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Why must people be so..






两片教学DVD 所有内容...还有一堆拉理拉杂不定时发表的一些新魔术,

3. 刘谦魔术技术与难度一般。

4. 一位专家说刘谦的魔术低成本,另一位专家说是都是昂贵高科技,


Just take it that I dont have enough self-control, and I have poor tolerance level alright!

I just saw this video

Dear Mr Tai, Miss Yao, Miss Xu and Mr Weng
You guy can anyhow criticize me I dont care
But please at least get to know me first,
And at least research my performances on the internet before you even start criticizing.

1. Lu Chen doesnt know how to perform stage/big scale magic?
Where did you get such news from?
Its all bullshit!
Please do some research on the internet, or come watch my tour performance.

2. Lu Chen's magic lack creativity?
I can be sure that in the recent 20 years I am one of the Chinese magicians that invented the most new magic tricks.
Including all the contents that I said within China, Taiwan, Japan
90% of Japan's special television program thrice,
As well as all the contents in my Magic Tutorial,
Plus all the miscellaneous new tricks that I suggested
And of course the salt and pepper trick, as well as the ring inside the egg trick.
(For those who said that those tricks are not originals, please show some evidence! Show me any videos that such tricks were performed before me! Please dont just shoot your mouth off)

3. Lu Chen's magic skills are just plain average.
I hope that those people who made such a statement have higher level of skills than me.
Even though I did not receive any FISM world champion award for having the best skills,
But at least I received the award for having the best skills in America's Magic School.
Moreover, magic is not acrobatics,
For what reason do you want to compare the difficulty all the time?

4. One magician says that Lu Chen's magic is of low budget, another one says that Lu Chen's magic is of expensive technology.
Please at least just synchronize on what you want to say about me!

The following 2 videos, made me feel very touched from the bottom of my heart.
The view of foreigners is definitely different.

When I went to Lu Chen's blog,
I was very happy when I saw that it looked different
Because it meant that HE UPDATED!
However my mood immediately went rock bottom when I saw the title.

Dont you think enough is enough?
After so freaking damm long,
Like Chinese New Year is sooooo over
You are still talking about the tricks that he did
And how lousy it was?
Move on dammit!

What made me mad was that Lu Chen actually bothered to even BLOG about it
This really meant that he really reached his limit
He dont usually care/bothered/give a shit about such comments.
To think that he actually took the time out of his busy schedule,
Not making use of the time that he has to get some sleep,
Shows how hurt he must have felt.

Imagine all the effort that you put in
Sacrificing sleep, food, rest, entertainment.
Just to make sure he delivers the best to his audiences.
To those people who held expectations of it.
And to see all the efforts being slammed by someone
Who dont even bother to get the facts right
And went on to criticize his creation
And to think that they are the fellow magicians as well.

Its just so frustrating!
Its amazing what jealousy can actually do to people huh?
I'm sure even now many of the fans are angry as well
To get like 2k+ comments within one hour of update sure is amazing

Even though I know that you are sleeping now,
Even as I left a very long message to you.
Even though you might be too busy to read it.
I just hope that my feelings will reach you
And give you even the smallest bit of strength.


From now on, please continue to laugh eh?
Let me see your smile
Because I dont wanna see your sad face~

Lastly, once again to show how great Lu Chen is,
This is one video that you wouldnt want to miss,
For he defied Newton's Law of Gravity.
You will understand when you watch it.
The video is only 5mins.
Please do watch it =)
Once again, きせきのしゅかんです!!

PS: For those of you who watched it, thank you very much.
I didnt disappoint you guys right? =)

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