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Its one of those days

Hi its been a long long time since I last updated, or so I guess.
Well recently I have been busy playing Restaurant City in Facebook LOL!

LOL Yupp that is the my restaurant hehe
I love the design of the exterior, especially when the Tootz and I designed it together =D
Well this game just makes me want to continue playing for many many reasons which I shall not mention.
Thats because I myself dont really know why ask well.
I only know that I want to just keep playing it, and when its under maintainence I feel like shit.

Alright enough about the game.

Recently I started watching Bleach again LOL
Those people who have known me since secondary school know that I have been super crazy about this anime.
The reason why I stopped is because everytime when the exciting part comes, the anime went straight into a filler series. (Anime language)
Its like WTF?!?!
It just drives people away from the Anime la, and went straight to follow the Manga instead.
But thanks to Loon Yuan, (Jen's friend)
He intro me this website which has damm alot of animes, EVEN THOSE THAT ARE LICENSED!

So with that I started following the Bleach series and the nightmare came.
Which means the life of waiting for one episode per week comes again
It sucks
Been there done that
Aint liking it

What to do?
They are at the most exciting part now, you just have to watch it
Oh well...

Ever have that feeling where everything you planned has started falling apart?
Whether issit the things that you always do, or the things that you planned to do in the future?
Well that is whats happening to me now
Went to took my pay today, and realised that the stupid CPF deducted my pay from 1200 to 1000.
Just a thousand?!?!

It sucks
Especially when I know that I have to pay for my own Jap courses
And the things that I wanted to buy
It just sucks
I need a job badly haiii

I really really damm hate the Singapore media
The way they anyhow cut and paste shows
Cutting off my Lu Chen from certain episodes
And giving alot of him in another
Sucks la
Why cant just leave things as it is?
Cut here cut there and make me so inconvenient also zz
And yup this tuesday's episode doesnt have any Lu Chen
Sucks big time

Well to talk about happier things
After so long I finally managed to meet up with Shuhui!! =DD
Miss you so much girl!!
Miss those times where we used to hang out together
Miss how we use to pig out together Oo
Miss how we shared our problems
Miss how we study together
Miss how we joke around together
Miss how we gossip together
In short, I JUST MISS YOU!!
And I still do T_____T

The 3 of us together is just one crazy bunch of people LOL
And I really missed that T___T

Yesterday went swimming with Jen and Peixin
Weeeee its been so long since the 3 of us gathered together again hehe
And I learnt the frog style and free style!!!!
Happy or happy! =D
But I still dont know how to change breathing T_____T
I suck HAHA!

Well I think this entry is getting long LOL

Shall talk about America's Next Top Model cycle 12 in the next post =)

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