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Well like I mentioned in my previous post,
Im gonna talk about America's Next Top Model Cycle 12 in this entry!

Well this show really really captured my interest, and I love to see how the girls model for different photoshoots
And there is this girl who particularly captured my attention
Yupp as you see in the title, her name's ALLISON HARVARD~!!

This is the photo before her makeover
And as you can she, her eyes are BIG!!!!
It is so big to the extent that it scares some people, and call her creepy
But to be her looks just sort of captivated me, and I love the eyes!!

This is the photoshoot that I found in Flickr, which wasnt featured in the America's Next Top Model episode, I wonder why lol.
But I love this picture
She looks so innocent and pure LOL
Makes me want to squeeze her LOL!!
And yupp that is my display picture for now =D

After Tyra Banks gave her a makeover, omg she looked so so so adorably cute!!
She totally looks like a Barbie Doll especially with those huge eyes LOL


After the makeover it was the photoshoot where they were given their own torches and they have to position their own lighting
The light will have to show their garments as well as their faces LOL
Personally I love this photoshoot alot haha cus its black dark and special LOL

Allison as usual looks stunning with her big big eyes

The shoot where she has to portray the colour pink

The shoot with Ciara with her being tangled up in microphone wires LOL

Through this pictures maybe you guys wont really feel that she's cute, but as you watch America's Next Top Model and see her in the show, you will cant help but feel like hugging this cute and small little girl LOL!!
And she's only 1 year older than us! LOL

Other than Allison, there are other people whose photos I liked as well


Makeover photo
She's a street preacher and I'm actually quite surprised at the photos that she managed to give
So sad that she's out before getting to go to Brazil T____T

Love this picture best
The way she poses and her face is just woo! LOL

Her portraying light blue

Next up is FO!!

This is her makeover look, and wow she really cried and cried and cried and cried LOL
She cried to the extent it almost got her eliminated from the competition LOL!!
However she finally managed to come to terms with it and produced one of the best photos ever!!

Her portraying Red.
Damm she looked hot!

Photoshoot with Ciara
Love her face love her body posture love everything! LOL

Haha alright I guess its enough about ANTM for now
When the coming episodes come and there are nicer pictures I shall continue uploading them! =D
Meanwhile I really really hope that Allison can stay longer in this competition.
I wanna see more of her!!! T_____T

Warning: Spoilers in the next paragraph.
If you havent watched the latest episode of desperate housewives and am afraid that I might spoil you then please do not highlight the bottom paragraph =)

Initially when I watched episode 18 and saw Edie Britt got into a car accident and then got electrocuted, I was really really shocked
Because the usual logic is that once you kena electrocuted chances of you getting out of it alive is very very slim
However because she's one of the main characters in the show, I still held this small bit of hope T____T

When I watched episode 19 today, SHE REALLY DIED!!
While I was still in a state of shock trying to accept the fact that she will not appear in the show anymore, the whole episode was showing about how she had impacted each of the housewives.
And to my great great surprise, when I watched until the last part of the episode I actually started tearing up.
LOL its weird but it really does feel sad when someone dies.

In the show, Edie said that because she had lived her life to the fullest, she wasnt scared, and wasnt sad when she died.
Which makes me think of how much regret I would have if I were to die tomorrow
Make me more emo emo emo only HAHHAHAHAHA

On another side note, received a phone call from someone which I havent talked to since last year.
It totally shocked me, but yet I'm still glad to have that conversation.
It felt so familiar and to a certain extent nostalgic.
Even though we wasnt really that close, I'm still glad to talk to him once again
Heard some things which shocked me, but well, whats past is past =)
Just hope that in the future we wouldnt lost contact again like how we did the last time =)


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