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Its kinda funny as to how it all started.
I was studying for my prelims,
Just reached home from Chemistry tuition
And took a short break from studies and went to the living room
Dad was watching Zhong Yi Da Ge Da on cable tv at that time
Feeling frustrated (because I dont like Taiwan shows)
I told my dad to switch channels
But he was stubborn and he didnt want to

So I was left with no choice but to watch the show
It was the magic segment, and I was like
"Har? Magic? So lame ~.~"
But I watched it anyway,
I was super amazed at the card manipulation
Because I totally dont understand how he managed to do it
At that point of time, Lu Chen was one of the judges
So as he started giving comments,
I somehow noticed him

"Waaa why this guy look so much like Koichi sia"
That was my 1st impression of him
Because whenever he smile, you cant see his eyes
Just like Koichi
But at that point of time I thought that he looked quite old
Around 40+?
Must be the highlights that he had at that time
He had blonde highlights, which looked like white hair

Then came another contestant,
Again I was amazed at their performance
Somehow in that short moment I was absorbed into the world of magic
And Lu Chen started giving comments again,
And again I was captivated by him
Beause what he says made sense,
And he was as usual, making funny comments at the same time
And I actually laughed
I laughed at something that appeared in a Taiwanese show

For those of you who dont know me well,
That is something that doesnt happen to me very often
Before I realize it,
I found out that I had watched the same episode 3 times
Within that week.

Thats how amaze I was with the magic
And when I know that his name was Liu Qian,
Somehow his name captivated me also
"What a nice name" I thought
Still, because of my stupid ego,
All these thoughts just ran through my head quietly

Pretending that I didnt care,
I asked my dad who is he
My dad and mum said that his magic tricks are amazing,
And he always performed at the end of every episode
Somehow fate has it that during that episode
He didnt perform.
You guys must be thinking
"Since he didnt perform you wouldnt even be amazed by him what"


Because he didnt perform,
The curiousity remained within me,
And I actually when to find out when will the next episode be aired
And the episode came, and I watched
I was really really amazed
Not just by his tricks, but his personality, his charisma
Still I was thinking
"Omg how come I am so attracted to someone who is so much older than me"
And I still didnt show my interest in him
Somehow I didnt want to give in (such childish thoughts)

However as time goes by,
I began to follow his shows on tv week by week
Everytime he gave comments, he was always so cute
So nice, so reasonable,
Every criticism he gave was constructive
His tricks too, just never grew boring
Every time he came on stage it was brought up to another level.

This was when I realised that I really am attracted to this guy
And I went to the internet and searched for his performances
The more I watched the more I enjoyed
It relieved so much stress as well
From the studies,
From relationships
And seeing his performances always gave me strength
Always gave me the courage to move on
And never fail to put a smile or even a laughter on my face

That is how much he has impacted me

After my exams,
My days began to be filled with him,
And I found his blog and started reading it
Reading what he wrote from his heart
I felt it too
Not just the emotional stuffs, but the random stuffs as well
And I felt that he was just another person like you and me
Seeing how dedicated he was to his work,
I felt ashamed, and how I always didnt put in all of my efforts at what I did

Even though he is so famous now,
He never fails to remember the people who helped him there
He never forgets the people who supported him even before he was famous
Even though he is so busy now,
He still updates his blog while he can
Just let let his fans know what is going on
He will even respond to the comments made by his fans

When his fans wondered if he smokes,
He actually wrote a new thread on forum,
To let his fans know that he used to smoke, but not anymore
When he was so busy
Until he only sleep for less than 4 hours a day
Until he couldnt even do anymore tricks,
Until he couldnt even smile, laugh or talk
He still bothered to post up a thread on the forum in english
Even though the computer is unable to type chinese
Just to let his fans know that he is so busy,
And apologise if he made them feel that he is neglecting them

(Yes sometimes I want to scream like that too~)

Such a nice guy
Such a nice personality
When his fans said that they didnt like the poster that he designed
He immediately stop the production of that poster,
Right before the poster is going to be printed out
And he went to redesign the poster again
For a guy who cared so much about his fans,
At the expense of his sleeping time, at the expense of his health,
He still put the view of his fans before him

Such dedication just touched me so deeply inside my heart
Sometimes I even wonder how is it that he is still able to smile
Even when the stupid media just keep insulting him,
Trying to impose false facts on him
Thinking of that, seeing that just makes me so mad
Why cant everyone see it
The effort that he puts in
The dedication he has

He finally made it huh?
Even though I would not say that he has reached the top
But I know that as time goes by,
He is getting nearer and nearer to it
Even if so, I will still continue to support him
And stand by him if I can
Even though my power is not that great,
I know that if I want to help I will definitely be able to find a way to

Even until now, I still cant believe that he actually came into my life
I like his spontaniety,

How he dont care about his image and does things that makes people laugh

I like how he always jokes while performing,
Most of all,
I love the smile that he has,
Seeing him smile will automatically make me smile
Its as though somehow its connected
But still, his smile is one of the many things of him that gave me strength

Apart from all these,
He has his cool and handsome side as well,
Or as Jap would call it Kakkoii

(Even though the 1st time I saw this picture I felt quite weird, but when I see this again now, it looked so much more appealing, not to mention his amazing Adam's Apple)

I love how he can do things with his hands,
His gestures,
His skills,

There is totally nothing about him that I would not like

His cuteness on and off set,

Somehow I just cant help but feel that
God let me know about him for a reason
No matter what, I'm just glad that I found out about him

(I like this serenity look that he gives)

(My all time favourite picture, he just looks damm good here)

(Another one of my favourite, the expression on his face just rocks)

This sweet sweet smile is something that I hope will just stay with him forever~

Even right now,
I am still amazed
Why is it that I am so attracted to a guy who is that much older than me
How can someone look this much younger than his age?

And why why why am I so attracted to him?

Now I know why

(I can totally just stare at this picture for the whole day)

Today on his birthday,
I just want to say
Please be happy alright?
I just pray that you will be safe and healthy
And as usual,
Thank you so much for the smiles,
For the efforts that you put in for your fans
For every single thing that you do
I just wanna say
No matter what, I will be there to support you always
From now on, please let me see you smile yea?
I just pray that all the bad things will go away
And finally, happy 33rd birthday =D

PS: I know this is a very long post, but still this is what I felt, and I just felt that I had to do something for him on his birthday, because I know that I wont be in Taiwan/China to celebrate it with him.

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