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LOL as the title has said,
I went to Baidu Forum today and realised that new pictures has been added!!
Its the preview of his new book "Witness the legendary life"

I realised that in this book,
There are alot of pictures of him wearing his specs
LOL even though he looks so cute wearing his specs,
I personally prefer to see him without specs
To me I feel that it makes him look neater and less sloppy la~
I dunno why also haha

Oh ya for you guys who dont know,
Lu Chen doesnt have short-sightedness
He only has Astigmatism (Shan3 guang1)
And even though you see him not wearing any specs,
He's actually not wearing any contact lens as well
This is because his eyes are so so so sensitive that
The moment he puts contact lens into his eyes,
He cannot stop tearing hahaha
Poor thing sia T___T

So everytime when he performs magic tricks,
Or appear on TV shows and be the judge without any specs,
Actually most of the things he sees are blur LOL
Pro right!!
Even though the things he sees is blur,
But he still can perform such nice tricks,
And he can even spot it when contestants never do the trick properly lol
*Respect respect*

Haha ok back to topic
Hmmm where was I~~~
Oh yea
He wears specs most of the time in this photoshoot
I guess maybe its because this book is not teaching us how to do magic tricks,
But talk about his whole life journey as a magician,
I guess he wants the book to be more himself,
Hence wearing the specs,
Like thats how he usually is anyway
LOL I hope I'm making sense T___T

Scully later Lu Chen come and tell me
"Actually no la~ I just lazy to take off the specs only~"
HAHAHAHA I think I will die LOLOL

Alright sneak peaks!! =DD


As you guys have seen before, the cover of the book


Chapter 1: Success is not as hard as you think it is


Chapter 3: The magician and magic


More chinese words~~

Yupp thats all that I have for sneak previews lol
OMG I wish that when the book is published I will have the money to buy it T___T

Actually after looking at the sneak previews,
A small part of my heart sank
Because I realized that since its going to be a biography of his life,
I have to read so so so many pages of Chinese words!!!
I think I really will die~
Somemore right,
Because he's a Taiwanese, I'm sure the words will be in Da Kai words LOL

Eh~ Wait a minute
*Wents to scroll up and look at the words*
I think its going to be in normal Chinese characters afterall!!!
Waaaa Lu Chen I love love love you so so so much!!!! T_____T
Well I'm sure its because
He wants to make sure that his fans from China is able to read the book without any problems,
Hence decide to publish the book in nromal Chinese characters
I really love how he always think of his fans welfare T____T
*Wents to give him a big big hugs T____T*

Hahaha even though I sound so sian at the thought of reading the whole book,
Which by the way I havent even finish reading this book of his that I bought recently
Just because I'm lazy to read the Da Kai words
And Yuanshan doesnt like reading LOL
But knowing that he wrote everything on his own,
And everything inside is what he wants to tell us,
I think it somehow will give me the strength to finish his book eventually =DD

Alright enough of this,
Same thing I went to the Baidu forum and I found these pictures
Apparently someone was seated very very near the stage
And managed to capture Lu Chen when the show hasnt started yet
SO JEALOUS OK!!! T___________T
Even though they might have used zoom,
But still they are so near to him!!!!
And he look damm freaking cute!!!


LOL OMG so cute can~~
I wonder what he's doing Oo


The expression on his face makes me want to go over and hug hug him T____T


OMG stop being so cute please~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Youre killing me~~~ T_________T


LOL after looking at so many pictures,
Then I realised that he's actually looking at the LCD screen
But still, KAWAII SUGI!!!!(Too too cute) T______________T

Hahaha sorry but this post is abit spammy with Lu Chen hahaha~
I need to even out my love man~~ HAHAHA
Well I guess I can do this now since Koichi is releasing a single soon,
And in time to come my blog will be spamming Koichi LOL
So now while I can spam more Lu Chen!!!!

To end off this post,
I shall spam another of his cute cute pic LOLOL


LOL Ok la I know this is not as cute as the one I posted in Facebook,
But still its more than enough to make my day! =DD

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