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Ahhh ahh~~
After seeing Janice's comment on my wishlist,
I felt the need to do something
Cus I feel that my blog is getting boring
There's tooo much words LOLOL

So I have made some changes,
If you do look over to your right hand side,
You'll be able to see pictures! =D
Hahahaha after redownloading photoshop,
I started editing the pictures
And this is the end product hehe

It consists of the Albums that I have,
The singles that I have,
As well as my Singles Wishlist
I havent add in the albums and DVD yet
Cus trust me
Just doing all these is quite hard for me
Since I'm still an amateur at Photoshop haha
So if you guys wanna get me birthday presents its easier for you to just see the pictures as well =XX

But somehow Janice,
I think because of that my wishlist is even longer now
Cus the other day my friend Bamboobranch told me that
I'm going to have all the singles soon,
And I really thought so~~~
Until today
Look at that long list of singles that I dont have!

Oh man~~~~
Ok just another side note,
I scanned some magazine into and updated into the community today
And I guess I might as well share them here
For those people who actually like Koichi
But dont want to admit but always stalk my blog to see his pictures

Ok here are the pictures ^^


Weeee no matter how long I have this,
I still cant get enough of his get up in this shoot ^^


He looks like he closed his eyes so that I can kiss him HAHAHAHAHA
Wake up Yuanshan *slaps myself*


And my heart cant stop pumping when he stares like that hahaahaha
Jen this apple nice anot??
He seriously got damm delicious neck


Time for Tsuyo to get the spotlight ^^


No matter how you look at it he just looks too too cute!


Awwww the puppy eyes
Never can you even tell that this guy is already 30 years old LOLOL

Alright I'm off to finish subbing my Kindaichi LOLOL
Feeling soooo thirsty now also~ zzzz
Alright ciao~

PS:I went down to the post office today and asked about my parcel
And they say that they are not sure if they do delivery on weekends, which means no matter what I have to wait until Monday!!!
I am so rushing off after school just to go to the Post Office

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