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第一章: 一切皆有可能
1. 巨蟹座的孩子
2. 我的第一个老师
3. 每个小小梦想能够慢慢地实现
4. 千万别太早就摊牌

第二章: 天然的魔术舞台
1. 热爱与谋生
2. 悲观才是福
3. 是偶然,也是必然
4. 中奖罗!中奖罗!
5. 让世界保持一点神秘感

第三章: 魔术师与魔术
6. 魔术师喜欢的魔术
7. 白痴加脑残的魔术
8. 魔术师和小丑
9. 死亡游戏

第四章: 谣言不一定止于智者
人生的苦辣,都要尝尝。 风雨的后面,就是阳光。 心中有理想,就有力量。 胜利
的曙光,就在前方。 遇到了困难,挺起胸膛。 做人坦荡荡,就不慌张。 ..
10. 油?汗?
11. 鸡蛋里的戒指
12. 完美和不完美
13. 最快乐的时光

第五章: 冰激凌的滋味
14. 适合的就是最好的
15. 大阪湾的爱情
16. 感情的“惊喜”
17. 生活中的白痴

第六章: 越简单越快乐
18. 成功并没有你想象的那么难
19. 上帝创造的奇迹
20. 王子在日光浴,乞丐也在晒太阳

第七章: 嫌货才是买货人
21. 相信童话相信爱
22. 嫌货才是买货人
23. 语言的魔力
24. 也说看电影

第八章: 见证奇迹的时刻
25. 我的偶像
26. 请不要美化我
27. 关于我的秘密

Chapter 1: Everything is possible
1. The Cancer child (Horoscope cancer)
2. My 1st ever teacher
3. Every small dream has a chance to be fulfilled
4. Never ever reveal your cards when its still early

Chapter 2: The natural magic stage
1. Passion and working for a living
2. Pessimism is the real happiness
3. Its by chance, yet its also inevitable
4. Strike prize lo! Strike prize lo!
5. Let's maintain the tinge of mysterious of the world

Chapter 3: Magician and magic
6. The magic tricks that magicians like
7. Idiotic and brain teasers magic
8. Magicians and clowns
9. Game of death

Chapter 4: Rumors might not stop spreading upon encountering intelligent people
You have to taste all the bittersweet of life. What comes after rain is always sunshine. As long as you have a dream, it will give you strength. The light of victory will be in front of you. When trouble comes your way, lift your head up. As long as you live life honestly, you wont have to panic.
10. Oil? Sweat?
11. The egg and the ring
12. Perfect and Imperfect
13. The happiest moments

Chapter 5: The taste of Ice Cream
14. The one that suits would be the best
15. Osaka Bay's love
16. The "surprise" of relationships
17. The stupid things in life

Chapter 6: The simpler it is, the happier it is
18. Success is not as tough as you think it is
19. The miracle that God created
20. The prince is sunbathing, the beggar is also under the sun

Chapter 7: The one that fuss about the good will eventually be the one that buys the good
21. Believe in fairy tales, believe in love
22. The one that fuss about the good will be the one that buys the good
23. The power of language
24. Talk about movies too

Chapter 8: The time to witness a miracle
25. My idol
26. Please dont beautify me
27. Secrets regarding me

Well as you guys can see,
Lu Chen is going to publish a new book!
As compared to his previous 4 books,
This book is different

Because the past 4 books that he has published,
Is mainly about teaching you how to do magic tricks,
And also to let you know more about magicians
However this book,
Is mainly about him, him and him alone
I know its very mafan to read in Chinese,
Which is why I went to translate the content page
So that you guys might go and take a look
Since you can read much faster in English LOL

I tell you its damm hard to translate la!
Even though I understand what it means I dont really know how to convey it in another language
I had to ask Yiting for ideas as well HAHAHA
Well not the main point.

The main thing is that,
The book is not published yet,
And only the content page is available
Looking at the content page,
I can already imagine what he's gonna talk about,
And the things that he's gonna talk about
Especially under the rumors section
To let people know more about him

I love what he said on the 4th chapter
What he say is really true
And I'm sure that's what has been pushing him forward as well
Under such harsh conditions from the media
Under so much prejudiced views from skeptical people
He still stays so strong
And come back better than ever.

In so many ways
He is my role model.
Even though I am not going to be a magician,
Even though the route that I am going to take for my future may be diffeent from his
I know that he is my role model
Seeing what he has gone through,
Has taught me how to be strong
And know that no matter what happens,
There are always people out there who believe in you
And the efforts that you put in
Will definitely be recognized

I am so glad that at this turning point in my life,
I got to know someone like him
No matter what happens,
He always gives me strength.
Just for that alone I am making sure that I will buy this book
Read it and hopefully I will get to know more about him.

Anyone who is nice wanna buy this book for me?? =X
This time I'm definitely gonna buy from Kino
Since I have the discount card now hehe
Well wait until the book is published then say HAHAHA

Anyway I did a quiz that Yiting gave me just now and
This is the results:


AM I a SEME?!?!?!

Cannot sia like that me and Koichi sama inside bedroom
Koichi sama also SEME sia~~
Guys out there be weary of me!!

Hahaha ok no meaning lol
Alright to end this post,
I'm gonna post something


LOL This is one of the few cute pictures that I have found recently
On the next coming post I'm gonna post MORE MORE MORE!!!! =D
Omg this picture just makes me wanna go and pinch his cheeks!
And kiss him all over MUHAHAHAHA

You need help ~.~

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