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Happy and Sad T____T

Met Rie at town today~ haha
Brought her to Kinokuniya and HMV LOL
She brought her sister along too~ haha
And her sister is sooo excited upon seeing all the Hey!Say!JUMP!
And I bought my Only Star issue! =D
Shall scan them when I have the time

And my worst nightmare happened
When I went to HMV,
My precious Mirror Concert Limited Edition was SOLD!
Dammit la~
Who the hell bought it!!! grrrrrr
If you are reading this blog
Please man GIVE IT TO ME!!! GRRRR

And when I saw that it was missing,
I went to the cashier and asked for the DVD
Of course the person said that it's sold
But I just wanted to know for how long
And the person checked and say
"Oh it was just sold today only"
Waaaa it is a freaking scary coincidence ok!!!
If only I went there earlier T___T
Maybe when I was hugging that DVD
The person would not have found it and would not have bought it T___T

But still
Whoever who bought that DVD,
Can you please let me know if its you?
If you are reading my blog
I want to know you!! =DD
And kill you And get to know you =D
Cus apparently you have to be a Koichi fan to buy that DVD right? =DD
So please then we can fangirl together ^^

After that Rie bought her Deep in Your Heart Red
And I went home haha
I have assignment to do and it's due tonight for me,
And for the group tomorrow
So ahhhhhhhh I have to go and do it now~ zz
I should be doing it now instead of blogging anyways

Oh ya on another side note,
Yay~ my whole stack of magazine pages finally arrived!! =D
Initially it was 2 sets,
But only 1 set arrived and after waiting for weeks the 2nd set still didn't arrive
I was sooooo sure that I will never ever see that 2nd set
But just today when I came home
I saw it!!! =DDD

So yeaaa and there are real real real HOT pictures inside!
Same thing I will blog about that another time hahahaha

Oh yeaa I started watching Mr Brain also ~ haha
You guys should go watch it man seriously
It's freaking nice!!
And Takuya Kimura is soooo cute in that show!
And they have amazing guest stars for that show too!
Like in episode 2 Gackt was inside being some psyco guy HAHA
Dreams of the day when Koichi will take up that role
And Gackt is really soooo handsome in that show ahhhhhh

In the show, Takuya Kimura said the funniest thing I've heard for this week LOL
"I know of a sure fire way to disassemble any bomb, no matter how complicated it is. Just one minute before the bomb explodes hand it back to the person who gave you the bomb"

OMG even now as I am typing this I am laughing HAHA
Ok time to chiong assignment
Tomorrow got work too~
Which means more money yay~~~ =D


Me: Ahhh Kochan you're sooo kakkoi!!!(Handsome)


Kochan: Ah so? (Oh Really?)

Hahahaha omg soooo cute~ LOLOL
Ok I made that story up myself
But still, it fits right!! LOLOL

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