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This is the poster of the 1st stop of the Asia tour performance
However due to the lack of popularity between the fans,
just before the poster is to be printed out it has been made to stop production at the printing office.
The small innocent newborn is not fated to see this beautiful world
Hence it is too unable to experience and enjoy the feeling of highness of being pasted on the wall and secretly being torn down
夭折了 (Phrase used when a newborn dies)

PS:Someone said that this poster is nicer than the one used before. Hehehe, of course it is, because this is the poster that I designed. But since everyone doesnt like it I guess i'll have to choose another photo.

LOLOL!!! When Peixin came to my house today I went to his blog and saw that he had updated his blog, and upon reading the entry together, both me and Peixin cant help but burst into laughter. LOLOL!!! I dont care what you guys think but firstly I really feel that he is damm damm cute!! The way he described the poster as if its like a baby child, and it has no chance to see the world LOLOL. And he is so cute and poor thing la! Imagine you designing the poster of your own performance and then your fans say that its not nice LOLOL!!! And the poor guy have to go and find another photo for his poster LOL

Well personally I think that it is really sweet of him to ask for the fans opinion and even bother to change the design of the poster after the fans said that they dont really like the design. Imagine how much trouble he would have to go through to stop the productions and then to redesign the poster again. Can you imagine how you wouldve felt if the poster that you designed is being said by others that its not nice? How will you feel? And to think that Lu Chen actually took it all graciously and said that he will go and design the poster again, all for his fans sake. Which celebrity would bother to go such lengths? To think this is how much he takes into account of his fans' opinions, even if it means that he would have to work more and become even more tired. He bothered to do it all over again so that it would get his fans' approval and make them happy. Which is why I think that he is the sweetest and cutest magician ever!! =DD No other celebrity in the world has ever made me so touched before. T_____T

Ok enough of him for now. =)

Yesterday went swimming again with my baby sister, while my mum and my younger sis went to the dentist. This time round I am not so paranoid like the previous time, since I already have some experience on what I need to do while swimming with my baby sis. Hehe.. The amazing thing actually happened.

While walking towards the complex, it started to drizzle, and I was thinking 'Wa crap please dont rain, if not I wont get to swim and my baby sis would be so disappointed', so I kept saying 'Dont rain Dont rain' LOL and because the previous time I actually asked my baby sis to do the same thing, and said 'GOD! Dont rain!!' and this time round, I didnt asked my baby sis she automatically said 'GOD! Dont rain!!' LOLOL!! So cute luh! And in the end when we reached the swimming pool and started our swim, THE RAIN HAD STOPPED TOTALLY!!!!!Amazing not? PRAISE THE LORD! =DD

Haha..swam halfway and my sister came to join us and we played and played and played and then went to JP for dinner. Me and my family went to Minitoons and we actually saw some cute stuffs, I might be abit slow la, since I dont go there often, but there is this very interesting toy, where no matter how you grab it can always try to slip away from your hands! Hence I bought it. LOL Thought that it might be a good to share this if the people Im around with are feeling tensed up LOL This is how it looks like:

Think it looks normal? Think again. This thing loves to slip out of your hands no matter how hard you try to grab it!! >=) This cost $4 only!!

Today met up with Peixin and the 3 of us, Peixin, my baby sis and me went to JP together. And Peixin bought me a nice oreo bubble tea drink!!! So touched T_____T Initially when I called her, I waiting for a train to JP after dilly dallying for quite some time at my house, and she told me that she's still waiting for the bus! And I was thinking 'waaa what is wrong with this girl ah, just now say go out already after so long still waiting for bus' (Peixin dont hate me T__T)

But after I reached JP, I received another call from her asking me what is the oreo drink that I always drink, and she actually wanted to surprise me by buying that drink for me, and in the end there are too many oreo flavours and she didnt know what to buy! SO SWEET RIGHT!!! And she's damm cute la!! HAHAHA!! Want to buy drink for me as a surprise in the end dunno what to buy so have to ask me HAHA! But still, thanks alot girl!! I appreciate it! =DD

When we reached I bought my baby sis this candy machine that she wanted. LOL I know some of you guys have already seen this before, but she really really loves it! Haha, and I think it looks cute too! And I asked my mum to fill it up with candy LOLOL.

Looks so cute right!! Dont you want to have one too?? Oo It only cost $4!!

After eating lunch with Peixin, we went to our house and slacked, and thats when we read Lu Chen's updated blog entry hehe. Finally when 8pm arrives, LU CHEN LU CHEN LU CHEN!!!! =X So to sum up this entry, I shall show you guys this video that he performed today. Once again as usual, its 见证奇迹的时刻!!!

PS: In the 1st video at 1:57 he got the cutest expression ever! ^^ And the 2nd trick might seem the same, but the way he repackages it is like woooot!! Nice nice nice!! =DD Cutest magician ever!! ^^ I love his new hair too!! Fits him like anything! LOLOL

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