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The night

The night when he called her and told her that he's at JP
The night when he messaged her and told her that he went to the wrong block
The moment he messaged her and told her that he had reached
The happy moment when she looked out of her room window

The few moments when he played a few stunts for her because she asked him to
The night continued with him downstairs and her upstairs
The few times he looked up, waved to her and she waved back

The time finally came when he had to go
The one call that she got hearing him say that he's going off
The girl looked out of the window again, seeing the boy that looked back up
The boy waved, and the girl waved back

Finally the boy got onto his bike and cycled off, giving the last look up and said 'Bye'
Feeling happy yet sad, the girl too said 'Bye'

Love you till the very end. =)


blogged @ Wednesday, March 25, 2009 2:16:00 PM

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