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My dear tired Magician

Dear Friends, I am Lu Chen

Dear all of the friends here.
I am Lu Chen,

I am sorry I can type Chinese words now,

and I couldn`t be here to meet you in my birthday.

becuae I was working hard last day.
But I want to say Thank you so much now,

you are the reason why I work hard everyday.

Everything I do on stage,on TV are all for you....

And thank you so much for everything you did for my birthday...

and my mom I love you so much.

all of you.

I hope I can be your magician..forever...

Thank you

Lu Chen

OMG what a nice surprise before I actually leave for Malaysia!!
Waaaa I really am so touched now!!!
I was still checking out his blog seeing if he updated on his birthday
However he didnt update
Luckily (I repeat LUCKILY) I went to Baidu forum and check
Even though I was late, (its 4am now he updated on 1am)
I still managed to see it before I leave for Malaysia!

Lu Chen ah Lu Chen~
I really have nothing else to say,

Seeing how tired you are,
How busy you have been,
And yet you still took the time out to speak at the forum,
Even though your computer cant type in Chinese,
You still bothered once again to type in English
To let your fans know how thankful you are
To let your mum know how much you love her

I didnt want to correct your spelling mistakes
Because I know this is how tired you must have been,
And how rushed you were when you typed it
Yet after so much,
You still wanted to let all of us know that you cared
Let us know that even though you are so busy,
You are still thinking of us,
Who wants to celebrate your birthday with you

Seeing your magic tricks just touched me so
Because every single trick I see you do,
I will get reminded of the you now,
So busy so tired,
Yet all in all you still just want to give us a great performance.

I hope that right now at this hour,
You are already asleep
Having your well deserved rest
So that once again when the next day arrives,
You will be able to have the energy
As well as all the love from the fans
And continue to keep you going on~

I'm sure all of us will be anticipating more of your great creations
And yet at the same time we are worried about your health
And I know that no matter what tricks you do,
What you say
How you looked like,
We will appreciate every single bit of effort that you put in
So right now,
Please just go and rest~

Yes, no matter what happens, no matter what people may say, you will always be our magician~

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blogged @ Friday, June 26, 2009 4:09:00 AM

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