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Screw it

Screw it.

I have super serious burns on my body now, thanks to the 4 hour swim that I went with Jenmey yesterday. Now I have to walk around in sleeveless shirts so poor thing right T____T

Well yesterday went swimming with Jen from 10am - 2pm LOLOL.
Well I gotta say it is REAL REAL FUN!
Especially the adult pool, we enjoyed and relaxed there so so so much that we didnt want to leave. T___T
And I realised that going into the Lazy River WITHOUT the float is even more fun!!! Can you believe it? LOL
Just that I will have the risk of falling into the water la =X

After swimming both me and Jen rushed home to bathe and then rushed back to the complex to eat at Nihon Mura! Yay! =D
(We kinda had to rush because Jen needs to be on the train by 4pm in order not to be late for her work lol)

The food we ate, and Jen the freaking full and satisfied girl LOL

The me that got burnt, happy with a lunch and am unaware of what is coming my way.
People who seen faces like mine after they got into the sun for long, be afraid.

Well like I said, my body is freaking burnt that now I am going around in sleeveless tops.
The following few pictures might scare you and distort your image of me forever more.
You have been warned.

The me that got burnt, and nope, this is so not a camera effect. What you see in real life is worse.

My super scorched arms. Red and burnt. Again NOT camera effects.

Alright enough about the burnt me.
Lets talk about the me that was still unburnt last Saturday.

Last Saturday, as usual its Jap class time!
Well the lesson wasnt as enjoyable as I expected, but it was the last lesson.
So next week, it will be my JAP EXAM!!!!!
Die or die you tell me.
Gotta start brushing up on my vocabs and particles already T_____T

Oh ya to talk about something that made me happy, Takatsuka sensei gave back our 6-form test from last week, and weee!!!
I only got 1 wrong!

My test paper. I am supposed to fill in the blanks with only the dictionary form given hehe. Takatsuka sensei praised me with 3 different languages!! WEE! =D

So next week I will be having an Oral test and a written test all in 3 hours. Haha.

After Jap class, Yiting and I went to Cineleisure for dinner, and we went to Shokudo for dinner.
I gotta say, their food there was not too bad!
Im sure I will go back and eat again =D

My fried potato spaghetti with tomato cream sauce!
Apparently, over there its ok for you to choose the sauce that you want for your spaghetti.
Initially my dish does not come with a tomato cream sauce, and I asked if it could be changed to tomato cream sauce and its allowed! Nice right! =D
The food doesnt really seem great from here la, but trust me its really nice! =D

After dinner got dragged by Yiting to take neoprints LOL!
Its been a really really long time since I last took neoprints le.
These are the 4 pictures =D..

I love this pic =D

I miss my unburnt self T___T

After taking neoprints went to play Wii with Yiting at the lan shop at the 9th storey.
Played Wii sports, and weee!!
I totally owned Yiting at tennis! HAHAHAHA!!!!
Lol it was damm fun la! Haha! Definitely want to go there again! =D With the tootz and Peixin! =DD

After Wii-ing had supper and the Tootz came to find me!! =D
Cycled to Cineleisure to meet me hehe. Thanks so much =)
Thats very nice =))

Hmmm alright thats all I have today.
Feeling quite pissed as well about some things.
Hmm..to end it off, here are some of the pictures that I took of my baby sis.

She made a party hat in class today, so I asked her to wear it and I took some pictures =D

Isnt she cute?!?!?! =))

The cute naughty girl that puts a smile on my face everyday =)


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