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Slowly one by one everyone is getting it
Everyone BUT me
I wonder if it means that Im really not gonna get it?
That would definitely suck big time
Just the thought of thinking about it makes me feel so confused and lost
I know God has decided a pathway for me, but sometimes I really wish I knew what it was
No matter what I know that its the best for me
So now all I can do is wait... and wait...

Seriously, Im dying...
Will one letter..one letter just freaking come!!!

I know that many of you now are not exactly experiencing the best time of your lives. And some of you are so tired that it makes you feel numb, while others might be experiencing personal problems with their friends/loved ones. But I just want to say that you guys are not alone! It doesnt have to be me but Im sure it will definitely make you guys feel better to talk to someone about it, and share about it. Happiness is doubled when shared, and likewise sorrow is halved when shared. So please, dont let me see you go into despair, doesnt make me feel good doesnt make anyone feel good. I admit even I myself have things that I am dealing with now, but that doesnt mean that I will escape reality or even to seem like I cannot move on. I know its hard but I also know that we will all eventually make it.
So please my dear friends, hang in there.. I love you =)

PS: The message above is written with several friends in mind, so please dont swallow everything that I said and say that you didnt do it. If you dont think that its you then Im probably talking about another friend over there.

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blogged @ Monday, May 4, 2009 1:48:00 PM

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