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Ovation Look at Star 2010!!

Yay~~~~ Finally I am posting the pictures for Ovation Look at Star 2010!!
As usual Koichi is on cover!!!
Oh my as I am typing this I cannot help but feel excited for my Best Stage Koichi cover and 16 page feature of Koichi in Look at Star!!!!
Not to mention he will be on cover for Theater Guide too!!!!!!
My my I am getting soooooo many Koichi uwaaa

But somehow no matter what happens it just feel like it's not enough
Everyone has been sooo quiet lately that I can finish what I want to do within minutes upon on-ing the computer hahaha
Sucks man~~~

Maa 2 more weeks to official opening of Endless SHOCK
I'm sure right now Koichi is not sleeping na~
Even though it's already 2.30am in Japan,
I'm sure if I called him now he'd probably be up doing something (like cleaning his room etc. )

The rehearsals are going on as well~
I hope he takes good care of his body too~ T____T
Koichi!! I miss you soooo much!! T_____T
I can't wait to see you in July!! Hahaha

Alright scans scans! =D


The oh so beautiful cover~~~


I was like banging my head against the wall when I found out that this picture was inside Best Stage Jan (I think?) issue which I didn't buy because there were only two pages,
And guess what? Koichi loves me and gave this beautiful picture (in a much much bigger size too!!) in this beautiful magazine too!!
Uwaaa I love Koichi!!!


So beautiful~~~ even the cathedral too~~



Yess this is the picture that is currently my wallie now~ =DD
And wow~~ this makes my heart melt soooo much!!! T__________T


So many Koichi in suits T___T

Zoom in!! =D


His face is so nice!! T_____T
I mean his cheek bone is sooo nice =X


Nothing to say~
Unless you can find a word to describe "UWAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"


OMG look at the cathedral!!
It's sooo beautiful!!!
I must make sure I go there when I'm in Japan!!!!

Zoom in!! =D


Nice nice nice nice nice!!!


Hahaha I love his face =X
LOLOL that subtle smile is so cute!


This is nice nice nice nice nice!!!
I wanted to make this as my wallpaper but well sadly the picture is too small =(
Why why WHY let this picture be sooo small T____T


My prince~~~
My groom T______________________T
I hope


Change of clothes~ hahahaha
But still nice!!!
One day I am so gonna force myself to read the whole interview T___T


Waaaa and he stares at you T_____T

And here comes the journey of SHOCK





LOL I swear one day I'll buy up all of SHOCK's pamphlets! hahaha



And a backstage talk with Koichi =D
And our dear boy starts talking about PAN again~
How cute is that??

And last but not least,
The beautiful pin up that Meiyan has joined for me =DD


So nice!!!
Talking about both Koichi and the cathedral =X

Alright that's all~
For full sized scans click HERE

Haha another sidenote,
My sister told me something today~
Well somehow my name is like a forbidden word to say in that so call ex's presence haha
Maa I guess that's how it is isn't it?
Does it hurt?
Nah~ not really
It's not like I don't know what kind of person you're like anyways~

It's just that hearing something like that just made me feel much much worst about guys
And once again,
Thank you so much for dropping my confidence in guys by another 100%
All I can say is you're the worst =)
Those years are totally not something that I want to remember at all
Even though you did let me know one friend who made me watch a Nagase drama and got me watching SDK
Apart from that I can say I have gotten nothing from you at all
Consider this the last time I will ever mention you in my blog =)
And in my life as well =)

Weeeeee~~ dreamt of Meiyan last night
Well weird dream
Shan't go into details since I can't remember it at all
I remember Vanilla telling me something like wouldn't it be nice if there were an invention where we can record our dreams HAHAHAHA!!
I wish na~~ then I can see Koichi on and on and on =X LOL

Well in my dream I remember I was feeling sad and lost
And lonely I guess
Somehow when I joined a group of friends (whom I totally don't know btw, never seen them in real life before lol)
Within that crowd, I saw Meiyan standing beside me!
I was soooo happy when I saw her
Like you know the feeling when you're so alone and so sad and then suddenly you see someone that you know and is quite close with around you?
It's like the feeling of "oh~~ I guess I could feel much better knowing that he/she is around me"
That's the exact feeling that I had in my dream
And I couldnt stop poking her face in my dream
I was seriously happy~ LOLOLOL

I guess that dream kind of speaks about my life now?
Haha ever since I got into Uni I haven't really spoken to many people too~
The usual people I have conversation with is Meiyan, Yitng, Eliza and sometimes Kristy haha
You think that's a lot? lol
Well apart from these four if I don't talk to them I almost can say that I have no one else =)
Maaaa I don't know where I am going talking about this too~ haha
But I guess when KinKi is quiet, I tend to get a little emotional haha

I just wanna say this to all my friends:

It's hard isn't it?
Assignments everyday~ Schoolwork piling up
Exams coming..Readings to complete
It's not easy for me too~
But hang in there!!
It will definitely be over soon~~
And we know that after that KinKi/Gazette will be waiting ^^
We can fangirl all we want after that (even though we are already doing that now)
Even for my overseas friends
If you are reading this
Work seems to be getting tougher for some of you na~
And Gally seems to fall sick again T_____T
I know somehow even though we don't chat much
But there's always something that will connect us together isn't it?
Bamboobranch too~~~ Having such a hard time with her school work

Seeing the situation now,
I missed those days before I started University,
Where everyone always chatted and fangirled together
Hahaha I hope those days will come again soon~~
I am waiting too...
Gambatte!!! =D

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blogged @ Sunday, January 31, 2010 1:18:00 AM

Test in a few hours =(

UPDATE: OH!! OH!! OH!!! I just found out that I will most probably be spending KinKi Kids' 13th Anniversary this year in JAPAN!!!!! UWAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

Yeaa I should be studying..
But I just woke up and have totally no motivation..
All I can think of is Koichi Koichi Koichi ~.~
I will be working last minute at Sentosa from 530-10pm later
Well I sort of hesitated if I should go anot since I know I will be pretty tired
And it will be bad if I lose money again zzz

Oh well..someone started subbing the 39 concert haha
I'm so glad lol and I see my name appearing so many times =X
Because I provided the raw weeeee
Maa seeing that subbed vid available for download it made me go and listen to the version of Ai no Katamari for 39 con
That was the 1st time I was ever exposed to that song na..

When I watched the concert for the 1st time I was so sad that I don't know KinKi Kids well enough or Japanese well enough to understand their jokes or what they were talking about, which made me feel really really sad =(

Oh well, Ai no Katamari is so beautiful as always hahaha
Alright random post end =)



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blogged @ Friday, January 29, 2010 9:52:00 AM

I don't know what is wrong with me


Well got my pay today~~
Maa not bad la I have more money now~ =D
Hmmm I still have the 2nd part of intercruises pay to wait for,
So more money for me~~
As for Sentosa, I guess I'll just try to work when I get the chance
For now studies still more important I guess..
I don't want my parents to think that I am neglecting my studies because of Koichi~ haha

Maa random random
I fixed the bling that Emily has given me already!!
Oh I havent showed you guys her wonderful present yet ehs?
Here it is!!!!


Oh my gosh!!!
Emily I know you wouldnt be reading this since you're so busy with your school work,
But once again thank you so much for spending so much time making this for me!!!
When you wrote inside the card saying that you'll be giving me a present later after christmas because it's still "making in process" I was still thinking "huh?? LOL"
And when you gave it to me you didn't want me to see the present in front of you~

For that I really want to smack you because
Why didn't you let me open the present when you're just right beside me?!?!?!
I would've been sooooo happy I would probably give you a big hug or even sayang you or even well I dunno what I could've done!
I guess she knows that would happen that's why she doesnt want to be around me when I see the present =X
But I would be soooo happy!!! And T_____T
It sort of makes me feel so sad that you're not around me when I first see this wonderful present T___T

And don't worry, the bling is very tight now,
I found a way to make them stick better,
So I can use it now!!
And I love using it because I love the beautiful DK logo,
And everytime when I look at the wallet I'll think of your cute little face hahaha!!

Love you girl!! =DDDD
And all the best for your projects!!! ^^

Hahaha alright another random note
Since I'm feeling sooo down nowadays~
I guess seeing this will somehow cheer me up =X


I guess seeing this just means that I am yet another step closer to seeing my dear Kochan~~ ^^


How can any one not want to work hard for the sake of this guy~~~~~ ^^
Thanks na~ Kochan~~
Thanks to you my night was spent a little easier~~ ^^

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blogged @ Thursday, January 28, 2010 1:03:00 AM

Little things~

Somehow today I got reminded of something that Koichi always said

It means something along the line of "It's it alright if I just do it myself?"
Well I guess this is probably one of my traits being a Virgo,
I do certain things certain way,
I have my way of doing things, and usually don't like it when other people change things

I guess somehow I've come to experience that little fact today
I was supposed to cook dinner, and trying to save money I cooked instant noodles for myself
While waiting for the noodle to boil, I went to watch Liar Game
I got so engrossed that I was a little late for my boiling noodles
By the time I got there I saw my dad cooking my noodle in my place

Seriously? To tell you the truth I was SHOCKED
Not in the sense of "wow my dad is cooking something for me!" but in the sense of "WHY THE HELL ARE YOU TOUCHING MY NOODLES?!"
Well that was the exaggerated way of phrasing it,
Of course on the outside I looked surprised
But on the inside I am actually dying

So I told him it's fine, I can take it from here,
But he wanted to cook it for me anyways,
Because the way he cooks it is different from the way I cook,
I cringed at every single step he took with my noodles
He kept saying that his way of cooking is nicer
And ask me to try

So I'm fine, he cooks it, I try it
It would be fine if it really is like how he said it
But well, I still prefer the way of how I cooks it
As unhappy as I am feeling within
From the bottom of my heart, I am thankful for my dad's effort in cooking that dinner for me

Which is why right now,
I totally hate this stupid trait that I have as a person
I really hate it when people takes the things that I can do myself and tries to do it for me,
And when the effect turns out to be unsatisfactory,
I feel sooo unhappy and I just get angry for no reason
Because I know it's not that person's fault,
All I can do is hold the anger within me and just blame it on my own stupid personality


I have always felt that way,
Probably not in the same way that Koichi does
I don't even know if he as issues like that
But for me it's getting irritatingly strong
I hate it when people change the way I do things,
And I also hate it when I have to ask favors from people...

Somehow it makes me feel so powerless,
It makes me feel so useless
I guess I just hate depending on people..
If it's things that is within my means of completing
I would really hate to ask someone else to do it for me

I don't know since when and how did I even come to become like this
But somehow, I just became like that

Yeap so sorry that it's another weird entry
I'll copy paste Ovation Look at Star scans tmr from the community

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blogged @ Tuesday, January 26, 2010 11:46:00 PM

Random again

It's been quite a while since I last updated
So many mails I have yet to reply,
So many things undone
Yes I know I am supposed to share my Ovation Look at Star scans already
It's sooo nice and I am dying to share it!
Someone give me some time!!
And take away all of my laziness please T___T

Well I also don't know what did I want to talk about in this entry..
Met Meiyan and Eliza in school today~
Didn't really do much
I was sooo tired after class (commercial law was quite interesting!)
So I just went to find Eliza to catch a breather before going off to work
And Meiyan joined in after that
It feels sooo nice to just sit there and do nothing

I'm not sure if they felt that it was weird,
But to me just sitting there having them around
It just feels sooo comfortable that I can just stone in peace =X
Wouldn't it be nice if there are people around you that you can just have comfortable silence with?
Just like me and Yiting~
Haha still remembering the times where we're just so tired/stoned/bored that we just sat there and did nothing, and didn't feel weird at all~
Maa it would be great if my friendship with them can reach that stage too na~

Work was boring~~~
No guests T____T
Hahaha so nothing much to say~

Well when I reached home I finally finished subbing the 3rd episode of
Tenshi ga Kieta Machi!!
Seriously I swear the 3rd episode is one of my favorite episodes in the whole show!
Koichi being whacked while running a fever,
Looking as weak as ever~~ (I love it~~ I know I'm such an S =X)
But he looks HOT when he's being whacked!
Makes me want to go over and hug him T____T

Talked about Tenshi ga Kieta Machi with my boss today~
Cus she watched Sushi Ouji, and she knew about that show,
I wanted to asked her if she finished the drama
But she said that she only heard of the show and when she tried to search for it,
She couldn't find it
So I told her that I would give her the link to watch the video in Tudou,
Since she's going back to China for a month anyways~

So after I found the link,
I couldn't help myself but clicked at the very last quarter of the last episode again
Yupp the episode that made me cry and wail soooo loud
I just wanted to watch it again,
Because the last time I watched it, I was crying so bad that I didn't get to watch it properly
Yess I am still under the fever of this show,
And still traumatized
And probably won't be getting over this show soon especially when I'm subbing it now~

Never in my life would I ever expect that Koichi's drama have the power to make me cry..

And now that I've watched it again,
It's still the same!!
But I didn't cry even when Koichi was suddenly **** (no spoilers =X)
So I didn't cry at that part when I cried so hard the previous time
But when I watched to the very last minute of the show,

Looking at Koichi's kanashii (sad) face,
And gave a forced smile, and said:

(I, have always been alone..)



At first he looks quite sad,




Then he tried to force a smile...

Waaa seeing his face as he said that,
Together with Mou Kimi Igai Aisenai playing in the background
I really couldn't help but start tearing up again,
And by the time the show ended,
Once again I started crying...

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blogged @ 12:39:00 AM

天使が消えた街~The town where angels disappeared~


Tenshi ga Kieta Machi~

I admit it
I lost...

I don't get it..
One litre of tears, Crying out love in the center of the world,
Give me whatever tear jerker drama that many have cried on,
I did not cry.

But this?!?!
Summer Snow I got spoiled halfway so I can understand why I cried
I knew what was 'really' going on that's why before the drama even said it I couldn't stop crying already
But this drama..I didn't expect to cry at all
You know what?
This drama is loooong..I marathoned until 4am
I have school tomorrow~

I was always on the verge of crying..
On the verge on the verge but I didn't cry
Yet towards the end,
It was sooooooo sad (not touching but sad) that I couldnt help but start tearing up
And then something happened and I literally cried as if I really lost someone I love
It was loud, I was wailing, I really felt that I lost someone important in my life forever

Yes that was 10 times worse than how I cried in Summer Snow,
That was how crazy this show was

And when I continued watching,
騙されちゃった!! (I got cheated!)
The reason that made me cry soooo badly and started coughing and couldn't breathe,
Didn't happened.
The drama tricked me!!!
Koichi you tricked me!!
I literally cried sooooooo loudly and so painfully that
If you were there with me at that point of time you would be soooo shocked

This show is really powerful
Until now the images are still in my brain
The feelings, the happiness, the sadness..
It's as if I really was a part of that show
All I could say is this is Koichi's BEST DRAMA EVER!!!
Well unless a better one comes by,
If not this is the best!!
Koichi this show made me love you more and more and more
And you really traumatized me so you better do more aho stuffs in SDK to start calming me down!!
Because I'm sure this show will haunt me at least for the next 1 month...
(Yes the impact of this show is literally 100000times stronger than how Summer Snow has impacted me..I'm only saying this because I watched this back to back..no other intended meaning)

Drama review?
Nope this is not one
I don't want to spoil the drama for those who havent watched it
Some may find this show draggy or slow
But somehow I just have no problem watching all of it
I even felt the need to marathon it..
People like Emily who cannot stand watching Ningen Shikkaku,
Or people who enjoys happy dramas..


Ok it's not that bad because this drama gives hope, light, miracle..
But still..
For those who can't stand it,

End of report =)
Yes I updated this at 4:14am
And I wrote this right after I finished wailing and crying and still am traumatized by the drama
So if I sound very crazy now,
I probably already am =)

PS: If I ever recommend you to watch it, that's only because I'm only halfway through the drama and haven't finished it..so whether you want to watch it a not, it's entirely up to you =)

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blogged @ Friday, January 22, 2010 3:59:00 AM

Endless SHOCK 2005 Soundtrack Limited Edition

Yay~~ Somehow suddenly I had the rush to want to update this~
So yupp yupp!! (Yes me is in lecture now =X)
Here I present Endless SHOCK Soundtrack 2005 Limited Edition! =DD


This is a nice nice nice nice cover!!!!
I don't know why but I totally love it! =D
And Koichi's face looks so good too!! hahahaha


The content page, with more of Koichi's face =X


Koichi and a jacket!! Hahaha
For some reason he really looks good when he's trying to wear a jacket hahaha
We've seen that more than once desho? =X




Japanese samurai fight scene
Yupp that's the staircase that Koichi rolled down from =X


It's so nice so beautiful so uwaaaaa T_____T
*pounces on him =X*


In the Cemetery~
Koichi died T____T


The finale performance before Yoru no Umi


YORU NO UMI!!!!!!!
This picture is exactly the image I had when I 1st listened to this song~ lol
So beautiful~~ T___T
Me wants to see the real performance T___T


The sakura~~
Where Koichi was placed under when he died again T______T
Seriously Endless SHOCK is such a sad story why am I sooo dark and gloomy?!?!?!
Koichi is always dying even in dramas and his own solo works~
And I love to see him 'dying'
Man I am such a sadist! LOL


End of the booklet =X
Hahahaha Koichi looks nice!!


Back of the CD cover~ Hahaha


The CD~~
I love the Endless SHOCK logo!!
I need to draw it out one day!!! =X
Maybe I'll print it on my black hoodie =X


The DVD~~
It's shiny mirror-y and reflecting =X hahahahaha

Anyways there are really a lot of nice tracks inside~
And if any of you are interested, feel free to go HERE to download them ^^
Just scroll through all the scans and you will see the download links for the songs =D

And oh oh I highly recommend
Shitou (Track 9)
Wana (Track 10) (It's actually connected to track 9)
WHY DON'T YOU DANCE WITH ME (Track 12) (Composed by Koichi!! =D)
Flying2 (Track 13)
Mask (Track 14)
YORU NO UMI (Track 15) (Composed by Koichi!! =D)

Hahaha that's quite a lot of songs =X LOLOLOL
And inside the DVD, there's a video of trailer of SHOCK
So to let you guys roughly know what Endless SHOCK is about,
I present the trailer! =D
I already subbed this so you can just watch and understand it properly =D

So enjoy! =DD

PS: Nice?? I love the part when Yoru no Umi came in! Hahaha
That song is really amazing na~~ No matter how and when you use it it's just so beautiful~~ T___T
Thanks for Meiyan and Eliza for helping me translate certain parts too~~ =DD
Hahahaa ♥ ^^

Alright going off~ hahaha
I realized that time passes SUPERRRRR SLOW when you are actually listening to lectures =X

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blogged @ Wednesday, January 20, 2010 12:17:00 PM


Hahaha oh my gosh I have an obsessive changing wallpaper syndrome!!!
And it's always for the same reason!!

KinKi -> Koichi -> KinKi -> More Koichi -> KinKi -> MORE KOICHI!!

And if you remember, this was my previous wallpaper:


And thanks to Kristy who showed me the pictures,
And thanks to Meiyan who showed me the scans,
My wallpaper has transformed into THIS:


FAINTS FAINTS FAINTS FAINTS X1000000000000000000000000000000000000!!!
If only next time my boyfriend can be half as charming as him T______T

Alright on to other things,
As I was browsing through the older entries,
I saw this:


What a coincidence!!!
I uploaded the 39 Album and just nice there were 39 comments!! LOLOLOL
I love little miracles like that =X

And I scanned this for the benefit of Eliza~
But it's tooo tooo nice so I decided to share it here too~~~


So nice right!! I scanned it from the Anniversary Concert Pamphlet lol


Yes this is my MSN display picture now~ =D


This is soooooo nice!!!

A bit outdated but
Someone went to photoshop this together!!!
I totally love Meiyan for showing me this!! hahaha


Uwaa I totally wouldnt mind it these 2 drivers just kidnapped me =X LOL

Haha ok I've blogged enough~
Will talk about Endless SHOCK tomorrow If I'm not too lazy =X

Hahaha alright cya! =D

PS: Yay~~ Vanilla replied my mail!! So fast too!! hahaha
I couldn't stop grinning like an aho and I see her name appear in my mail, and I had to control myself from laughing when I see her saying she loves I Will with Koichi's part "I will be here by your side, always..always.." because OMG VANILLA I AM LIKE THAT TOO!! HAHAHAHA That was the part of the song that made me fall in love with that song omgomgomgog HAHAHAH
And Koichi's voice is just so UWAAAAAA!!!

One step closer to Endless SHOCK..
Yuanshan hang in there~

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Website Statisticsself cert mortgage