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Shounentai Domoto Koichi Ayakashi preview~

It got leaked out!!! =DDD
1st of all, at the beginning of the video Kochan looks sooo cute
When rehearsing for the dance hehe~
At Shounetai Premium,
Koichi was invited to perform 2 songs,
Deep in Your Heart and Ayakashi

As I have said before, Ayakashi is the latest single that he will be releasing soon,
And Deep in Your Heart is the 1st ever solo single he released hehe
And yupp yupp, as usual Kochan will be dancing along to both songs,
And he's HOT HOT HOT
Ok maybe not Deep in Your Heart cus I think the PV is much hotter than this performance,
But the light effects still rocks!
Especially got one part when the lights formed a green prism heh~~

The 2nd song Ayakashi,
Its the 1st time I listened to him singing it live,
And the dance is nice too,
Even though its not as fast paced as Deep in Your Heart,
But its still very very nice!!!

Wearing normal shirt with a blazer and jeans is more than enough to knock me off~
And during the rehearsal he's so cute too~ hahaha
And I love how the lights go red, then blue, then purple!! Hehe
Because in KinKi Kids Koichi is the Red, and Tsuyoshi is the Blue,
And we all know that Red+Blue is purple,
And Tsuyoshi's favorite colour is purple too! Hehe =XX
Fangirl mode ~.~

And I love love how he dances
And the thing he kept doing with his head,
And especially at 5:40 that point on,
He looked damm damm hot HAHAH
And I love the music interval there too,
Maaa Kochan is really amazing ne~
To write out such a song hehe~

Not to mention he wrote Deep in Your Heart too~~
Ahhhhh..Kono Hito wa Suteki ne~~ T____T

Alright nuff said,
All I can say now is I cant wait for all his coming performances,
And the release of his single!!! =DD

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blogged @ Monday, July 20, 2009 6:36:00 PM

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