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Spend Spend Spend AGAIN!!!


I cant believe what I did this time round. Waking up late in the afternoon AGAIN, Shaun asked me to accompany him for dinner at the last minute and so off we go to Marina Square to have our dinner at this place called "Dome". Well I ordered a plate of Fish and Chips and a ice chocolate with geletto or smth..and being the stupid ys that I am, I ordered a side dish of FRIES. Well apparently I forgot that inside Fish and CHIPS there are supposed to have FRIES inside. And so there I go, spending 5.50 bucks on something that I already have. Stupid or Stupid? zz

Well I guess that is gonna be the last time I'll be eating at "Dome" as well, cause generally the food there is not exactly very special or very nice, and besides the Fish and Chips I bought is like overfried or smth, and that piece of fish is so thin lol, as if it came from Africa or smth. I still prefer the fish at Fish and Co though, where the meat is so freaking thick =XX

And so the dinner that I didnt really enjoyed cost me like 30 bucks? OMGOMGOMG there I go spending like that again, and both me and Shaun totally cant finish the fries at all and so i asked for the fries to be packeted and I brought home, and luckily my baby sister seems to love them alot hehe.

After dinner we went to walk around and apparently most of the shops were closed since we reached Marina at around 8pm and finished dinner at around I dunno 8+ 9pm? Oo So yea and we ended up going back though citylink, and we passed by this shop called "Print" and there are so so so many notebooks and stuffs inside that I just went wooo!!!! And in the end I spent 22.70 bucks buying one notebook and 3 boxes for my valentine's chocolates ~.~ Omg I really have a spending problem!! SOMEONE SAVE ME!!!!

After we finally left that "Print" shop, we continued walking down and we passed by HMV, and I suddenly got reminded of KINKI KIDS!!! And I rushed in to see if they have their newest single which was released on 28th Jan, and to my surprise, THEY HAVE IT!!! WOOOO!!! Without any hesitation I took the cd and went to the counter and paid 22.90 bucks for a singles cd with only 3 songs inside LOLOL!! But well, I am not regretting this purchase for I totally loved the songs and the cd cover!!!! Look Look!!

The front cover:

The back:

Omg you have to agree with me that Domoto Koichi (guy at the right) is damm freaking handsome!!! Omg he totally suit this haircut la!! Not that he doesnt suit the other haircuts he had but I myself preferred this alot alot. LOL

And so yea, this concludes my night at Marina square where I easily spent $30+$22.70+$22.90= $75.60 !!! Shit this is really shit. I need to start getting my pay soon or my card is gonna melt T____T

Well I guess that concludes my entry, and last of all, I am so so looking forward to watching Survivor Tocantins tomorrow!! =D Hope there are pretty girls and hunks though, unlike Survivor Gabon where it is not very eye pleasing. Hehe.

Oh yea before I forgot. When I reached home today I was surfing google about 刘谦 in the Singapore pages, and I realised that the Singapore online newspaper as well as the chinese version of "Newasia" do talk about him! And apparently majority of the articles were not very flattering. Apparently the topic about 刘谦 being in cahoots with the China host who is assisting him in magic is now up for discussing in the Singapore media. When I read it I was like 'OMG cant someone just cut him some slack??' I mean its not like he hasnt already explained it to everyone inside his blog what is going on, whereby what everyone has so called heard the host saying 'is it the egg that contains the ring?' is totally not true, and what the host is saying is 'what about the ring?', because she knows that he is gonna borrow a ring from her to put inside the egg as a magic act, and for fear that he might perform the procedure wrongly she reminded him of the ring. And just because of that everyone is now slamming him being in cahoots with the host.

I mean I was surprised, because even the Singapore media is not cutting him some slack? I thought they would be checking out the facts first before actually posting it on the newspaper. Well I guess sometimes things are just meant to be this way huh. Maybe a lot of people can say that he is just denying what he does and hence is attempting to 'clear the misunderstanding' in his blog. Well for me I still choose to believe him since he say that he didnt do it, and I dont see why people should continue to doubt him. Well he's just so poor thing la, like what he said in his blog when the Taiwan reporter interviewed him he attempted to clear everything by saying that he is not in cahoots, and he did not exposed his magic accidentally, and yet when the interview is published everything was out in the total opposite. Well thats life, people get jealous of you and they want to see some drama.

Well this incident had made me learned alot though, life is not always smooth sailing, and of course often there are people who would want to knock you off your boat. What matters most of course is that you are able to swim back up the sea and get back on your ship and continue your journey of life. Shit I realised that I cant swim!! Am I gonna die?? Oo No meaning hahahaha.. Alright I guess this entry is long enough for today already.

So now i present you guys the magic act that 刘谦 did that aroused much discussion on the media as to whether he was in cahoots with the host or did he slip up during his magic trick. Well you guys can watch and see how well he actually performed these tricks and decide whether he deserved to be slammed like that or not! And now its 见证奇迹的时刻!!!

Ps: That rubber band trick still continues to baffle me, and that coin trick is wtf?!?! Haha and the way he wants the applause from the audience is so cute! ^^

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