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Eat eat eat!

Nowadays I have been eating quite abit lately. Lucky for the past few days I didnt really eat alot, and I still got exercise, if not some Tootz is going to kill me! T__T

Yesterday went swimming again with my Baby sis, and wooo the sun was H.O.T!
After swimming found out that I got tanned abit, hehe so quite happy.
Hopefully for the rest of my swimming days, the sun will be out and it will be B.I.G!!
I want to get a nice tan colour on my body weeeeee =DD

After swimming went to eat Nihon Mura with my mum and both sisters.

Doesnt it look like my baby sis is the one eating everything? LOLOL
This meal actually costs us $44++
Luckily my mama is the one paying the bill, hehe ^^ As usual ate my prawn sushi and ordered my Cookies and Cream milkshake woooo!!
Life is good =D

After asking for the bill, the Auntie that we are familiar with came, and she counted that we ate 13 plates of sushi.
However, after she finished counting, she said
" Na, Auntie treat you 3 plates"
With that, she wrote the number 10 instead of 13 inside the receipt. (Those who ate in Nihon Mura before should know what I mean)
HOW HOW HOW NICE IS THAT?!?!?! Omg!! Its always this kind of small nice gestures from the people around that made me feel that life is beautiful =DD

Today as usual, watched Lu Chen on tv, and wooo the trick he did was..not really amazing..but more of 'eh? what how did that happen?Oo' Haha, shall post the video later and show it to you guys, and you can slowly go figure that out LOL

After watching tv, went to meet my beloved S10 classmates for a dinner at the steamboat place near my area.
So sad Andrea couldnt join us T____T I sure miss seeing her.. Wanna give her a pull on the cheeks and give her a big big hug LOLOL (No wonder she didnt come T___T)
Hope you guys enjoyed the food there, since Im the one that recommended it =XX

Didnt take any pictures though, HOW CAN WE FORGET ABOUT THAT!!! OMG I cant believe that I remembered only after I reached home LOL

The people that were present today, LOL pardon YY's face cus I couldnt find a photo with just the 5 of us inside hehe =XX

Well, Im glad that I can meet you guys again, and well I just hope that the next time S10 goes out again, it wont be just 5 people, and well, I want most of the guys the be there as well ba. Really missed those times where we hung out and slack and laughed together.
Hopefully we'll be able to have a chalet next year, after you guys graduate from Poly as well as finished your A levels. Look forward to seeing you guys again!! ^^

The group hanging out during Christmas celebration

One of the biggest turnout of an S10 outing! =DD

Woooo I still freaking love this pic..Joshua being ostrasized LOLOL!! Hopefully we can have another outing like that again yea? hehe ^^

Anyway recently I realised that I seem to have lost my voice.
It sounds weird but I think its true, and Im starting to get freaked out.
I realised it when I tried to sing my old choir songs, and I realised that everytime when I try to sing a high note, my throat gets blocked, and the sound that came out, unpleasant.
Well I just hope that its just because I havent been singing for a very long time, thats why I need to start warming my throat up, because....


Weee, tomorrow will be having lunch with the Tootz =D Hopefully I wont be late for Jap class again. Looking forward to it!! ^^

Alright enough about me..now its time to watch the trick that left me thinking and thinking 'WHAT THE HELL??????' Hahaha, its really an interesting video to watch. Weee of course..muhahahaha =)) Now its once again 见证奇迹的时刻!!!

PS: Hehe, weird right? LOLOL well another something something to make you guys think about before you go to sleep =))

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