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OMG ok I am really going nuts now..

Domoto Koichi:

Ayakashi [w/ DVD, Limit Edition]
Single release from Koichi Domoto (Kinki Kids).
Limited edition includes bonus DVD with music clip and making-of footage.
Features 4-page jaket.
*Unless otherwise indicated, DVDs are region-2 encoded (Japan, Europe, and Middle East)
Carry no subtitles.

Ayakashi [Regular Edition (First Press)]
Single release from Koichi Domoto (Kinki Kids).
This edition includes a track "Falling -2009 -" and "Ayakashi (Instrumental version)."
Also includes "Koichi's Photo of Attractive Nature."
Features 6-page jaket.

Ayakashi [Regular Edition]
Single release from Koichi Domoto (Kinki Kids).
Regular edition includes a track "Falling -2009 -" and "Peaceful World - 2009 -."
Features 6-page jaket.

*Information are all taken from CD Japan's website*

All I can say is..
All 3 different CDs, with totally different tracks,
Totally different!
I cannot even cancel out any CD that I can dont buy!!

Koichi is really killing me argh~~~
And whats worse,
I went to CDJapan to check,
All the Limited Edition are already OUT OF STOCK
Its only been out for like LESS THAN A DAY?!?!?!
I didnt see it in the afternoon,
I came back at night
It came out, and its OUT OF STOCK!

My last hope now is HMV
Tomorrow morning I'm gonna call up HMV
Hopefully they can order it for me
If not I guess I'll have to start begging my mum
To lend me her credit card once again

And now I'm slowly waiting for Koichi's new PV to be released too!
Hahaha cant wait to hear how his new song sound like,
And how his new video looks like
I'm sure it will be great since its another one of Koichi's compositions!!
Wooooo Koichi sama you rock!!
Even though I wanna kill you for making life so hard to me T____T

Well on another note, went to visit Fluffy's website
And she updated her blog about Koichi's new single as well.
Thanks to since1997 for the picture,
Koichi gave his fans a note =DDD

The weather has become hotter, hasn't it.
Well, it has been 3 years since I composed songs,
Went inside studio,
To release my solo single.
Since the concert has been decided,
Please look forward to that.
Okay then~
(as in see you there)

-Domoto Koichi

OMG hahahaa I cant wait to hear his latest composition!!!
Ahhhhhh Koichi~~~~~

Alright and after that I saw the last news that Fluffy updated about:
To commemorate Shin Domoto Kyoudai's 400th episode,
Domoto Brothers' Band's 3rd Live will be held on 23rd August!!!

OMG wtf?!?!
That was like my freaking BIRTHDAY!!!
Any kind souls out there?
Give me air ticket to fly to Japan?!?!?!?!
It will be the best birthday ever!!!
OMG la KinKi Kids~~~~~~~~

I cant believe I actually received all these information within one night
Well all I can say is I feel very happy
Life has been too too great =DD
Haha ^^
Just cant wait for everything to fall in place nicely hehe

Its always this subtle smile and shy look that makes me go so crazy over you~

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