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Onitsuka Tiger

Hi again! This time we have new and nicer designs for Onitsuka Tiger shoes, and sad to say the old designs have been out of stock.
However, I very much prefer the new designs and even more so, the picture qualities are much much better!! =D

Prices of Onitsuka Tigers goes like this:
1 pair - $100 each
2-4 pairs - $95 each
5 or more pairs - $90 each
8 or more pairs - $85 each

So you geddit huh?
The more pairs you buy the cheaper the shoes become?
Where else can you find such a good deal?
So hurry up and get your friends to buy it together with you to enjoy lower costs!! =D

Same thing interested do leave me a tag or email me and let me know the Tiger no. of the shoes and size that you are interested in ^^
Any further queries will be entertained asap =)

Tiger 1: White base gold stripes

Tiger 2: White base gold stripes

Tiger 3: White base sky blue and red stripes

Tiger 4: White base sky blue and red stripes

Tiger 5: White base green and red stripes

Tiger 6: Beige base green and red stripes

Tiger 7: Beige base green and red stripes

Tiger 8: White base green stripes

Tiger 9: White base black and light red stripes (Personal favourite =P)

Tiger 10: White base black and light red stripes (Personal favourite =P)

Tiger 11: White base dark blue and dark red stripes

Tiger 12: Beige base black and yellow stripes

Tiger 13: Brown base white stripes

Tiger 14: Beige base brown and gold stripes

Tiger 15: Black base silver and white stripes (Personal favourite =P dammit i wish there's such a colour for girls' shoes T_______T)

Tiger 16: Black base silver and white stripes

Tiger 17: Black base white and silver stripes

Tiger 18: Black base black stripes

Tiger 19: White base white stripes

Tiger 20: White base light red and sky blue stripes (SNEAKERS)

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Everything happens for a reason
Whatever happened He meant for it to be that way
I know its hard to accept reality
But Yuanshan, you'll just have to believe in Him, and the plans that He has for you
If it gets too tough, remember to seek refuge in Him,
For He is the only one that can bring you peace, and comfort.
Until then, keep praying..
He'll be there for you...

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Its one of those days

Hi its been a long long time since I last updated, or so I guess.
Well recently I have been busy playing Restaurant City in Facebook LOL!

LOL Yupp that is the my restaurant hehe
I love the design of the exterior, especially when the Tootz and I designed it together =D
Well this game just makes me want to continue playing for many many reasons which I shall not mention.
Thats because I myself dont really know why ask well.
I only know that I want to just keep playing it, and when its under maintainence I feel like shit.

Alright enough about the game.

Recently I started watching Bleach again LOL
Those people who have known me since secondary school know that I have been super crazy about this anime.
The reason why I stopped is because everytime when the exciting part comes, the anime went straight into a filler series. (Anime language)
Its like WTF?!?!
It just drives people away from the Anime la, and went straight to follow the Manga instead.
But thanks to Loon Yuan, (Jen's friend)
He intro me this website which has damm alot of animes, EVEN THOSE THAT ARE LICENSED!

So with that I started following the Bleach series and the nightmare came.
Which means the life of waiting for one episode per week comes again
It sucks
Been there done that
Aint liking it

What to do?
They are at the most exciting part now, you just have to watch it
Oh well...

Ever have that feeling where everything you planned has started falling apart?
Whether issit the things that you always do, or the things that you planned to do in the future?
Well that is whats happening to me now
Went to took my pay today, and realised that the stupid CPF deducted my pay from 1200 to 1000.
Just a thousand?!?!

It sucks
Especially when I know that I have to pay for my own Jap courses
And the things that I wanted to buy
It just sucks
I need a job badly haiii

I really really damm hate the Singapore media
The way they anyhow cut and paste shows
Cutting off my Lu Chen from certain episodes
And giving alot of him in another
Sucks la
Why cant just leave things as it is?
Cut here cut there and make me so inconvenient also zz
And yup this tuesday's episode doesnt have any Lu Chen
Sucks big time

Well to talk about happier things
After so long I finally managed to meet up with Shuhui!! =DD
Miss you so much girl!!
Miss those times where we used to hang out together
Miss how we use to pig out together Oo
Miss how we shared our problems
Miss how we study together
Miss how we joke around together
Miss how we gossip together
In short, I JUST MISS YOU!!
And I still do T_____T

The 3 of us together is just one crazy bunch of people LOL
And I really missed that T___T

Yesterday went swimming with Jen and Peixin
Weeeee its been so long since the 3 of us gathered together again hehe
And I learnt the frog style and free style!!!!
Happy or happy! =D
But I still dont know how to change breathing T_____T
I suck HAHA!

Well I think this entry is getting long LOL

Shall talk about America's Next Top Model cycle 12 in the next post =)

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Well like I mentioned in my previous post,
Im gonna talk about America's Next Top Model Cycle 12 in this entry!

Well this show really really captured my interest, and I love to see how the girls model for different photoshoots
And there is this girl who particularly captured my attention
Yupp as you see in the title, her name's ALLISON HARVARD~!!

This is the photo before her makeover
And as you can she, her eyes are BIG!!!!
It is so big to the extent that it scares some people, and call her creepy
But to be her looks just sort of captivated me, and I love the eyes!!

This is the photoshoot that I found in Flickr, which wasnt featured in the America's Next Top Model episode, I wonder why lol.
But I love this picture
She looks so innocent and pure LOL
Makes me want to squeeze her LOL!!
And yupp that is my display picture for now =D

After Tyra Banks gave her a makeover, omg she looked so so so adorably cute!!
She totally looks like a Barbie Doll especially with those huge eyes LOL


After the makeover it was the photoshoot where they were given their own torches and they have to position their own lighting
The light will have to show their garments as well as their faces LOL
Personally I love this photoshoot alot haha cus its black dark and special LOL

Allison as usual looks stunning with her big big eyes

The shoot where she has to portray the colour pink

The shoot with Ciara with her being tangled up in microphone wires LOL

Through this pictures maybe you guys wont really feel that she's cute, but as you watch America's Next Top Model and see her in the show, you will cant help but feel like hugging this cute and small little girl LOL!!
And she's only 1 year older than us! LOL

Other than Allison, there are other people whose photos I liked as well


Makeover photo
She's a street preacher and I'm actually quite surprised at the photos that she managed to give
So sad that she's out before getting to go to Brazil T____T

Love this picture best
The way she poses and her face is just woo! LOL

Her portraying light blue

Next up is FO!!

This is her makeover look, and wow she really cried and cried and cried and cried LOL
She cried to the extent it almost got her eliminated from the competition LOL!!
However she finally managed to come to terms with it and produced one of the best photos ever!!

Her portraying Red.
Damm she looked hot!

Photoshoot with Ciara
Love her face love her body posture love everything! LOL

Haha alright I guess its enough about ANTM for now
When the coming episodes come and there are nicer pictures I shall continue uploading them! =D
Meanwhile I really really hope that Allison can stay longer in this competition.
I wanna see more of her!!! T_____T

Warning: Spoilers in the next paragraph.
If you havent watched the latest episode of desperate housewives and am afraid that I might spoil you then please do not highlight the bottom paragraph =)

Initially when I watched episode 18 and saw Edie Britt got into a car accident and then got electrocuted, I was really really shocked
Because the usual logic is that once you kena electrocuted chances of you getting out of it alive is very very slim
However because she's one of the main characters in the show, I still held this small bit of hope T____T

When I watched episode 19 today, SHE REALLY DIED!!
While I was still in a state of shock trying to accept the fact that she will not appear in the show anymore, the whole episode was showing about how she had impacted each of the housewives.
And to my great great surprise, when I watched until the last part of the episode I actually started tearing up.
LOL its weird but it really does feel sad when someone dies.

In the show, Edie said that because she had lived her life to the fullest, she wasnt scared, and wasnt sad when she died.
Which makes me think of how much regret I would have if I were to die tomorrow
Make me more emo emo emo only HAHHAHAHAHA

On another side note, received a phone call from someone which I havent talked to since last year.
It totally shocked me, but yet I'm still glad to have that conversation.
It felt so familiar and to a certain extent nostalgic.
Even though we wasnt really that close, I'm still glad to talk to him once again
Heard some things which shocked me, but well, whats past is past =)
Just hope that in the future we wouldnt lost contact again like how we did the last time =)


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First of all, I just want to say that for Onitsuka Tiger shoes design, I have already put a column at the side with a link to that post. =)
This is to ensure that I am still able to update regularly =))

Well I shall start with Fri
It was Yan jie jie's 21st birthday, so we went to Marina Square for a buffet
Over there we had a whole room to ourselves, and there is this big screen with all her childhood photos.
Over there, among the many photos, there are alot of photos with my face in it LOL
Be it young or old, my face was inside the picture LOL

And I realised how cute I looked when I was young =X
I mean not to brag or what but I really looked damm cute! HAHA!
Which makes me wonder why didnt I like to be pretty when I was young
Perhaps if I did maybe I wouldnt be so fat now T____T

After the celebration went out with my cell group to Great World City
It was my 1st trip there, we went to watch the movie called Knowing
Well the movie to me was quite scary, considering all the prophecies and everything
How scary accidents can be
And how the world could end just like that

To me, what was really scary was the fact that one day, all this could come true.
The day when God decided to descend and put the world to an end.
I wonder if I would have gone up to heaven by then, or went to hell
How would I answer the Father when He asked me 'What have you done to my son, Jesus'
By then would I be telling him, "I have loved Him with all my heart and all my soul", or tell him "I'm sorry but I have not been a very good Christian, I have been backsliding".
I know it all sounds quite depressing but after watching the show, even though it wasnt a very nice show, but there's something inside me that clicked.
Something hit me, and tell me that I havent been doing what I should.

Just a random thought.
On Sat, after a long time, I went back to church.
Brought my baby sister along to cell group and service! =D
Was actually quite surprised at how well she behaved. LOL
She actually sat through the whole sermon!
Can you believe it?! LOL!!
After the sermon the cell went to celebrate Andrew's birthday at Sunset Way - Rocky's Pizza

Quite a nice place if you ask me
The pizza was HUGE!!
Never in my life have I seen such a great BIG pizza before my eyes!
For Andrew's birthday present we gave him 2 Nike T-shirts, and a soccer ball, with all our wishes written on it! =D

After everything we went home =D

Today, went prawning with Hilary, Jiayan, Yikai, Mark, Luke, KK, Sarah =D
I shared a rod with Luke
After a while I asked Luke if I could hold the rod, and he let me
Holding the rod for a while, I felt a tug and WOOOOO!!!!
Never in my life I felt such sense of accomplishment LOL!!
After that we set the rod again and WEEE!!!! CAUGHT A SECOND ONE!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

After catching 2 I let Luke hold the rod, and I thought I felt something move so I said
"Eh Luke I think have leh leh.."
But cus the jerk wasnt obvious like the 1st 2 times, I thought I was wrong
But Luke pulled it up anyway and WEEEEE!!!! THERE WAS ONE! HAHAHAHA!!
Waaa I was freaking excited at that moment, couldnt believe we caught 3 prawns in a row just like that!

However the sad thing is after the next 2 hours we didnt catch anything else le T_____T
After a while the Tootz cycled over and came to find us =D
However the Tootz was too tired so he went home after staying for a while.
Before that had a really long chat with him about some stuffs, and I somehow got to understand abit more about him
Even though he didnt seem to enjoy himself, but I still want to say that I really appreciate the fact that he cycled all the way from his house to Jurong Hill to find me.
Love you =)

After going for dinner, KK, Hilary, Jiayan and Yikai came over to my house for mahjong session =D
After playing for a while they all left for home le.
Its been a long time since I last went out for soooo long haha

Alright last but not least, I want to share this song with everyone.
I dont know if you have heard of this song before, but right now this is one song that will make me feel something even as I am listening and singing it.

I’ve loved, I’ve been broken, I’ve walked, I’ve been wrong, I’ve cried, I’ve hurt,
I've been tired, I've been vexed, I've waited
All these agitation, confusion and loneliness were real

I’ve gone mad, I’ve longed for, I’ve been insecure, I’ve been anxious
I’ve been blundered, I’ve dreamed, I’ve owned, I’ve lost
How am I to forget?

你坐過的沙發睏了 你愛的音樂停了
The couch you once sat on has closed its eyes, The music you loved to hear has stopped
我等著你等成了 擺設
I’ve waited for you ‘till I’ve lost myself

Mine, yours, hers, the good, the bad, the difficult times,
I’ve been disheartened, I’ve gone through the sorrow, I’ve had my golden days, All the aches, the sweetness, the bitterness
Still clear in my mind

The things I really wanted to forget were absolutely unforgettable
I wish to start anew; I really no longer yearn for you
I must close this chapter

The train to Jade Island has carried me for so many days now
Suddenly I’ve realized at this moment, I no longer think of you

My happiness will return
So long as I understand how profound our love was
I will not seek to wonder if it was worth it or not

My happiness will return
Leaving was not a matter of one giving a choice to another

My happiness will return
So long as I understand how profound our love was
I will not seek to wonder if it was worth it or not

My happiness will return
Leaving was not a matter of one giving a choice to another

My happiness will return
So long as I understand how profound our love was
I will not seek to wonder if it was worth it or not

My happiness will return
Leaving was not a matter of you giving me a choice

I’ve gone mad, I’ve longed for, I’ve been insecure, I’ve been anxious
I’ve been blundered, I’ve dreamed, I’ve owned, I’ve lost
How am I to forget?

The things I really wanted to forget were absolutely unforgettable
I wish to start anew; I really no longer yearn for you
I must close this chapter

Ive closed
Ive forgotten

Just listening to this song reminds me of how much I have been through with Tootz
All the things that have happened
All the things that he did
All the things that I did
Sometimes really made me wonder if it was worth it
However after today I realised that many things happen when they should
And whether things will go right in the end its still early to find out
So why not just embrace what we have now
And spend our lives together without any regrets =)

I know its been tough, but still, I love you

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Sorry guys, didnt mean to scare you, but I really almost got blinded today.

The story goes like this:
I was at Ajisan eating dinner with my mum, 2 sisters and my cousin's family.
Being the usual bored girl that my baby sis was, she took a piece of paper and rolled it into a 'telescope' shape.
While I was talking to my cousin, my baby sis was playing with that 'telescope' and held it in a vertical manner.
So as you guys can imagine, the rounded part of the 'telescope' was facing upwards.

My baby sis played until so so so crazy that she kept holding it and hitting in with an up and down motion.
Being the unlucky girl that I always was, my poor eye was in the way of the 'telescope'.
So as you guys can imagined, the whole circle part of the 'telescope' went RIGHT INTO my eye, as if the shape was fixed according to my eye.
Hence I got blinded for 5 minutes.

The agony was not something that you can ever imagined.
There was this searing burning pain in your eye, and the moment you opened your eye you felt as if a knife was cutting your eyeballs.
Gross I know, but that was what I felt then.
And I really really thought that I was going to be blind.
What was amazing was when I got blinded by that piece of paper, no one on the table seemed to care, and they continued with their conversations.

Talk about being indifferent. Lol
And so, no matter how well trained you are, please DO NOT(I repeat DO NOT) ever imitate the above story.
It is painful, very.

Hence this is how I got the freaking red eye shown in the picture above.
And yup, it is still hurting this very minute as I am typing out this post.

Moral of the story:
Never NEVER EVER leave your eye exposed next to a bored child who likes to play with papers. T_____________________T

Alright enough about the unhappy stuffs.

Recently I have been watching this showed called 'America's Next Top Model'.
Initially I watched it because it is the show that followed behind Desperate Housewives on channel 5, and since I have nothing better to do, I watched for the fun of it.
However as I watched the show, I realised that the show is so different from what I had imagined.
Up till now all I thought about the show was just some bimbotic girls trying to be the top models, bitching about other girls and thats it.

However after I watched it I realised how interesting this show was!
Not forgetting to mention the various variety of photoshoots that the models have to go through.
And man! My eyes (though injured terribly) were really opened widely!!!

So yea you guessed it!
I am gonna talk about cycle 11 of America's Next Top Model!! =DD (On the bright side Lu Chen wont be mentioned today la =D)

Cycle 11 is filled with quite a number of pretty girls.
However I didnt like all of them la.
In no order of preference, these are my favourite girls.(Either in terms of looks or their personality =D )

1: Clark

I think that she is one of the prettier girls in this season already.
Her eyes are so nice and she got this great smile.
Enough about the description, these are some of her great photos =D

Hot air balloon shot

Bikini shot

Submerged in water shot

Blackout shot
Even though this was the episode where she got eliminated, I still think that she looked damm hot in this photo LOL!!

2: Lauren Brie

The 1st time I saw her I was like "Waaa this girl looked damm haggard sia"
However like me, you'll be surprised by the photos that she can produce.

Hot air balloon shot

Bikini shot. BTW this is like one of my most favourite. LOL

Submerged in water shot

3: Analeigh

Initially I didnt take much notice of this girl, but as the competition goes by I somehow felt that she had this beauty within her, and she managed to be the top 3 in America's next top model!! =DD
Not forgetting to mention that she's actually a very nice and sweet girl too =D

Hot air balloon shot

Submerged in water shot (I totally love the legs here)


FIERCEE awards, reporter getting tired of what stars have to say (Love the face in this shot)

17th century women on ship

Good times and windmill shot (Love the jump)

4: Samantha

Initially this girl didnt really catch my eye, but after her makeover, WOW!

Bikini shot(You get what I mean huh?)

Submerged in water shot

Tidal wave (Love how she made the waves go)

17th century women on ship



Oh ya btw this girl, is the SAME AGE AS US!!!
Amazing huh?
And she's in the top 2 for America's next top model as well!!
But she didnt win luh..

Last but not least, the winner, MCKEY!!!

Initially her hair is not black. Its red.
Super red Lol!!
And I didnt think that she looked pretty too.
However after the makeover her modeling skills improved tremendously too!
Its no surprise that she's the winner of this season.

Bikini shot (I love the look that she always has)

Submerged in water (Did I tell you already? I love her eyes)

Heat Wave (She really does look hot here lol )

17th century women on ship (Totally love her legs and pose here)



Good times and windmill

Yupp and so she's the winner for America's next top model cycle 11.
Oh ya did I mention that she's a boxer? Oo
At the beginning of the competition she was always practicing her punches and stuffs.
And all the girls didnt see her as a competition at all.
They just thought that she was a nutcase, and will be going home sooner or later.
Guess what?
They are so so wrong!
This teaches us to never never underestimate anyone.
You'll be surprised at what they can do.
Never underestimate yourself too.

Like Samantha, she came in not knowing what was coming,
And in the end she tried and tried and almost got eliminated and now she's in the top 2!
Oh ya never ever overestimate yourself too.
There's this girl called Sharaun, who went around talking to the judges and telling them 'Hi my name is Sharaun and I AM America's Next Top Model'
And guess what?
She's the 1st person to be eliminated from the competition LOL.

PS: OMG I just found out that apart from Samantha who is the same age as us, and Lauren Brie who is 2 years older than us, the rest of the girls, including McKey, the winner, is only 1 year older than us!!! OMG how did they even manage to look so freaking mature!!!! Zzzz

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