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The amazing 老千

Today was just a normal day for me,
But Yiting told me that the poster that I ordered will be shipped on friday! =DD
Yay I am going to have a 5ft giant poster!! =DD
Best of all it is NOT MADE OF PAPER!
Its made of some cloth/plastic like material haha
Cant wait for it to arrive! ^^

This is the picture that I sent in for the poster to be made:

Omg la I cannot wait to have this big piece of shuai ge hanging in my room! =X
Every night sleep confirm have super shiok dreams MUHAHAHAHAHA

Oh ya as you guys know,
Money is really a big big issue for me now,
I know serves me right la,
But well, I am trying to do some damage control,
So I am trying my very best to save every single penny that I have
And also if you guys got any jobs for me,
Just let me know k?
I am willing to work as long as it pays
Sucky pay also nvm I wanna work!

Now I am doing chores around the house,
Trying to earn every single amount that I can
Mum said that she will pay me to do chores LOL
Omg I cant believe it la~
She's really damm generous haha
For every single window I wiped she's paying me a buck
For folding clothes she's paying me 3 bucks
For keeping in the clothes she's paying me 2 bucks LOL

After doing all these chores then I realised that
How tiring it actually is to fold so many clothes
And to keep all the clothes
Tomorrow I'll be cleaning the windows
I hope I dont die of exhaustion HAHA

Well, just hope that things will eventually work out somehow
Ganbarimasu!!!! *gives a determined look*

Alright now here comes the main point of my post
As you guys know, today is Tuesday
And on Tuesdays, Lu Chen will be on TV!!
And without fail, his magic is always so amazing
Well actually I wanted to show you guys the full video,
But I'm afraid that you guys will be lazy to watch the 2nd video after watching the 1st video

So now I'm telling you guys 1st k,
If you only have time/only wanna watch one video,
Watch the 2ND SECOND 2ND VIDEO!!!!
You wont regret it!!
And for those who are free and wanna watch all,
Just watch all ba =DD

Lu Chen is really so amazing
He never fails to make me stop breathing
And never fails to make me clap and scream in amazement
So without further ado,
Once again its 见证奇迹的时刻!!!

PS: I really really dont understand how the needle freaking pierced through the deck ~.~ And the ending effect in making the cards OMGOMG

PS: I really got NOTHING TO SAY
And I love how he gives the happy triumphant look when everyone was shocked LOLOL
I didnt disappoint you guys right?? LOL The 2nd video rocks HAHA

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