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Survivor Tocantins!!

Weee!! Finally its here!!! While watching American Idol and eating dinner today, I heard this familiar music while looking into my maggie mee, and when I lifted my head up...



WOOOOOOO!!!! Ive been waiting for this day to come ever since Survivor Gabon has ended. Well to tell the truth I didnt really enjoyed Survivor Gabon a lot especially when it comes after Survivor Micronesia, which is ultrasupermazingly nice and exciting as compared to Survivor Gabon, and apparently as said by Jeff Probst, the casts for Survivor Tocantins are gonna be full of much nicer people and its gonna be more exciting, so I shall be looking forward to that! =D

Wow..today woke up at like 3pm and apparently I told my mum to buy me Wanton noodles in my sleep and I totally have no recollection whatsoever LOL!! But thats fine, cus I ended up waking up and have a nice lunch waiting for me hehe..

Tomorrow have to go down to Tanjong Pajar for a new job briefing. Hope its not too demanding and I can get the job done easily and money will come flying to me! Weeeee..

Alright last but not least, how can I forget about this? Its time for my Lu Chen to appear again!!! Hehe..hmmm..but while I'm blogging now I cant really think of what video I should post of him leh. Hmm..lemme think....


Thinking somemore...

Oh yeah!!! I know!!!
There you go!!! A very nice card trick done by 刘谦!! So now its 见证奇迹的时刻!!!

Ps: Dont you think its amazing how he can fiddle with those cards? And the way the 4 aces come out is just damm damm zai~~ Oh yea..HE LOOK DAMM CUTE IN SPECS! >.<

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