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Not a clever girl.

I know this girl over here is not good at studying.
She is not smart like other people from her school to score straight As
Neither is she smart like the sons and daughters of your brothers.
And apparently she is not good enough to get into a local University either.
The best she can do now is to get into SIM and get a Bachelor of Business degree.

She is just not smart enough for you.
But please, stop harping on the fact that SIM is NOT a University.
It hurts to hear that.
She knows that you have to pay a lot just to let her study for it.
She understands and is determined to study hard for it.
But please, just stop discriminating her.

She is not smart enough..
She is not good at studying..
She knows it..
So please..stop harping on it..
She is on the verge of breaking down now...


blogged @ Monday, June 1, 2009 10:53:00 PM

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