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The amazing 老千

Today was just a normal day for me,
But Yiting told me that the poster that I ordered will be shipped on friday! =DD
Yay I am going to have a 5ft giant poster!! =DD
Best of all it is NOT MADE OF PAPER!
Its made of some cloth/plastic like material haha
Cant wait for it to arrive! ^^

This is the picture that I sent in for the poster to be made:

Omg la I cannot wait to have this big piece of shuai ge hanging in my room! =X
Every night sleep confirm have super shiok dreams MUHAHAHAHAHA

Oh ya as you guys know,
Money is really a big big issue for me now,
I know serves me right la,
But well, I am trying to do some damage control,
So I am trying my very best to save every single penny that I have
And also if you guys got any jobs for me,
Just let me know k?
I am willing to work as long as it pays
Sucky pay also nvm I wanna work!

Now I am doing chores around the house,
Trying to earn every single amount that I can
Mum said that she will pay me to do chores LOL
Omg I cant believe it la~
She's really damm generous haha
For every single window I wiped she's paying me a buck
For folding clothes she's paying me 3 bucks
For keeping in the clothes she's paying me 2 bucks LOL

After doing all these chores then I realised that
How tiring it actually is to fold so many clothes
And to keep all the clothes
Tomorrow I'll be cleaning the windows
I hope I dont die of exhaustion HAHA

Well, just hope that things will eventually work out somehow
Ganbarimasu!!!! *gives a determined look*

Alright now here comes the main point of my post
As you guys know, today is Tuesday
And on Tuesdays, Lu Chen will be on TV!!
And without fail, his magic is always so amazing
Well actually I wanted to show you guys the full video,
But I'm afraid that you guys will be lazy to watch the 2nd video after watching the 1st video

So now I'm telling you guys 1st k,
If you only have time/only wanna watch one video,
Watch the 2ND SECOND 2ND VIDEO!!!!
You wont regret it!!
And for those who are free and wanna watch all,
Just watch all ba =DD

Lu Chen is really so amazing
He never fails to make me stop breathing
And never fails to make me clap and scream in amazement
So without further ado,
Once again its 见证奇迹的时刻!!!

PS: I really really dont understand how the needle freaking pierced through the deck ~.~ And the ending effect in making the cards OMGOMG

PS: I really got NOTHING TO SAY
And I love how he gives the happy triumphant look when everyone was shocked LOLOL
I didnt disappoint you guys right?? LOL The 2nd video rocks HAHA

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My ever so cute magician~

one thing I have to mention.
You know I love foods,
so you give me foods anytime anywhere always.....
and I eat everything you give me,
it`s so bad,
because I bacame very fat now.
So,please stop give me foods,
any food....

Thank you very much


LOL I saw this when I came back from Malaysia today
I wanted to see if Lu Chen made any responses after his post on his birthday
True enough, there is! =D
Well I'm not sure how to react to this response though
He typed this as a comment to the earlier post that I showed in the previous entry
Well apparently I think alot of fans have been giving him Potato Chips! HAHA
And since he cannot resist the temptation of Potato Chips

Omg nonono!!!
Dont grow fat!!! HAHAHAHA
He's so cute la!!
Eating every single thing that his fans give him LOL
Eat until he also grow fat already hahaha
I really feel like pinching his cheeks now omg T____T
LOL nvm its ok Lu Chen you grow until fat fat I will still want you!!!! =DDD

Hahaha sorry because I have been too deprived T__T
In Malaysia without my Koichi and Lu Chen for 3 days is HARDDDD
But well I was at Baidu forum again
I saw alot of people posting
Saying that in today's episode of this Magic Show in China

Lu Chen cried!

Sayang Sayang why you cry!! T_____T
I dont really know what happened
Because I live in Singapore and the video is not available yet
But still
Lu Chen I hope that he's fine now
I shall post the video up if I am able to watch it on youtube
I hope that he's not overworking himself now though
Haha maa maa~~

So sorry for this random post
I just wanted to share Lu Chen's comment
Thats all~~

Anyway I'm really troubled now
Over money issues
I really hate it when you help someone
And when you need their help they just ignore you
And I'm not even looking for a return of favour
I just want back what belonged to me in the 1st place

Even after letting you know that
I will get into serious trouble if you dont return me the money soon
Yet you still chose to ignore me
And avoid me
You didnt even bother to let me know
If you are having any difficulties returning me the money
Does it hurt to even just call me?
Do you think I will force you to return me the money?

You were the one that said its ok
You can return
Yet now, at the very last min,
You chose to leave me to die
Is that how a friend behaves?
I really am disappointed
Utterly disappointed

I was just talking to Yiting about how disappointed I felt
And how as you slowly grow up,
People start to grow uglier and uglier
Hurting people, deceiving people
Making use of people,
All the ugly aspects of life
Its time to start opening your filter again Yuanshan
I really wonder why is it that
When you treat someone with such sincerity,
With such kindness in the end you'll always be the one getting hurt

Not just now,
Even in the past,
It always happens,
And I think that its just because its that person
You know if its others they wouldnt be like that
But as you grow up
You realise that there are really many of such people

I really want to live honestly,
I really want to live without being defensive
But in such a society
I guess its just something that I have to do
Just like in Liar Game
The girl was so pure so innocent
She believed what everyone said,
She helped everyone if she could
But people just treat her like an idiot
And totally made full use of her

I dont want to be that kind of idiot
Least I hope I wont
So from now on,
To the people that might be affected by this kind of decision that I've made
All I can say is
"I'm sorry for being like this"

Luckily for Channel U
They are showing Lu Chen's magic
Even though I have already watched it,
Even though its repeated,
Even though its old,
Like I said before,
Lu Chen never fails to put a smile on my face
And he cheered me up
In more ways than one

Hence for that I'm gonna put up 2 of his videos that I watched on TV
And hopefully you will enjoy it as well =D
接下來就是见证奇迹的时刻!! ^^

PS: I love how he keeps running to the front and say 接下來就是见证奇迹的时刻 LOL
Too cute already! =DD

PS: This is amazing right? Even though it doesnt cheer me up to see him putting his own life in danger, but I still appreciate what he has done to make this possible =)

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blogged @ Sunday, June 28, 2009 10:15:00 PM

My dear tired Magician

Dear Friends, I am Lu Chen

Dear all of the friends here.
I am Lu Chen,

I am sorry I can type Chinese words now,

and I couldn`t be here to meet you in my birthday.

becuae I was working hard last day.
But I want to say Thank you so much now,

you are the reason why I work hard everyday.

Everything I do on stage,on TV are all for you....

And thank you so much for everything you did for my birthday...

and my mom I love you so much.

all of you.

I hope I can be your magician..forever...

Thank you

Lu Chen

OMG what a nice surprise before I actually leave for Malaysia!!
Waaaa I really am so touched now!!!
I was still checking out his blog seeing if he updated on his birthday
However he didnt update
Luckily (I repeat LUCKILY) I went to Baidu forum and check
Even though I was late, (its 4am now he updated on 1am)
I still managed to see it before I leave for Malaysia!

Lu Chen ah Lu Chen~
I really have nothing else to say,

Seeing how tired you are,
How busy you have been,
And yet you still took the time out to speak at the forum,
Even though your computer cant type in Chinese,
You still bothered once again to type in English
To let your fans know how thankful you are
To let your mum know how much you love her

I didnt want to correct your spelling mistakes
Because I know this is how tired you must have been,
And how rushed you were when you typed it
Yet after so much,
You still wanted to let all of us know that you cared
Let us know that even though you are so busy,
You are still thinking of us,
Who wants to celebrate your birthday with you

Seeing your magic tricks just touched me so
Because every single trick I see you do,
I will get reminded of the you now,
So busy so tired,
Yet all in all you still just want to give us a great performance.

I hope that right now at this hour,
You are already asleep
Having your well deserved rest
So that once again when the next day arrives,
You will be able to have the energy
As well as all the love from the fans
And continue to keep you going on~

I'm sure all of us will be anticipating more of your great creations
And yet at the same time we are worried about your health
And I know that no matter what tricks you do,
What you say
How you looked like,
We will appreciate every single bit of effort that you put in
So right now,
Please just go and rest~

Yes, no matter what happens, no matter what people may say, you will always be our magician~

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Its kinda funny as to how it all started.
I was studying for my prelims,
Just reached home from Chemistry tuition
And took a short break from studies and went to the living room
Dad was watching Zhong Yi Da Ge Da on cable tv at that time
Feeling frustrated (because I dont like Taiwan shows)
I told my dad to switch channels
But he was stubborn and he didnt want to

So I was left with no choice but to watch the show
It was the magic segment, and I was like
"Har? Magic? So lame ~.~"
But I watched it anyway,
I was super amazed at the card manipulation
Because I totally dont understand how he managed to do it
At that point of time, Lu Chen was one of the judges
So as he started giving comments,
I somehow noticed him

"Waaa why this guy look so much like Koichi sia"
That was my 1st impression of him
Because whenever he smile, you cant see his eyes
Just like Koichi
But at that point of time I thought that he looked quite old
Around 40+?
Must be the highlights that he had at that time
He had blonde highlights, which looked like white hair

Then came another contestant,
Again I was amazed at their performance
Somehow in that short moment I was absorbed into the world of magic
And Lu Chen started giving comments again,
And again I was captivated by him
Beause what he says made sense,
And he was as usual, making funny comments at the same time
And I actually laughed
I laughed at something that appeared in a Taiwanese show

For those of you who dont know me well,
That is something that doesnt happen to me very often
Before I realize it,
I found out that I had watched the same episode 3 times
Within that week.

Thats how amaze I was with the magic
And when I know that his name was Liu Qian,
Somehow his name captivated me also
"What a nice name" I thought
Still, because of my stupid ego,
All these thoughts just ran through my head quietly

Pretending that I didnt care,
I asked my dad who is he
My dad and mum said that his magic tricks are amazing,
And he always performed at the end of every episode
Somehow fate has it that during that episode
He didnt perform.
You guys must be thinking
"Since he didnt perform you wouldnt even be amazed by him what"


Because he didnt perform,
The curiousity remained within me,
And I actually when to find out when will the next episode be aired
And the episode came, and I watched
I was really really amazed
Not just by his tricks, but his personality, his charisma
Still I was thinking
"Omg how come I am so attracted to someone who is so much older than me"
And I still didnt show my interest in him
Somehow I didnt want to give in (such childish thoughts)

However as time goes by,
I began to follow his shows on tv week by week
Everytime he gave comments, he was always so cute
So nice, so reasonable,
Every criticism he gave was constructive
His tricks too, just never grew boring
Every time he came on stage it was brought up to another level.

This was when I realised that I really am attracted to this guy
And I went to the internet and searched for his performances
The more I watched the more I enjoyed
It relieved so much stress as well
From the studies,
From relationships
And seeing his performances always gave me strength
Always gave me the courage to move on
And never fail to put a smile or even a laughter on my face

That is how much he has impacted me

After my exams,
My days began to be filled with him,
And I found his blog and started reading it
Reading what he wrote from his heart
I felt it too
Not just the emotional stuffs, but the random stuffs as well
And I felt that he was just another person like you and me
Seeing how dedicated he was to his work,
I felt ashamed, and how I always didnt put in all of my efforts at what I did

Even though he is so famous now,
He never fails to remember the people who helped him there
He never forgets the people who supported him even before he was famous
Even though he is so busy now,
He still updates his blog while he can
Just let let his fans know what is going on
He will even respond to the comments made by his fans

When his fans wondered if he smokes,
He actually wrote a new thread on forum,
To let his fans know that he used to smoke, but not anymore
When he was so busy
Until he only sleep for less than 4 hours a day
Until he couldnt even do anymore tricks,
Until he couldnt even smile, laugh or talk
He still bothered to post up a thread on the forum in english
Even though the computer is unable to type chinese
Just to let his fans know that he is so busy,
And apologise if he made them feel that he is neglecting them

(Yes sometimes I want to scream like that too~)

Such a nice guy
Such a nice personality
When his fans said that they didnt like the poster that he designed
He immediately stop the production of that poster,
Right before the poster is going to be printed out
And he went to redesign the poster again
For a guy who cared so much about his fans,
At the expense of his sleeping time, at the expense of his health,
He still put the view of his fans before him

Such dedication just touched me so deeply inside my heart
Sometimes I even wonder how is it that he is still able to smile
Even when the stupid media just keep insulting him,
Trying to impose false facts on him
Thinking of that, seeing that just makes me so mad
Why cant everyone see it
The effort that he puts in
The dedication he has

He finally made it huh?
Even though I would not say that he has reached the top
But I know that as time goes by,
He is getting nearer and nearer to it
Even if so, I will still continue to support him
And stand by him if I can
Even though my power is not that great,
I know that if I want to help I will definitely be able to find a way to

Even until now, I still cant believe that he actually came into my life
I like his spontaniety,

How he dont care about his image and does things that makes people laugh

I like how he always jokes while performing,
Most of all,
I love the smile that he has,
Seeing him smile will automatically make me smile
Its as though somehow its connected
But still, his smile is one of the many things of him that gave me strength

Apart from all these,
He has his cool and handsome side as well,
Or as Jap would call it Kakkoii

(Even though the 1st time I saw this picture I felt quite weird, but when I see this again now, it looked so much more appealing, not to mention his amazing Adam's Apple)

I love how he can do things with his hands,
His gestures,
His skills,

There is totally nothing about him that I would not like

His cuteness on and off set,

Somehow I just cant help but feel that
God let me know about him for a reason
No matter what, I'm just glad that I found out about him

(I like this serenity look that he gives)

(My all time favourite picture, he just looks damm good here)

(Another one of my favourite, the expression on his face just rocks)

This sweet sweet smile is something that I hope will just stay with him forever~

Even right now,
I am still amazed
Why is it that I am so attracted to a guy who is that much older than me
How can someone look this much younger than his age?

And why why why am I so attracted to him?

Now I know why

(I can totally just stare at this picture for the whole day)

Today on his birthday,
I just want to say
Please be happy alright?
I just pray that you will be safe and healthy
And as usual,
Thank you so much for the smiles,
For the efforts that you put in for your fans
For every single thing that you do
I just wanna say
No matter what, I will be there to support you always
From now on, please let me see you smile yea?
I just pray that all the bad things will go away
And finally, happy 33rd birthday =D

PS: I know this is a very long post, but still this is what I felt, and I just felt that I had to do something for him on his birthday, because I know that I wont be in Taiwan/China to celebrate it with him.

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LOL even though I know its not really him,
Even though I know its fake,
Seeing this email still made my heart skipped abit~

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Koichi Deep in Your Heart/+MILLION but -LOVE

Weeeee here I am again!
Oh man I cant believe at the frequency I'm updating LOL
Well alot of things has been happening recently ne~
Cant help but want to update haha

Today my alarm clock rang at 10am LOL
Because Yiting said that she waking up at 10
So I just set the alarm at 10 in case I cant wake up LOL
We were supposed to meet at Outram Park to check out some printing stuffs
So my alarm clock rang at 10am sharp
"Just get up just get up~"
These 2 lines just kept singing~~
Its so so so irritating k!! >=(
If you're interested in knowing what's my alarm clock tone just click HERE LOL

So yea..
Because I cant stop thinking about my Koichi's singles,
I ended up waking up the 1st TIME IT RANG
Its been 10000000000000000000000 years since I didnt press the snooze button k!!
Its amazing how Koichi can do stuffs to me ~.~
LOL so I called up HMV
And asked them about the ordering of the cd
The conversation went like this:
"Hi erm, I'm calling to enquire about the preordering of CD, asianpop,"
(At this point, the person just kept quiet and listen so I figured I should just continue talking)
"Domoto Koichi is releasing this new single, and I would like to see if its possible for you to preorder it for me"
"Oh please wait a moment I'll transfer you to the AsianPop line"
"Hi erm, I'm calling to enquire about the preordering of CD."
(At this point, the person didnt say anything also)
"I would like to check if its possible for me to preorder the CD that Domoto Koichi is going to release?"
"Oh please wait a minute, I will pass the phone over to someone who can help you"
Make me repeat the same thing twice.

Finally the last person pick up the phone
And I had to say that for the third time
"Hi erm, I'm calling to enquire about the preordering of CD."I would like to check if its possible for me to preorder the CD that Domoto Koichi is going to release?"
'Oh we can only order for you if its nearer to the release date'
"Huh? But erm its Limited Edition"
"Oh limited edition ah~ If they contain the DVD we will not preorder it for you"

BASKET Limited Edition of course got DVD lar!!!!
Why so mafan one.
Somemore its not like HMV dont have CDs that contain the DVD inside lor
What is the problem man zzz
So end up I actually repeated something thrice,
And ended up not being able to get anything done since they cant preorder it for me zzzz

So I ended up meeting Yiting and went to Outram Park for the printing shop
When we finally reached.
LOL it was scorching hot and we walked quite abit to find the shop closed T____T
After that we just walked all the way back to the MRT station and went to City Hall
Because I wanted to check out the HMV there.

After eating our lunch there I said that I wanted to go Heeren ~.~
Because I realised that the HMV at CityLink is DAMM DAMM SMALL
I mean
Since then did it get this small?!?!
The last time I went it seemed quite big to me LOL
And I saw Koichi's Mirror Concert DVD there too
Again selling for $183!!!
So expensive!!!
Any kind souls willing to buy it for me??
I will love you forever~~~~ T_________T

Haha so off we went to Heeren LOL
And the HMV as expected, was much bigger LOL
And I found the Domoto Tsuyoshi compartment
Apart from the usual KinKi Kids compartment LOL
And so unfair can!
My poor Domoto Koichi's CD are also labelled under Domoto Tsuyoshi HAHAHA
Aiya since they are so close it doesnt really matter who's who already LOL
Where there is Tsuyoshi there will always be Koichi, vice versa HAHA
OMG fangirl mode ~.~

LOL so yea I found Koichi's Deep in your Heart SINGLE!
And there are 2 colours!!
Which means that there are 2 versions!
The Green colour has the same tracks, Deep in your Heart and +MILLION but -LOVE
However the green colour album has the Karaoke version of Deep in your Heart ONLY
Plus the DVD which contains the Music Video of Deep in your Heart plus the making.
The Red colour has the same tracks,
However it contains the Karaoke version of +MILLION but -LOVE
Same thing containing the DVD which has the Music Video of +MILLION but -LOVE and the making.

Seriously, Koichi YOU ARE KILLING ME!!!!!!!
Omg in the end I bought the green one, because I liked the song Deep in your Heart more,
As well as because the green one only has like one CD left there
While the red one still got quite afew more
Even though I think the red one looks nicer T___T HAHAHA

So behold!
My beautiful album! =DD
Which btw it was on sale so I only bought it for $18.95


Another one LOL Weeeeee nice nice nice~~

This is damm handsome ahh~~
And I love that thing he's holding LOL
If you see closely, its actually made up of a K and a D
Which means, DOMOTO KOICHI!! =DD


The CD~~ It looks nicee =DD

OMG the scanner is so not doing this DVD justice!
The DK again~~ nice~~~

Well since we're at it,
Lets just talking about my recent purchases =DD

KinKi Kiss Selection
This is actually a VCD with like some of the MTVs of their songs
I'm so glad I found it!
And guess what?
It's only selling for $3.95!!
Its not even $4 la!!!
Because it was on clearance LOL
Well you guys may say things like
"Aiya clearance of course cheap la, nobody want wad"

Thats not true you know~
Whatever clearance you wanna put will only make me happier LOL
Cus I'll buy all!!!! LOLOLOL MUHAHAHAH

Another item is this:

Haha when I was looking around the Jdramas
I literally screamed when I saw Koichi's face!!!
And the whole drama set is only selling for $10!!!!
Of course I will buy it!! LOL
Have been finding alot of treasures nowadays LOLOL ^^

So after Yiting went to meet her dad,
I went to find Bryan to pass him Benita's bicycle deck LOL
Then played L4D again~~
Before that slacked with Bryan and showed him some tricks la
But aiya I suck big time la T__________T
More practice is needed!!!
Lu Chen give me some power~~~~ hahahaha

So when I reached home,
I decided to log in HMV japan once again
And when I wanted to order the 1st press edition of Koichi's single
Lucky the limited edition is still available
So I ordered thanks to Yiting =DD
And I found the 1st press edition on Yesasia.com LOL
This time I'm not waiting!!
I faster went to order it hehe

LIFE IS GREAT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
As for the normal normal edition,
I have decided to just buy it when it has reached Singapore's HMV
Since its the normal version I can buy it even one year later LOL
The important thing is the Limited Edition! =DD
And in case some of you guys still dont know,

Its abit blur, but well I found this on CDJapan after Yiting told me about it
For today's CD sales ranking,
Domoto Koichi's latest single, all 3 versions,
Took the top 3!! OMGOMG
With Yiting's Gazette ranking no. 4 haha
Dammit laaa Koichi san Anata Suteki desu!~~~~

I'm sure this time Koichi would have no problem taking no.1 spot on the Oricon chart once again~ =D

And and and,
Because my DVDs of Koichi and KinKi Kids concert are region code 2,
Which means its from the Japan/Europe region,
So usually normal DVD players are unable to play it
However out of curiousity,
I took it to my room's DVD player and used it to play my DVD
And guess what?

I no longer have to worry about buying Region 2 coded DVDs and not able to watch them LOL
KinKi Kids/Koichi's concert HERE I COME~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

LOL alright its time to end this fangirly post LOL
I shall end off with this~~

This picture is just too too cute to not show it!!! Hehehee =DD
Really envy the relationship that they had.
I wonder if there's someone that close to me out there
If there is this one person for me~~

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Why must people be so..






两片教学DVD 所有内容...还有一堆拉理拉杂不定时发表的一些新魔术,

3. 刘谦魔术技术与难度一般。

4. 一位专家说刘谦的魔术低成本,另一位专家说是都是昂贵高科技,


Just take it that I dont have enough self-control, and I have poor tolerance level alright!

I just saw this video

Dear Mr Tai, Miss Yao, Miss Xu and Mr Weng
You guy can anyhow criticize me I dont care
But please at least get to know me first,
And at least research my performances on the internet before you even start criticizing.

1. Lu Chen doesnt know how to perform stage/big scale magic?
Where did you get such news from?
Its all bullshit!
Please do some research on the internet, or come watch my tour performance.

2. Lu Chen's magic lack creativity?
I can be sure that in the recent 20 years I am one of the Chinese magicians that invented the most new magic tricks.
Including all the contents that I said within China, Taiwan, Japan
90% of Japan's special television program thrice,
As well as all the contents in my Magic Tutorial,
Plus all the miscellaneous new tricks that I suggested
And of course the salt and pepper trick, as well as the ring inside the egg trick.
(For those who said that those tricks are not originals, please show some evidence! Show me any videos that such tricks were performed before me! Please dont just shoot your mouth off)

3. Lu Chen's magic skills are just plain average.
I hope that those people who made such a statement have higher level of skills than me.
Even though I did not receive any FISM world champion award for having the best skills,
But at least I received the award for having the best skills in America's Magic School.
Moreover, magic is not acrobatics,
For what reason do you want to compare the difficulty all the time?

4. One magician says that Lu Chen's magic is of low budget, another one says that Lu Chen's magic is of expensive technology.
Please at least just synchronize on what you want to say about me!

The following 2 videos, made me feel very touched from the bottom of my heart.
The view of foreigners is definitely different.

When I went to Lu Chen's blog,
I was very happy when I saw that it looked different
Because it meant that HE UPDATED!
However my mood immediately went rock bottom when I saw the title.

Dont you think enough is enough?
After so freaking damm long,
Like Chinese New Year is sooooo over
You are still talking about the tricks that he did
And how lousy it was?
Move on dammit!

What made me mad was that Lu Chen actually bothered to even BLOG about it
This really meant that he really reached his limit
He dont usually care/bothered/give a shit about such comments.
To think that he actually took the time out of his busy schedule,
Not making use of the time that he has to get some sleep,
Shows how hurt he must have felt.

Imagine all the effort that you put in
Sacrificing sleep, food, rest, entertainment.
Just to make sure he delivers the best to his audiences.
To those people who held expectations of it.
And to see all the efforts being slammed by someone
Who dont even bother to get the facts right
And went on to criticize his creation
And to think that they are the fellow magicians as well.

Its just so frustrating!
Its amazing what jealousy can actually do to people huh?
I'm sure even now many of the fans are angry as well
To get like 2k+ comments within one hour of update sure is amazing

Even though I know that you are sleeping now,
Even as I left a very long message to you.
Even though you might be too busy to read it.
I just hope that my feelings will reach you
And give you even the smallest bit of strength.


From now on, please continue to laugh eh?
Let me see your smile
Because I dont wanna see your sad face~

Lastly, once again to show how great Lu Chen is,
This is one video that you wouldnt want to miss,
For he defied Newton's Law of Gravity.
You will understand when you watch it.
The video is only 5mins.
Please do watch it =)
Once again, きせきのしゅかんです!!

PS: For those of you who watched it, thank you very much.
I didnt disappoint you guys right? =)

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OMG ok I am really going nuts now..

Domoto Koichi:

Ayakashi [w/ DVD, Limit Edition]
Single release from Koichi Domoto (Kinki Kids).
Limited edition includes bonus DVD with music clip and making-of footage.
Features 4-page jaket.
*Unless otherwise indicated, DVDs are region-2 encoded (Japan, Europe, and Middle East)
Carry no subtitles.

Ayakashi [Regular Edition (First Press)]
Single release from Koichi Domoto (Kinki Kids).
This edition includes a track "Falling -2009 -" and "Ayakashi (Instrumental version)."
Also includes "Koichi's Photo of Attractive Nature."
Features 6-page jaket.

Ayakashi [Regular Edition]
Single release from Koichi Domoto (Kinki Kids).
Regular edition includes a track "Falling -2009 -" and "Peaceful World - 2009 -."
Features 6-page jaket.

*Information are all taken from CD Japan's website*

All I can say is..
All 3 different CDs, with totally different tracks,
Totally different!
I cannot even cancel out any CD that I can dont buy!!

Koichi is really killing me argh~~~
And whats worse,
I went to CDJapan to check,
All the Limited Edition are already OUT OF STOCK
Its only been out for like LESS THAN A DAY?!?!?!
I didnt see it in the afternoon,
I came back at night
It came out, and its OUT OF STOCK!

My last hope now is HMV
Tomorrow morning I'm gonna call up HMV
Hopefully they can order it for me
If not I guess I'll have to start begging my mum
To lend me her credit card once again

And now I'm slowly waiting for Koichi's new PV to be released too!
Hahaha cant wait to hear how his new song sound like,
And how his new video looks like
I'm sure it will be great since its another one of Koichi's compositions!!
Wooooo Koichi sama you rock!!
Even though I wanna kill you for making life so hard to me T____T

Well on another note, went to visit Fluffy's website
And she updated her blog about Koichi's new single as well.
Thanks to since1997 for the picture,
Koichi gave his fans a note =DDD

The weather has become hotter, hasn't it.
Well, it has been 3 years since I composed songs,
Went inside studio,
To release my solo single.
Since the concert has been decided,
Please look forward to that.
Okay then~
(as in see you there)

-Domoto Koichi

OMG hahahaa I cant wait to hear his latest composition!!!
Ahhhhhh Koichi~~~~~

Alright and after that I saw the last news that Fluffy updated about:
To commemorate Shin Domoto Kyoudai's 400th episode,
Domoto Brothers' Band's 3rd Live will be held on 23rd August!!!

OMG wtf?!?!
That was like my freaking BIRTHDAY!!!
Any kind souls out there?
Give me air ticket to fly to Japan?!?!?!?!
It will be the best birthday ever!!!
OMG la KinKi Kids~~~~~~~~

I cant believe I actually received all these information within one night
Well all I can say is I feel very happy
Life has been too too great =DD
Haha ^^
Just cant wait for everything to fall in place nicely hehe

Its always this subtle smile and shy look that makes me go so crazy over you~

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Well I have known you since I was in J1?
Since then we have been hanging out quite abit,
Talked quite (and I really mean quite) ALOT
Times spent with you have always been enjoyable.
Expect for those times when we have to study and get so stressed up
Or those times when we are just nua-ing around cineleisure not knowing what to do
While waiting for Wii chamber to be ours

However all in all,
Thanks for being such a great friend of mine,
Thanks for all the laughter that you have given me,
And thanks for just being there
On this 19th birthday,
Girl I just pray that you will have one of the best birthdays ever
(Both you and I know that we have this thing about birthdays lol)
But still, I just pray that you'll enjoy it =D

And from now on,
I hope that you will always be able to smile like this ^^

PS: So sorry I wanted to dedicate this post just for you Yiting,
But I went to my community and found out that Koichi is gonna release a new Single on 29th July!!!!
That explains the concert!! OMGOMGOMG
I so wanna buy the Limited Edition version!!!! T______T
PPS: DAMMIT!! After looking at the tracks in all the 3 versions, Limited, Normal Limited and Normal I GOT A FEELING I'LL END UP BUYING ALL OF THEM!!!

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Random only~

Look at the freaking time now
I cant believe how time freaking flies.
All I remembered was me watching Lu Chen's videos.
And trying to learn this particular trick that he was teaching
And I just kept practicing
At the same time, I was chatting with Yiting as well,
However I stopped replying her because I was too engrossed with learning the trick.
After a while I saw her going offline,
And I thought that she got disconnected.

So I didnt really care...
After awhile more I went to look at the desktop and realised she's not back
Then this is when it happened.
I looked at the clock.
Since when time pass so fast?!?!
OMG no wonder I'm the only person online now ~.~
Cant believe how magic is slowly coming into my life now =D
I'm enjoying it ^^

On another side note,
Went to Tea Party with Yiting today.
The place was great! =D
It was very comfortable,
The food was great,
And we can stay there as long as we want LOL
Yiting brought her Laptop and we just look at Koichi and Gazette's photos
And watched Domoto Kyoudai
Laughed our asses off, (Koichi is seriously damm cute)
And saw some radiojacks haha

Shaun joined us for a short while in the evening
However he left because he need to meet another friend.
After that Yiting and I stayed all the way until 1130pm
In case you didnt know,
We reached the place at 3+ pm LOL
Amazing huh?
But the place not bad.. =DD
Looking forward to go there again hehe


My cute Koichi doing magic

Hmmm let me find your card

This is the card the you found right??
Let me just smile at the camera (LOVE THE ADAM'S APPLE OMGOMGOMG)

I just love it when I see magic tricks.
Well enjoyable and less scary ones though
Somehow it can really fill up this hole in my heart.
Its really nice to know that the 2 guys that I like so much
Knows magic and is quite good at them.
I guess the magic craze has really gone far huh?

Its time for me to work hard too.
Learning these tricks is not easy
But somehow it makes me feel occupied
And knowing that I'm doing the same thing as what Lu Chen and Koichi is doing
Makes me feel a little bit happier inside..
You guys may think that I'm nuts la..
But you might change your mind after I show you some tricks that I can do =D

For now Yuanshan,

PS: I'm glad that you asked me out. But I'm really sorry that I couldnt make it. I hope that there would be a next time when we can finally meet ya? I'm sorry T___T

Maybe one day I will be able to smile like this~~

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