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Finally updating LOL

So sorry guys for the lack of updates LOL
Like what Davis said, my entry is still on my Top 10 Anime Shuai Ges LOLOL!

Well just to update abit on my life, I have been rejected by NTU =(
Haha but I found out that I still can register for RMIT University at SIM, and if I do,
I will be studying Economics and Finance at SIM
I guess that would be alright for me as well, since I have always wanted to study that.
Just hope that the fees wouldnt be too tough for my Dad to handle.
As my part as a daughter, I guess I would have to try and not waste electricity at home eh?
And also try to sleep early and tune back my body clock lol.

Alright hmm the reason why I havent been updating is because I have been busy fangirl-ing on my beloved KinKi Kids!! =DD
Been watching all the Domoto Kyoudai videos that I downloaded
I cant say how much Domoto Kyoudai has helped me through this difficult time when I got rejected by NTU
Every single episode was full of laughter and randomness
My Koichi-sama never fails to produce laughter with his sudden outbursts of spastic actions.

One of the many sudden cute and spastic outbursts of my Koichi sama!!
He was saying "Wakanai" which means "I dont understand" LOLOL

Yesterday while watching a Domoto Kyoudai episode which features Toda Erika as guest, (Toda Erika is the girl who acted as Misa Misa in the Death Note Movie)
She mentioned that she feels damm hyped up when she sees someone doing magic card tricks LOL
This totally reminded me of my Lu Chen sama!!
Not to mention how much I miss him now T_____T
Anyway after she said that, Koichi took out a pack of cards and started doing magic card tricks to show her~~

I so didnt know that Koichi knows how to do magic as well~!!
Waaaa and the trick that he does is nice!!!
And I cant figure out how he did it so I'm pretty sure its not some lame card trick LOL!
And his expression when he did it is so so so cute!!
And I was totally captivated by him can!!

Handsome guy = Good
Cute guy = Good
Handsome and cute guy who can do card tricks = VERY VERY GOOD!!

Haha alright enough about my Koichi lol
Actually I wanted to update about my long long overdue prawn trip and 26km cycling trip LOL
But well..I am currently feeling very very lazy now so I guess you'll have to wait for a few more days? Oo
Sorry ahh Yiting LOL!

Talking about Yiting, SO JEALOUS OF HER CAN!!!
She's gonna go Japan to watch Gazatte LIVE!!!
Piangz..I know H1N1 in Japan is quite prominent larr..but still..its JAPAN!!
Waaa I wanna watch my KinKi Kids also T______T
One day man..one day I shall watch KinKi Kids LIVE!! MUHAHAHAHA

Anyway today I was watching my Youtube videos of Lu Chen, (Because I cannot take it anymore I really really really miss him too too much)
And I saw the legendary magic trick that came out in Singapore newspaper LOL
Apparently, he said that he will only do this trick once in his lifetime,
Hence that moment will be the only time he will ever perform this trick!
I shall put up the video later and you guys shall watch it.
A performance of once in a lifetime!!
Maybe next time when you guys grow old you can go and tell your grandchildren about this legendary moment LOL

Anyway I shall talk about the story of this trick:

He said that (I'm sure its just a story he made up to create the atmosphere la!)
Once at this foreign country,(cant remember where) he met this old man who did this magic trick on the streets.

The old man took 2 different coloured sand and mixed them together.
Within 10 seconds, the old man separated the mixed coloured sand into two piles of sand.
And the old man then challenged everyone, that whoever can separate the two colours of the sand apart within 10 seconds, he will reward them handsomely.
Hence Lu Chen went home and thought about the trick for 2 months, but he couldnt figure out how did the old man did it.
After two months he went back to the old man and asked the old man "I really cant figure out how you did that.
Can you please tell me how did you manage to do it?"

The old man then said "I cant tell you..for this is a big secret that is very important to me"

Hence Lu Chen went back and thought about the trick for another two months
After that he had the chance to go back to that country again, and he went to find the old man again and he said
"For the past 4 months, every single day, I have been thinking about your trick. I myself am a magician as well, can you please tell me how did you do it?"

The old man then said
"I can tell you..but because this is a very important secret of mine, you need to promise me something.
In your whole lifetime, you can only perform this trick ONCE"

And hence, that is the one time that he performed that trick.
Its really amazing I tell you.
And apparently it came out in the Singapore newspaper, that Lu Chen challenged everyone, and said that anyone who can reproduce this trick will be given 1MILLION RMB(Ren min bi) by him!!
OMG 1stly, he is really damm rich.
Easily he just put himself in the risk of having a 1 million RMB debt.
And 2ndly, he must be damm damm confident of his trick to be able to say out something like that.
And I believe its the latter LOL
Moreover, this has created an uproar and many many many people have went on to perform the trick, but he is not interested in any of these performances.
Why? You might ask.

That is because he had set 3 conditions in order to earn the 1 million:

No.1: All the sleeves must be rolled up, or maybe in his case totally sleeveless LOL
No. 2: The table that they use must be transparent table
No.3: The salt and pepper used must be REAL salt and pepper.

With that, until now no one has ever managed to earn the 1million yet >=)
Isnt he the coolest person ever!!
And woooo that video is also the 1st time in my life or ever, where he bared his whole arm LOLOL
Ok i sound like a freak here, but still..he's always either in long sleeves or t-shirts its nice to see his whole arms once in a while =X
Eye candy only!! HAHAHAHAHA

Oh ya and I was watching an interview of Lu Chen just now as well, where he talks about his life, and I found out that HE LOVES POTATO CHIPS!!

LOL as in if you do posses a bag of it, DONT LET HIM SEE IT.
If he does see it, DONT LET HIM OPEN IT!
If worse come to worse he does manage to open it, or you allowed him to open it,

That is the cutest thing I have ever heard of!
That simple comment made by him can easily cause all the potato chips in China to sell out LOL!!

Oh yea on another side note, after a very very long while, Lu Chen has finally updated his blog.
When I saw the entry, I was actually quite happy because finally he is 'talking to me'
However when I read the entry it made me really really sad.
This is the entry:

他是世界上最好的Card Manipulation大師。
Mahka Tendo,今天早上過世,享年49歲。

He is my senior, my idol, my good friend.
He used to be the role model and the goal of all the young magicians in Asia
He is the first magician in Japan to win a prize in the global contest FISM
He is the best Card Manipulation magician in the world.
Mahka Tendo, passed away this morning, at an age of 49 years old.
Yet in my heart, as well as in all the magician's heart, he shall live on forever..

When I read this post, it just struck me how inevitable death is.
And how sudden it can come.
Reading this entry also made me feel the sadness and sorrow that he must have felt at that point of time.
Even in his ultra mega busy schedule, he bothered to take the time off to blog about the death of his good friend.
This just makes me feel like giving him a hug T____T
Well, I guess that's life eh?
You never know when you or the people around you will just leave you one day, forever.

Forget about all those petty fights, and learn to forgive.
Because really, you never know, when you will one day regret the comment that you just made, or the action that you just did.

LOL omg I think I made everyone depressed again LOL
Alright I think this is quite a long long post.
Without further ado, this is the legendary trick of him separating salt and pepper!


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My Top 10 Anime Shuai Ges!!! =)

Finally after a long long time, I finally decided to update about my top 10 shuai ges LOL
Yiting happy now?? LOL
You can refer to Yiting's top 10 HERE

Alright when Yiting told me about this Top 10 thing, I was like
"Har...top 20 can anot?" LOL!!
Because I have watched too many animes already and just one anime alone I can literally like everyone, because they are all so so handsome!
But well since she say top 10 then top 10 lo T______T

Similarly, in no specific order, my 1st guy would be HIMURA KENSHIN!!

Kenshin is from the anime Rurouni Kenshin, also more popularly known as Samurai X
This is because as you can see from his face, there is a X-shaped scar
Why I like Kenshin is because he's handsome!!
That is an obvious point from the picture.
But I love him also because he used to be a cold-blooded samurai who kills alot
However he repented and decided to carry a reverse blade sword wherever he went, so that if there is a need to fight with his sword, he wouldnt be able to kill the person.

You wouldnt want to see him with these eyes, because this is when he will turn into that blood thirsty killer LOL

Kenshin and his sword.

Another character from Rurouni Kenshin that I want to talk about will be Shinomori Aoshi.

Aoshi is this guy who is the leader of the Oniwabanshou group.
However because of the betrayal, all his group members died, and he was the only person left alive.
Hence he went on a wandering life, and helped Kenshin to defeat Shishio.
His weapon is Kodachi, a short sword.
And he uses 2 of them, which hence is called the double kodachi.

Aoshi and his double kodachi.
Its so hard to find Aoshi's photos la!!
Hence I'm moving on..

My third character that I like, his name is also called Third.
Heh heh.
He is from the anime Jyu-Oh-Sei.

Same thing, it is so so so freaking hard to find his photos.
I think because Jyu-Oh-Sei is a short anime, hence there isnt much advertising done.

The reason why I put this picture is because I think that Third looks beautiful LOL!
Oh ya before I explain Jyu-Oh-Sei, I need to explain that in the anime, Third is pronounced as "Saa-do" LOL
Anyway Jyu-Oh-Sei is an anime of the survivor of the fittest, and the main character is being thrown into this world called Chimera, where all the plants are carnivores, and he have to find a way to survive in such harsh conditions, in addition to the fact that there are 4 main tribes living there, and each tribe has a leader.
And Third is in the third position of the Orche Ring, hence called the Third LOL!

Anyway this is quite a complicated anime and its hard to explain as it would be hard to explain it without spoiling anything.
So if you guys are interested in the anime, you can watch it HERE =)

My 4th character that Im gonna intro is also from Jyu-Oh-Sei.
He is Thor!!

Why he is included in one of my Top 10 is mainly because,
Anyway in the start of the anime, Thor is still a young child, but when he grew up afew episodes later, he became so so so shuai!!!
Silver long hair!!
Beautiful face!!
And my beloved Koichi's voice!! AHHHHH!!! =X

Anyway there's nth much to talk about his character mainly because he's the main character in the show. LOL!!!
Ok la I dont really know what to say thats why.
Except for the fact that he later became the leader of the Orche ring, and he fights really really well LOL

A combined picture of Third and Thor
Shuai!! =D

Anyway because pictures cant really emphasize how good looking they are, I decided to upload the opening theme of this anime, which is sung by my dearest Koichi!!
Inside the anime you can see how handsome Third and Thor are =D
And the song is nice too!
Its called Deep in Your Heart. Enjoy!

The 5th character that Im gonna talk about would be from the anime Prince of Tennis
I have watched this anime since I was in Secondary 2, and didnt finish the whole anime until a few weeks ago LOL!!
Unbelievable ehs? Because its a looong anime LOL
Not as long as Bleach though LOL
Anyway the character that Im gonna intro would be FUJI SYUUSUKE!!

In the anime, he is called the Tennis Prodigy, because he has never lost a tennis match before.
And he came up with this thing called the triple counters, which once used the ball will be impossible to return.
He specializes in beauty tennis, which means that his tennis style are all very elegant and beautiful, which is like his personality.

This is how he usually looks like, the cheerful, always smiling sweet guy which would definitely make a girl's heart melt.
However, you will never never want to see his eyes open, like the one in the 1st picture.
Because once he looks like that, it means that you have really hurt someone that he loves, be it friend or sibling, and he will definitely get angry and make sure you suffer a fate worse than death. O.O
HAHA that is through a tennis match of course LOL

My Fuji in his school uniform! =DD

Fuji in samurai clothing =D

Look at his beautiful smile!!

This is my fav fav picture.

Alright the 6th character that Im gonna talk about would be Tezuka Kunimitsu from Prince of Tennis as well.

He is the captain of Seigaku tennis club.
He is called one of the most pro players, who are in the national standard and also have not lost a match before.
That is only until his arm start hurting and hasnt been cured la.
There's a story behind the injury of his arm, and how hard he has worked to make sure that the Seigaku team goes into the Nationals.
What I like about him is because of his dedication, and I simply love guys with glasses!
There is this unexplainable attraction that draws me to him LOL

Him in his tennis form.

Tezuka doing his famous Zero Shiki drop shot.

So handsome right!!
When he's wearing casual clothes LOLOL

Tezuka with Fuji and Kawamura, another character from Prince of Tennis as well. (Sorry Yiting group shot T____T )

Tezuka in his Zero Shiki drop shot form, and Fuji in his Higuma Ootoshi form.

Tezuka and Fuji in their school uniforms!!! =DD

The friendship they shared.
I put this because this is the only pic that Tezuka is smiling EVER LOL

Alright moving on, this is the 7th guy =D
Actually its the 7th guys LOL why?
Because they are twins!!!
They are Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin from Ouran High School Host Club!!!

The reason why I chose them is because 1stly, I LOVE OURAN HIGH SCHOOL!!!
2ndly is because I have this fetish for twins LOL!!
Its like one guy is handsome so you get to see double of that LOL!!
I like cute guys too, and their personality is one of the cutest ever!
They always does things together, they are very close, and they talk together also LOL!!
Their actions, their words are always in sync which is so cute!!
Anyone who is interested in Ouran High School can watch it from HERE
I assure you will not regret it, because its a short anime, and if youre bored this anime will send you laughing all the way!!! =D

They are very very close, and they always act moe, which is like this term Japanese use to describe the closeness between 2 guys, but they are not gay LOL.

I love it when guys wink =X HAHA

Their moe moment LOL
Alright its time to move on, even though I dont want to because there are so much more handsome guys in Ouran High School!! *Looks at Yiting with puppy eyes*

Alright the 8th person shall come from one of the best animes ever, FUSHIGI YUUGI!!
Since Yiting already talked about Hotohori, I shall not talk about him.
Instead I shall talk about NURIKO!!!! =D

Eh? Wait a minute!!
Isnt that a girl?!?!
Hahaha gotcha!! LOL
He looks so beautiful right!!
Actually at the start of the anime, he appeared as a trans LOL!!
And I thought he was a freak LOL
However after watching the anime, I got to understand the reason why he wanted to dress up as a female.
It is because when he was young, he had a twin sister, called Korin.
They were very very close, but one day his twin sister died in an accident.
Since then on, in order not to forget her, Nuriko said that he will dress up as a girl in order to remember Korin.
So sweet right!! T_____T
However after some time, because he wanted to protect this girl Miaka, the main character in the show, he didnt want to be mistaken as a guy and he went to cut off his long hair LOL!!

Nuriko the beautiful and handsome warrior

So sorry guys but its so so hard to find a picture with him having short hair!! T______T
Oh ya if you guys are interested to watch Fushigi Yuugi, you can watch it HERE

Finally for my 9th and 10th guy shall come from BLEACH!!!!!
1stly I shall talk about Hitsugaya Toshiro!! =D

He is the captain of the 10th squad.
He managed to be a captain even though he is still so young.
He is also called one of the prodigy in Bleach.
Even though he has the responsibilities of an adult now, his height is still like a small kid!! HAHA

I love this picture, mainly because there is this sadness and there is also this toughness in the expression he is showing.
Oh ya, his Zanpakutou (the name that they use to call the swords in Bleach) is called Hyourinmaru.
So everytime when he need to release his sword, he will say "SOUTEN NI ZASE, HYOURINMARU!!!' (Soar upon the skies, Hyourinmaru)
His sword is the most powerful ice based sword and the 1st form of his sword looks like this:

Ice dragon only!!!! Wooooo MUHAHAHA
The 1st released form is called the Shikai, and this is his shikai.
The 2nd form of his sword is called the Bankai, and only captains have managed to master that level.

His bankai form.
Ice wings only!!!!
Its called Daiguren Hyourinmaru LOL

Alright last but not least, my 10th shuai ge would be...

Ok I know alot of you guys are gonna say that he's not shuai at all.
But I gotta tell you, HIS HOLLOW FORM IS DAMM COOL!!!!
Sorry but I love his hollow form so too bad, he's in my top 10!!

He is the main character in Bleach, and also one of the most powerful characters in the show ever.
Interested in watching Bleach?
Watch it HERE
Bleach is definitely a must watch!
Mainly because the story is full of twists, and the storyline is great!!
Some of you may think that the anime is too long for your liking, but I tell you.
Many of my friends are watching it, no matter how busy they are, they are still following the anime/manga!
So you can imagine how nice this anime is huh?
Besides, when you are watching the anime you wont feel the length, because they always know how to end the episode in a cliffhanger manner, and you will definitely want to continue to watch the next episode to find out what is going on!! LOL

Ichigo's Shikai.
His Zanpakutou is called Zangetsu.

Ichigo's Bankai form, Tensa Zangetsu.
I love this picture because its dark, and Ichigo's Bankai form is black!!!!

And how can i forget??
Ichigo's hollow form!!! =D
I just love the sinster smile and the darkness in his eyes muhahahahaha
I have his mask remember????? MUHAHAHAHAHAHA

LOL alright finally I've come to the end of my Top 10 anime guys. LOL
Even though I know that they are not really my Top 10 because there are so so many other guys whom I wanna include in, but still..this is the best I can do hehe.
Alright shall update about my 26km cycle with Jenmey as well as my long overdue prawning pictures as well.
And oh I cut my hair!!!
A totally different style now!!
If I have the chance I shall upload the pictures up! =D

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the EDGE of the WORD

Beautiful song sung by KinKi Kids
Beautiful lyrics written by Tsuyoshi
Beautiful voices..

Translations are taken from HERE

the EDGE of the WORD - KinKi Kids

Kotoba wa toki toshite yaiba to natte
Taisetsu na hito ni mo muyami ni kirikakaru
Words can sometimes become a blade
It can even recklessly stab at your precious person

Mata kurikaeshita no BAKA na ayamachi...hitotsu
Modosu koto no dekinu hanarete yuku kimochi
Repeating again my stupid apology...just one
Unable to bring it back the feeling of us parting

HONTO ni kokoro kara taisetsu datta
Anata wo kizutsuke nani wo yatteiru no?
For real, you were precious from the bottom of my heart
Hurting you, what am I doing?

Chikasugite mienakatta kono kyori
Kuyandemo kuyandemo mou modorenai
You were too close, I couldn't see this distance
even if I regret it, even if I regret it I can no longer go back

Fukaku kirikondeiru mienu kizu no itami wo
Iyasu koto mo dekizu hanarete yuku kimochi
Being cut deeply the pain of an invisible wound
can't be healed this feeling of us parting

Hitori ni natta ima kokoro wa naze ni
Anata wo motomeru iki sae dekinu hodo
I've become alone now why is it that my heart
longs for you to the extent that I can't even breathe?

Chikasugite mienakatta kono kyori
Sakendemo sakendemo mou todokanai
You were too close, I couldn't see this distance
even if I scream, even if I scream it won't reach you

Isso no koto watashi wa kai ni natte shimaitai
Kotoba no yaiba wo tsuyoku kakaenagara
Shizunde ikimashou fukai umi no soko e
I'd rather become a shellfish
as I strongly hold the blades of words
Let's sink down to the bottom of this deep sea

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KinKi Kids Forever~~

Hey yo!
I'm back~~ =D
Today went out to town with Yiting and we went to HMV
For we have our own stuffs that we want to shop for hehe

So I started looking for my KinKi Kids album Phi and I found it!
Basket inside is the complete album songs plus the DVD for their concert!!
Usually for KinKi Kids right, their albums are named in alphabetical order, for instance "Album A, Album B" and so on..
However this time, the album is named as "Album Ø"

This Album marks their 10th anniversary together as KinKi Kids!!
Hence to show appreciation to their fans, they decided that this album should be special, and will move away from their normal way of naming the albums by alphabets.
And also, Ø is also another way of writing the number 10
Nice ehs? lol

Time really really flies
I still remember when I was around P4 or P5 when I first watched "Kindaichi Shounen no Jikembo" which was how I got to know about Domoto Tsuyoshi, and hence found out that he belonged to this group called KinKi Kids.
Thanks to my Yan Jie Jie, who used to like them too, and bought their albums despite her mother not allowing her to (LOL), I was given the chance to listen to their songs
And I loved it!

The 1st KinKi Kids album that I actually own was Album C, and from then on whenever I found out that new KinKI Kids album are out, I will try and try to persuade my mum to buy it for me. (Last time young no money ma)
And hence began my fandom for KinKi Kids
I started buying their dramas and posters and download their pictures when I started owning a computer of my own.

Sad to say that when I was still young, I didnt know how to appreciate how great KinKi Kids were.
I only listen to their songs by the melody of the songs, and not knowing what are the meanings behind those songs, as well as neglecting how beautiful their voices were.
And to top it off, during my Secondary School days, I stopped listening to their songs until I was Secondary 4.
It was then I realised that they had split up and went to cut their own Singles and hold their own concerts.
Even if so, they still came together and cut another album together as KinKi Kids.
I was seriously sad that I wasnt aware of all these when it happened.

Even when I was in JC, due to many reasons, I also stopped listening to their songs once again.
All the way until I finished my A levels, then I started looking for their songs and videos and shows again.
And this year, I realised that they have already been together for 10 years.
This album was out in year 2007, and it was until now, 2009 that I realised that such an album existed.
I was 2 freaking years late.

However now that I had bought this album now, I watched the DVD of their concert, and there was this indescribable feeling that I felt.
This nostalgic feeling, this feeling of familiarity, this feeling of expectation.
And even though I dont understand what they were saying to their fans, I could feel the gratitude that they had to their fans.
And inside of me, I felt something too.
Something that made me happy, and made me feel ever so touched.

I guess nothing beats following a group or seeing the band that you have liked since young to be so successful huh?
After watching the concert, I told myself that from now on, I am going to follow KinKi Kids all the way, until I grow up, until they retire.
Just like how I am going to follow and support Lu Chen during this period of time when his career is finally at its peak.
I guess this is all that I, as a fan can do ba.. =)

Alright enough about such emotional thoughts.

The cover of the Album Ø (Love Koichi's (guy on the left) adam's apple!! )

The back of the cover. They closed their eyes LOL

Front view

Back view

Light in the darkness (OMG LOVE THIS PIC!!)

I duno what this is supposed to depict but my Koichi looks too shuai here already!!

And here too!! =X

Cuteness!! *faints*

Haha alright that's all for the pictures that were available in the album haha
Well personally after listening to the album, I realised that there are some songs that I really really liked
And the meanings of those songs are actually what I felt deep inside my heart.
And even if I didnt understand the lyrics of the songs
Just the music alone is enough to touch my heart.

In the next post I shall post this song called Edge of the Word
The lyrics are beautiful,
The song is beautiful, and the blending of their voices is beautiful
No doubt this is my favorite song of the month!

From the past when they 1st begun..

They grew closer..

And closer

And they grew older...

And older...

And older..(I love this pic because its poker cards lol and the way Koichi rolls his sleeves up really reminds me of my dearest Lu Chen! LOL)

They have really come a long long way...

A bond that is closer than brothers, closer than friends.
A special unspoken bond that lies between them.
I just pray that even from this day onwards, they will continue to have the time of their lives, for I know that there are millions of fans who will definitely want them to be happy.

"We cannot say "thank you" enough, so we let our music do the talking"
- KinKi Kids

KinKi Kids, わたしだいすきのばん (My beloved band)
The happiest duo ever..

Everybody sing with us,
KinKi Kids forever
We'll always be around,
Always stay together

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