why?" you might ask, well..because recently again I went to Baidu and I realised that the new promotional pictures of Lu Chen are OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!


The one in leopard outfit:

LOL He looks so cute in this pic! =X

This is the picture that I love the most, and as you guys can see, it has become my msn display picture!! =D

The one in the black outfit:

He looks so freaking cute in this picture too!!! ^^

He looks very style here..=X

The one with the bright background:

Seriously I swear when I 1st saw this picture I almost died. SO SHUAI CAN!!!! T_____T

Weee the one with the mysterious crystal ball. LOL

Alright thats all, after this either you guys are convinced that he's cute and handsome, or you guys are gonna stop coming to my blog already. T____T

*Prays and prays that it will be the former T_____T*

After like 2 weeks finally met up with the Tootz today, and wooo it was really a very nice meeting =D Cant wait to see the Tootz again, even though for this coming week I have to prepare for my Jap exam which will be THIS COMING SATURDAY!!!

Alright that will be all for now. Shall update about my 1st Wii experience and my Neoprint experience with Yiting after I scanned the neoprints in. Till then, LOVE LU CHEN!! =X

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blogged @ Monday, March 23, 2009 2:23:00 AM

Eat eat eat!

Nowadays I have been eating quite abit lately. Lucky for the past few days I didnt really eat alot, and I still got exercise, if not some Tootz is going to kill me! T__T

Yesterday went swimming again with my Baby sis, and wooo the sun was H.O.T!
After swimming found out that I got tanned abit, hehe so quite happy.
Hopefully for the rest of my swimming days, the sun will be out and it will be B.I.G!!
I want to get a nice tan colour on my body weeeeee =DD

After swimming went to eat Nihon Mura with my mum and both sisters.

Doesnt it look like my baby sis is the one eating everything? LOLOL
This meal actually costs us $44++
Luckily my mama is the one paying the bill, hehe ^^ As usual ate my prawn sushi and ordered my Cookies and Cream milkshake woooo!!
Life is good =D

After asking for the bill, the Auntie that we are familiar with came, and she counted that we ate 13 plates of sushi.
However, after she finished counting, she said
" Na, Auntie treat you 3 plates"
With that, she wrote the number 10 instead of 13 inside the receipt. (Those who ate in Nihon Mura before should know what I mean)
HOW HOW HOW NICE IS THAT?!?!?! Omg!! Its always this kind of small nice gestures from the people around that made me feel that life is beautiful =DD

Today as usual, watched Lu Chen on tv, and wooo the trick he did was..not really amazing..but more of 'eh? what how did that happen?Oo' Haha, shall post the video later and show it to you guys, and you can slowly go figure that out LOL

After watching tv, went to meet my beloved S10 classmates for a dinner at the steamboat place near my area.
So sad Andrea couldnt join us T____T I sure miss seeing her.. Wanna give her a pull on the cheeks and give her a big big hug LOLOL (No wonder she didnt come T___T)
Hope you guys enjoyed the food there, since Im the one that recommended it =XX

Didnt take any pictures though, HOW CAN WE FORGET ABOUT THAT!!! OMG I cant believe that I remembered only after I reached home LOL

The people that were present today, LOL pardon YY's face cus I couldnt find a photo with just the 5 of us inside hehe =XX

Well, Im glad that I can meet you guys again, and well I just hope that the next time S10 goes out again, it wont be just 5 people, and well, I want most of the guys the be there as well ba. Really missed those times where we hung out and slack and laughed together.
Hopefully we'll be able to have a chalet next year, after you guys graduate from Poly as well as finished your A levels. Look forward to seeing you guys again!! ^^

The group hanging out during Christmas celebration

One of the biggest turnout of an S10 outing! =DD

Woooo I still freaking love this pic..Joshua being ostrasized LOLOL!! Hopefully we can have another outing like that again yea? hehe ^^

Anyway recently I realised that I seem to have lost my voice.
It sounds weird but I think its true, and Im starting to get freaked out.
I realised it when I tried to sing my old choir songs, and I realised that everytime when I try to sing a high note, my throat gets blocked, and the sound that came out, unpleasant.
Well I just hope that its just because I havent been singing for a very long time, thats why I need to start warming my throat up, because....


Weee, tomorrow will be having lunch with the Tootz =D Hopefully I wont be late for Jap class again. Looking forward to it!! ^^

Alright enough about me..now its time to watch the trick that left me thinking and thinking 'WHAT THE HELL??????' Hahaha, its really an interesting video to watch. Weee of course..muhahahaha =)) Now its once again 见证奇迹的时刻!!!

PS: Hehe, weird right? LOLOL well another something something to make you guys think about before you go to sleep =))

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Wisdom tooth

LOL called the tootz today and found out that his Wisdom tooth had grown out, and tomorrow he'll be going to the dentist to pluck it out. T____T Poor tootz, hope he doesnt end up like that guy in the picture. =XX All the best for your wisdom tooth k? Hehe..POKES! ^^

Met up with Peixin and Yiting today.
Gave Yiting the notes for the Jap class that she missed last week, and sort of taught her through some of the things that were taught during the lesson.
Peixin joined us after that, and I got to say the DOUBLE CHOCOLATE at McCafe is FREAKING NICE!!!!
The way the drink is being ice blended, and the way the oreo cookies are being blended inside, and as you drink it, you can taste bits of oreo cookies inside and you can bite them too!!
The feeling is just like heaven I tell you. LOL

The best part is, it only cost $4:50!!!!
I think? Oo
Cant really remember, but its definitely around that price, so its definitely affordable!! People out there, GO TRY IT!!!!! =D

Then we went shopping and I went price checking.
Wanna buy a Lava Lamp and a Plasma Lamp for myself, have wanted that since a long long time ago haha..
Realised that there's this shop where they sell one for $35 and 2 for $60, so decided that after getting my pay I shall buy one for myself and one for my sis =D

Went to Art Box and looked around, and I found this super nice black notebook and a super nice blackboard, and weee I bought them both hahaha. Super freaking nice I tell you!!!

The nice little black book which says "Life is a beautiful journey" Dont you agree? Oo Indeed life is beautiful, especially with my Tootz and Magician around ^^

My pretty little BlackBoard. Dont bother to comprehend what I wrote there la, you'll die after I tell you =D Realized that it makes a nice little emergency mirror too! ^^

Yupp thats all I have for today, and good news is I wont be putting up any magic videos, so you guys can go celebrate. So to sum it up.....

BEHOLD!! THE CUTEST MAGICIAN IN THE WORLD!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >=)

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This is the poster of the 1st stop of the Asia tour performance
However due to the lack of popularity between the fans,
just before the poster is to be printed out it has been made to stop production at the printing office.
The small innocent newborn is not fated to see this beautiful world
Hence it is too unable to experience and enjoy the feeling of highness of being pasted on the wall and secretly being torn down
夭折了 (Phrase used when a newborn dies)

PS:Someone said that this poster is nicer than the one used before. Hehehe, of course it is, because this is the poster that I designed. But since everyone doesnt like it I guess i'll have to choose another photo.

LOLOL!!! When Peixin came to my house today I went to his blog and saw that he had updated his blog, and upon reading the entry together, both me and Peixin cant help but burst into laughter. LOLOL!!! I dont care what you guys think but firstly I really feel that he is damm damm cute!! The way he described the poster as if its like a baby child, and it has no chance to see the world LOLOL. And he is so cute and poor thing la! Imagine you designing the poster of your own performance and then your fans say that its not nice LOLOL!!! And the poor guy have to go and find another photo for his poster LOL

Well personally I think that it is really sweet of him to ask for the fans opinion and even bother to change the design of the poster after the fans said that they dont really like the design. Imagine how much trouble he would have to go through to stop the productions and then to redesign the poster again. Can you imagine how you wouldve felt if the poster that you designed is being said by others that its not nice? How will you feel? And to think that Lu Chen actually took it all graciously and said that he will go and design the poster again, all for his fans sake. Which celebrity would bother to go such lengths? To think this is how much he takes into account of his fans' opinions, even if it means that he would have to work more and become even more tired. He bothered to do it all over again so that it would get his fans' approval and make them happy. Which is why I think that he is the sweetest and cutest magician ever!! =DD No other celebrity in the world has ever made me so touched before. T_____T

Ok enough of him for now. =)

Yesterday went swimming again with my baby sister, while my mum and my younger sis went to the dentist. This time round I am not so paranoid like the previous time, since I already have some experience on what I need to do while swimming with my baby sis. Hehe.. The amazing thing actually happened.

While walking towards the complex, it started to drizzle, and I was thinking 'Wa crap please dont rain, if not I wont get to swim and my baby sis would be so disappointed', so I kept saying 'Dont rain Dont rain' LOL and because the previous time I actually asked my baby sis to do the same thing, and said 'GOD! Dont rain!!' and this time round, I didnt asked my baby sis she automatically said 'GOD! Dont rain!!' LOLOL!! So cute luh! And in the end when we reached the swimming pool and started our swim, THE RAIN HAD STOPPED TOTALLY!!!!!Amazing not? PRAISE THE LORD! =DD

Haha..swam halfway and my sister came to join us and we played and played and played and then went to JP for dinner. Me and my family went to Minitoons and we actually saw some cute stuffs, I might be abit slow la, since I dont go there often, but there is this very interesting toy, where no matter how you grab it can always try to slip away from your hands! Hence I bought it. LOL Thought that it might be a good to share this if the people Im around with are feeling tensed up LOL This is how it looks like:

Think it looks normal? Think again. This thing loves to slip out of your hands no matter how hard you try to grab it!! >=) This cost $4 only!!

Today met up with Peixin and the 3 of us, Peixin, my baby sis and me went to JP together. And Peixin bought me a nice oreo bubble tea drink!!! So touched T_____T Initially when I called her, I waiting for a train to JP after dilly dallying for quite some time at my house, and she told me that she's still waiting for the bus! And I was thinking 'waaa what is wrong with this girl ah, just now say go out already after so long still waiting for bus' (Peixin dont hate me T__T)

But after I reached JP, I received another call from her asking me what is the oreo drink that I always drink, and she actually wanted to surprise me by buying that drink for me, and in the end there are too many oreo flavours and she didnt know what to buy! SO SWEET RIGHT!!! And she's damm cute la!! HAHAHA!! Want to buy drink for me as a surprise in the end dunno what to buy so have to ask me HAHA! But still, thanks alot girl!! I appreciate it! =DD

When we reached I bought my baby sis this candy machine that she wanted. LOL I know some of you guys have already seen this before, but she really really loves it! Haha, and I think it looks cute too! And I asked my mum to fill it up with candy LOLOL.

Looks so cute right!! Dont you want to have one too?? Oo It only cost $4!!

After eating lunch with Peixin, we went to our house and slacked, and thats when we read Lu Chen's updated blog entry hehe. Finally when 8pm arrives, LU CHEN LU CHEN LU CHEN!!!! =X So to sum up this entry, I shall show you guys this video that he performed today. Once again as usual, its 见证奇迹的时刻!!!

PS: In the 1st video at 1:57 he got the cutest expression ever! ^^ And the 2nd trick might seem the same, but the way he repackages it is like woooot!! Nice nice nice!! =DD Cutest magician ever!! ^^ I love his new hair too!! Fits him like anything! LOLOL

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Song of Hope

Song of Hope

Leaving the past behind
Searching for the future in time
Sometimes we dont know why the things we do
As I look into your eyes (As I look in your eyes)
I can see the clear blue sky (Clear blue sky)
All I ever needed is to be with you

Come sing the song of hope
Come share this time with me
Beautiful memories
Will linger on (Linger on and on)

No spoken words can stay
No photographs wont fade
Only this song of hope
Will still remain

Look at the deep blue sea
See a reflection of me
What lies ahead of me
No one can see

My life my hope my dreams (My dreams)
My thoughts are my everything
My everything..

Come sing a song of hope
Come share this time with me
Beautiful memories
Will linger on

No spoken words can stay
No photographs wont fade
Only this song of hope
Will still remain

Only this song of hope
Will still remain...

This song is one of the few songs that really touched me, and the lyrics of these song couldnt carry out the message that this song was supposed to be meant any better. After all these years, 4 years to be exact, I still cant help but keep this song inside my handphone. Because the moment I hear this song, memories just overflowed, and many many events and emotions started replaying in my mind.

Even though with the current technology now, photographs are seldom developed and hence wouldnt fade, but they do get misplaced or erased. You can say the same for song, but I guess the tune of the song will forever linger in the heads of the people who shared this experience with me huh?

Miss Lim, the conductress which made my choir life possible and made dreams come true. I wonder how youre doing now, since you have already left Fuhua choir...

The group of friends who went through my whole choir life with me, even though we have all moved on with our lives now, Im sure this is one of the memories where we will always want to relive it again and again..

LOL look how much fun you guys used to have back then. I wonder if every now and then will you still remember the events that had taken place that day?

The day came where it was the last time I can ever perform with you guys again. It still hurts even now to think back and realize that I can never ever sing together with you guys again..

Xiu Min, the friend who always always practiced singing with me inside the classrooms, whom I shared secrets with, whom at that period of time understood me the most..Even though now you are in China, every now and then I will still be thinking about you, and am glad to see that you are enjoying yourself there..do take care of yourself k? Look forward to the day when you return to Singapore. =)

LOL JOHN! The guy that always always bully me and make fun of me. I still remember how hard I had to beg you until you finally agreed to take this picture with me..even though you wont be reading this blog, I still want to say that this is still one of my favourite photos ever taken, even though I look kinda sucky.. LOL

Finally, how can I have this entry without you? My dear Andy gor, who always always supported me during this few years no matter what happens. If not for you, I guess I wouldve quitted a long long time ago. Even up till now, you are still one of the more important guys in my life, and I actually forgot that we took this picture together until I was sorting out the files inside my computer. I just wanna let you know that I miss you, and hope that I will be able to meet up with you again...

Even up till now, I still have not really gone through any life that would be half as fun and half as fulfilling as my life as a choir member. Even though there are some unhappiness and tough times, it is always nice to know that there will definitely be people around you who care and will always be there to protect you, and there are people that you want to spend every minute of your time with.

Sometimes I just wish that we didnt have to grow up...


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