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How low can you get?

Seriously, whats the point?
Just to get yourself one more person to be on your side?
Save it la,
Almost everyone knows what kind of person you are
And if it does makes you feel so much better doing it then by all means go ahead then
I've been one of your victims from your disgusting mouth as well
But well, like I said, KARMA does exists huh?
The one person that you hated me so much over,
Literally hates you now

How does it feel?
Well you can continue doing what you do best
Go ahead and be as low as you can
Just remember..
Karma exists =))

If you think I'm talking about you,
Sorry I'm not..
I cant be bothered..
So you can relax and dont worry =))

Alright something to cheer myself up again..

Omg I think I will literally die if I spot these two guys in the same beach as me
Best of both worlds!!!
I love how Koichi looks and this is the period of time when I was super crazy over Tsuyoshi..

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blogged @ Thursday, June 11, 2009 1:38:00 AM

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