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Liu Qian in Singapore!!

Well, just as the title had suggested, this is actually something that seems to be quite magical for me. On the previous post liu qian apparently had announced the date of his book signature event that is going to be held in Taiwan, and omg how I wish I was there!! So i left a comment saying that if he is coming to Singapore, I hope that he will announce it!

And the next day arrived and when I woke up I just randomly went to his blog and I saw a new entry saying: "Singapore" and I was like OMG?!?! Inside that entry he said that he will be coming to Singapore on that night, 5th of Feb!! Can you believe it?? For a moment I was so happy but it turned out that he was supposed to perform for some corporate dinner and is unable to disclose the location T___T

However I do hope that this could be the start of something, whereby the next time if he does come to Singapore it will be the time where I can actually go and see him perform!! Haha.. well till now I will just be looking forward to all his magic shows through television! T_T

PS: He is really the cutest guy that I have ever come across!! LOL

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blogged @ Saturday, February 7, 2009 3:21:00 PM

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