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Best Performance and Music Koichi Domoto Concert Tour 2009

Today today TODAY is the start of Koichi's concert tour
Today is the 1st day of his concert
However here I am in Singapore,
Taking Japanese exam,
And uwaaa~~

Ok but at least I am left with 2nd best option =D
I visited since1997 and guess what?
Including the MCs as well~~
However of course it's not the full concert,
But at least better than nothing right? =DD
And just this little bit is enough to make me laugh out loud for around 1 hour LOL

Ok so this is Koichi's concert program:

01. 妖 ~あやかし~
02. Deep in your heart
03. So Young Blues
04. Awaken Yourself
05. Falling
06. Peaceful World
07. +Million but -Love
08. My Wish
09. 僕は思う
10. No More
11. Temperamental Fool
12. addicted
13. Virtual Reality
14. 愛の十字架 ~Promise to you~
15. 月夜の物語
16. 下弦の月
17. Spica

I know you guys are probably not familiar
Or should I say dont even know what the shit I am talking about
But this is just for my own reference ^^
The MP3 versions available is only until 僕は思う
So I shall do reviews until then
Which is a bit sad though cus I really love the songs that were sung after that, like ADDICTED, Kagen no Tsuki, Spica and I wanna listen to what is Virtual Reality cus I never heard of the song before

Ok review begins

Intro - Even though I cannot see what is going on, but I can totally feel that this is such a beautiful opening~
The music is nice, the atmosphere that I feel is nice, and I'm sure Kochan did something which made the crowd scream~

01. Ayakashi - Of course this song will be the 1st song he will sing in the concert, since it's the hit song for his latest single, nothing much to say about this song other than it sounded like normal from the CD, and I'm sure he danced the same steps. All that's left is for me to see the effects that he did =)

Making both songs back to back with so different music style, they sure did a great job in cutting Deep In Your Heart inside~ =D Apart from that I guess Deep In Your Heart performace is normal as well, since I cant see the effects that were made =D

03. So Young Blues - This is the 1st time I heard this song sung live, and I can't wait to see Kochan dance to this song live! =D

MC - In case you guys are thinking what this is, it just means that in between songs, Koichi will speak and interact with the audiences ^^
I love love this MC haha just because Kochan is sooooo normal.
Starting the speech with 'ITS HOT!!'
What can be more Koichi than that~ LOL
And throughout this MC the audiences kept going 'KAWAII' at him and he just responded in his own way~ haha and hearing from all the constant laughter coming from the audience, I cannot help but hope that I was there at the concert to see what is going on, because he seems to be doing something so stupid LOL
And he even said that he thought that after singing Ayakashi he wanted to end the concert just like that, and for the rest of the 2.5 hours it will just be a talk show HAHAHA

And got one part someone from the audience shouted 'KAWAII!!' and Koichi went 'omae motto kawaii~~' HAHAHA which means 'you are more cute' HAHA WAAA!!!
And he said something like 'come jump and leap over here~' or smth and everyone in the audience went KAWAII!! hahahahahaha
And he also said that 'maybe one day KinKi Kids might be a 3 person group' and everyone went 'EHHHHHHHH?!?!'
And he said center PAN!
Hahahaha kawaii~~ LOLOL

He also said that his concert this time is not that high
Because the songs that he create are quite gloomy
Not like Arashi whose songs are so hyper
And he went 'toki o pan! toki o pan!'
So as you can see I ended up writing what he actually said in the MC ~.~
But that is only because I totally love the MC so much HAHAHA
Hope that someone will translate abit too~
Ok jump to the next song~

Awaken Yourself - This is the song that I was anticipating the most
Mainly because the song is very nice, and it makes me want to move
And I cannot wait to see what is the kind of dance that will go with this song
However while listening to this song I felt a bit sian because there was one part
He let one of his dancers sing the song and it ended up ruining the performance
(That's what I thought because I really wanted to listen to this song properly)
Apart from that there's nothing much to comment on~
Just that I really want to see what he did for this song ^^
Oh ya I assume there are quite a bit of fanservice for this song as you can tell from the screams of the audience at the end of the song haha~

05. Falling - Ok I got to say, I really really prefer the original version much more as compared to the rearranged 2009 version.
And to prove that I was right, I almost fell asleep when I was listening to the performance of this song LOL
But because I heard the audience went 'uwaa' in the beginning so I guess he did something special for that song? Oo We shall see =D

06. Peaceful World - This is the most beautiful song hands down
Ok because contrary to Falling, I totally love the rearranged version of Peaceful World as compared to the original version.
Why? Just because Koichi made this song to be sooo beautiful that just through listening to the song, I can already imagine the image that it holds inside my head
Not to forget Koichi's beautiful voice booming in the theater~
So from what I am able to hear so far in the MP3 versions, this song is the most beautiful sounding~ =D

07. +MILLION but -LOVE - He introduced his dancers at the beginning of this song,
And the song sounded normal, but I guess his voice didn't sound as strong in this song as compared to the Mirror Concert haha
Maybe he's too tired? I dont know haha
But I just feel neutral to this performance I guess~ haha

MC - Hahaha after singing that song he had another MC
And this time he's behaving as if he's having his own mini concert, and starting murmuring the lyrics of the previous song, and doing stupid actions I suppose, since the audiences are laughing haha
And after all the playing on stage he apparently did something else that amazed the audience,
I am guessing it's a magic card trick, but I am not sure
Cus I cant see~ T____T
But hearing the audience keep laughing and hearing all the weird sound effects Koichi made I will say this is just too cute~ LOL
At the end he also said something like he didnt really want to sing the next song
Which is "MY WISH" because apparently that is the 1st ever song he composed, and during the last concert he sang that song already, and he told the audience that he is not promising them that he will be singing this song again~
So apparently this time he decided to sing this song even though he didn't want to =D

08. MY WISH - And so the music of the song started, and everyone was clapping hands
And Koichi just made alot of sound effects like 'AHEA~ AHEA~' and stuffs,
And when it's time for him to sing the 1st line
So he sang "Mou kore ijou...UTAIMASEN!!!' (Utaimasen means I AM NOT SINGING IT!)
And hence he started the song again "Mou kore ijou....UTAIMASEN!!!'
And then he finally started singing the song properly HAHAHAHA
You can only find such things in Koichi concert ne? hahahaha

09. Boku wa Omou - This is the 1st ever solo song that Koichi had to sing
It was out in their very very 1st album, and apparently after recording the song Koichi has never sung that song ever again, until in year 2004 during his 1st solo concert he was forced to sing this song by the company who gave him an envelope with the lyrics inside.
Apparently the fans loved it when he sang this song, so he sang it again during KinKi Kids Phi concert (celebrating their 10th anniversary and 10th album also)
And this time he chose to sing it again!! =D
You can totally tell how happy the audiences were from the screams and cheers when they heard the opening of the song
If I were there I wouldve screamed too~
Because it was a very very nice song =D
And because Koichi sang this song when he wasnt even 18, his voice still hasnt matured yet,
So when I listened to the original track I didn't really enjoy it as much as when he uses his mature voice to sing it now =D
So I am very very happy that he chose to sing this song again ^^


Now that the full concert has been uploaded,
I shall continue with my review =)

MC - Ahh he's doing something that is making the audiences laugh again T__T
And he said that he is satisfied with the Boku wa Omou performance =D
And he brought something on the stage/or should I say someone? >=)
Based on all the 'KAWAII~~' screams from the fan,
I guess he brought PAN on stage =DD (I'm not very sure about that though~)
And he said 'what should she sing? Please listen, Garasu no Shounen~'
And he talked about Sushi Ouji, and said the catchphrase of the show
"Omae Nanka..nandesu da ke?" (He forgot that comes after that)
And all the audiences screamed back "Nigite yaru!!"
After that he said something about the time needed for Standby which I didn't really understand much~ haha
And finally he said "Standby Ok!!" and started the next song =D

No More - This has to be one of my favorite songs of this concert already =D
The only reason being he hasn't performed this song in any live concerts before~
So I am very very very interested in seeing how he's gonna perform this song ^^
His song sounded like usual and ahhhh my brain is full of him dancing already~ LOL
And I'm sure he did that turtle action at the end of the song too~ ^^

MC again - Hahahaha he intro-ed everyone as fish HAHAHA
Because of the Sushi Ouji
And apparently there's something very funny going on~ ahhh I want to see!!
And he said that because its a fish, so it can't talk HAHAHA
And he put the mike in front of the 'fishes' and they just said 'Gyo!'
Haha!! So baka!! LOL
And he kept saying one of them is Gachapin HAHA
And that person just kept going "Gyo!"
And everyone on stage just said "Gyo!" when Koichi spoke to them HAHA
(Gyo! is one way of referring fish~ and it's used often in Sushi Ouji drama)

And he also said that one of the songs sounded very irritating~ HAHA
And he started humming the tune of Falling~ HAHA
(I also agree that it's quite irritating =X)
I think he's the only singer in this world that will say his own songs sound irritating HAHA!!

And he said that the next song that he will sing is quite worrying also
(I think because he hasn't sung that song for a loooooooong time?
And he doesn't want to sing it yet LOL
And on the contrary, he says that this song is quite scary HAHA!
And everyone went 'ehhhhh?'
And he's like 'no? is it calm?' LOL
And he say that he's almost scared of everything
And he gave an example like an explosion or smth~
(I'm not very sure about this part though)

And finally he closes the MC saying that he hopes that everyone, during this hot time,
Cus its summer, will still enjoy this concert together with him and have a good time ^^

Temperamental Fool - The opening of the song is very nice~
Ok not really opening of the song but the interlude hahaha
But it gives kind of an indian feeling LOL
I guess Koichi's songs are all like that HAHA
Maybe he's an indian in disguise LOL
Ok to be honest I didn't really like the song HAHA
Not because of the concert, but I originally didn't like the song
Hahaha cus the lyrics are too repetitive

Hahahaha Ok la I originally loved this song,
And the way he suddenly just cut Addicted from Temperamental Fool just shocked me
But gives off this pleasant feeling haha
I wonder if he used mirrors again to perform this song,
And if he is wearing the same red suit and hat again LOL
The so super narcissistic song which have lyrics like "Oh I know you will love me"
And "It's so easy for me to tempt a girl" HAHA!
But I'm loving it!!
And I totally don't care if this song sounds like indian song HAHAHA
This is one song that I am looking forward to watching =D
Which is weird because when I 1st watched this performance live I totally didn't like it at all, but apparently it grows on you~ LOL
And now he's going "It's easy..it's easy for me to tempt a girl" HAHA

Virtual Reality - Ok this is one song that I have totally never heard of before
Totally NO IDEA
I asked Rie(Nezuri) if she has heard of this song before,
And she also said no
Havent asked Bamboobranch yet though, maybe she knows haha
But my 1st impression of this song is that it's not nice O.O
And to a certain extent it's quite boring
But when I listened to this song again for the 2nd time again
I realize that I like it
If I understood the lyrics I'm sure this song will sound much nicer
And this song is so going into my mp3 =)

And I am very very interested to see how he has performed this song too
It would be too boring if he just stood there and sing this song
So I'm guessing there might be dance steps too?
Since the dance has this beat for dancing lol
I might be wrong LOL

愛の十字架 ~Promise to you~ - This is the song that I fell in love with only after I watched Mirror Con, and as usual this song is sounding good LOL
The base is strong the music is great
And Koichi's voice sounded like usual haha
And I'm guessing this performance is gonna be like how he performed in on Mirror con
Not much comments

月夜ノ物語 - Wooo this is the 2nd time he performed this live I think?
I totally love the interlude!!
It's soooo beautiful, and the music gives this ancient feeling
(I have a liking for such tune music)
And it sounded so sad, and yet so grand
The scene must be sooo beautiful~~
And the song started~ =D
For the previous concert I think he did something like flying in the air if I'm not wrong
Haha I don't know how he's gonna perform it this time
Haha not much comment about this song,
As it sounded like usual and Koichi's voice sounded the same
But no doubt this is still a very nice song~

Kagen no Tsuki - And wooo directly starting this song right after the previous song
Hahahaha to date this has always been one of my favorite performances that I have seen live
Just because Koichi would be wearing this haori like thing,
Together with the beautiful dance steps and a very nice voice
I told Bamboobranch the other day that his voice sounded very squeaky when he sang this song
As compared to last time
But then again now as I am listening to it now,
I think it's just my imagination? Hahaha
Or maybe not
His squeaky voice comes on and off
But still~ it's negligible haha
And just based on listening I will say that I still enjoyed this song very much ^^
I want to see what new things he has added to this close to perfect performance =D

MC - And this would be the closing MC for the concert
And he said alot of thanking words,
And saying it's the 1st time he has held a concert at that venue?
(I don't think so..maybe I heard it wrong)
And he say that its quite regrettable that he only did another solo after 3 years
But he say that from now on he will still continue to work hard,
And all the staffs that he has worked with was great,
And once again he has spent wonderful times with everyone during this concert
And once again he thanked everyone and went on to the last song

Spica - I love this song
From the very 1st time I heard this song in the Mirror Con I totally loved this song
And I too feel that this is a very good song to use to end the concert
Because it gives a very far away feeling,
Yet it sounded so full of hope
Even though the lyrics is singing about a star in the universe called Spica,
But in the lyrics it's also giving hope saying that one day he will look at the same light together with that someone
And they changed the arrangement of this song again
After singing half of the song in the original arrangement,
They changed it to a more fast paced song
But somehow I just felt that it didn't sound as nice
Because it made me feel like a National Day song LOL
And Koichi's voice didn't seem strong enough to sing it at such a beat too~

And wooo I think streamers were sprayed out =DD
And he thanked everyone who came once again~
And thank them for the fun time,
And he intro-ed all the dancers and the band who played for the concert
And thanked M.A.D for backdancing
And of course finally his beloved M.A =DD
And he said "We will meet again"
And he left the stage T_____T

妖 ~あやかし~ - Yay~~ he used Ayakashi as an encore HAHA
Not sure if this song will hype up the crowd though,
But I guess it will? Since I was so excited when I heard the opening of the song HAHA
After singing the song he thanked them again,
And that he will meet them again~

MC - He said to be honest, this year, he actually didn't want to do another solo
When he was asked about it last year, he was like "Eh, no? Isn't it ok? Having no solos~"
And he say being at such a big place (And he fumbled on his words again LOL)
And all the fans went KAWAII~~
And he said that he's very happy to be doing this again
And he talked about PAN again!!
His beloved dog HAHA
And he kept saying Baka baka! hahaha
He was also saying that for a solo con, the stage seemed like it can be done just anywhere~
But he just didn't want to do it? Haha
But now that he think again he was like
"Why didn't I do it sooner?" And everyone was clapping
And he said "I'M JUST KIDDING"

LOL and he said that it's the 1st solo that he did when he reach 30
And he started saying his dog is cute again LOL
Ane he went on and on and on about his dear PAN HAHA!
He sounded soooo cute getting all excited about his dog HAHA
And he said that his mum also bought another dog already
(Since Koichi snatched PAN away from his mum LOL)
And then when he saw his mum's dog he say
"As expected my dog is still cuter" HAHAHA!!
And he said alot of funny things as well which I can't really comprehend or translate
And he said "PAN is the cutest dog in the world thank you very much!!"
And everyone just went EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~~
(Cus I think he attempted to leave the stage HAHA)
And he was like "Wakata wakata" (Ok ok I get it)
Haha and he continued talking
Saying that he will show everyone the new him~ haha
And he will be creating more songs (YAY!!)
And everyone said "GAMBATTE!!"
And he replied "Gambarimasu~"
And he say that he will release the next song when he's 33 years old HAHA!
Which is another 3 years later LOL
And everyone went EHHHHHH

Haha and finally he thanked everyone again for the wonderful time
And that he will meet them again =DD
And the concert ended T___T

And so that's the end of the concert review =D
But to tell you the truth,
When I saw the song list I wasn't very excited
Because the songs that I like like Yoru no Umi, Unbreakable and Love Me More is not included inside
Which means that there are lesser dancing!
Which is so true because songs like +Million but -LOVE, MY WISH, Boku wa Omou don't require dancing, and for Peaceful World I dont think so too,
Unless they are willing to incorporate dance steps into this slow song like what they did for Kagen no Tsuki and Yoru no Umi, if not there will be no dancing too! T_____T

But still, I cant wait for the concert DVD to come out~
Just because I want to see baka Koichi and the new performances that he put in so much effort to create =DD
But still after hearing that he will be creating more songs,
I am so excited!!! =DD
I totally can't wait for more of his works!! =DD
Gambatte Kochan!!! ^^

Sorry for this long post~ hahahaha
But then again if you read until here I will say thank you =))
And for those who didn't read it I dont have a need to apologize also since you didnt read it hahaha

Ok enough nonsense, now I shall post another sexy photo~ LOL


OMG I love the face HAHAHAHAHAHA
I feel like such a phedophile T____T

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