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Weeee, its shipped!!! ^^



Finally finally both my Ayakashi Limited Edition
And Normal Edition First Press has been shipped!!!
Be prepared to receive Koichi in a few days time!!! ^^

Yes yes I know
I am spending money
You can tell from the receipt
But still,
To get Koichi,
I am prepared to starve hahahaha

Hehehehe oh my oh my~~ LOL
I am just just so excited LOL
And apparently in Koichi's Normal Edition First Press,
A photo of Koichi's Photo of Attractive Nature is included LOL
And everyone was like HUH?? LOL

And finally it was revealed
The Photo of Attractive Nature LOL
This is it!


Haha yes yes..I know what you guys wanna say
Because I already shown this picture before right???
This is the answer behind the Photo of Attractive Nature
If you take the 1st letters of each word,
It forms the word P-A-N
Which means PAN CHAN!!!!
Oh my Koichi is really really sooooo cute!! hahahaha
Purposely make it until like that LOLOLOL
Ahhhh~~ I sooo cant wait for my CDs to arrive!! haha

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