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Koichi on cover Ovation Look at Star

Wooo what a day~ lol
Had work again~
And today I worked for 8 hours,
Which means yay~ I earned $52
Hehe my dream of clearing all my pending KinKi Kids items is starting to draw close and closer
Just hope that CPF won't do too much damage

Demo daijoubu~
Because I will be keeping this job for a looong loong time
I want to~
So I shall work hard at every job that I am given,
So that there will be no reason to fire me =D
I really love working there omg

I wonder how many people can keep smiling when working,
Even when there are no customers around?
Don't ask me why also
I don't know
When I see guests I am very happy,
And when the guests leaves I am very happy too~
And I just can't stop grinning to myself like an idiot LOL
I think because when there's nothing to do KinKi Kids/Koichi's aho-ness kept replaying in my brain
And it keeps me going,
I'm liking it! ^^

Left work half an hour earlier today~
Aunt treated us to dinner,
And wooooo guess what we ate?

OMG and many many more but those are the ones that really have to mention
Haha I feel like such a happy girl~ LOL
Life is gooooood~ ^^
It's no wonder that I am starting to grow fatter
Hopefully the long hours of standing during work can help to burn some calories =X

To make life better~
As promised,
Here are the picures of Ovation Look at Star =D
Just the fact that he's wearing a suit is enough to make you drool~
He doesn't have to do anything else~ LOL


The beautiful cover that looked at me
And called out to me asking me to buy it home!! =DD


He looks soooooo ossan here~ HAHAHA
But I like it~ Handsome Ossan~ =X
Gives you the reassurance that when he grows old he'll still look gooooooood =X


Hahaha this is nice~ Sorry I didnt join his hand to him =X


Ahhh I like his ah beng sitting position HAHAHA
Can you see his adam's apple? =X AHHHHHH


Ahhhh~ Don't look at me like that
I will want to hug you~
Especially when you're in that suit ahhhh


Look at his beautiful jawline~
And his neck *faints*


He looks sooooooooo old here too~ T___T
But its ok I still love you =D


AHHH This is my favorite!!!!
Nice right!!
Ahh I think his albums will sell twice as good he closes his eyes for all covers HAHAHAHA


Did something happen?
Why do you look so sad?
Come let me sayang you ^^


Told you~
He doesnt have to do anything
All he need to do is to wear that suit and ahhhh~
PS: He looks so tall right, actually he's only 167cm LOL
How the hell can he look so freaking tall here? LOL
And Lu Chen actually looks short in his photoshoots when he's 170cm LOL


Ahhhh his gentle face~~

And next is all the montage of this years of Endless SHOCK Musical performances
Apparently on 12th March 2009, he has broken a record
Koichi has performed SHOCK 626 times,
The most number of solo musical shows performed in Japan's Imperial Theater
It's amazing isn't it?
It's so sad that not everyone knows how to appreciate musical

I still remember watching this interview of KinKi Kids,
When they 1st acted in their 1st ever drama
Ningen Shikkaku
And Koichi was around 14-15 that time I think?
During the interview when asked what was it that he wants to do for his career
And he said that he wants to do a musical
Because it consists of everything
Acting, singing, dancing
And he hope that he can achieve it

And he did!!
He has fulfilled his dream!
And he is still continuing with his dream right now~ =D
Isn't it amazing to see someone's dreams come true?
And this musical is not an easy job for him too
I remember there was once he twisted his ankle
And without letting it fully recover,
He went on and continue performing,
And he tore his tendon, and that was the 2nd time he cried on stage
Total he only cried 3 times on stage before

Apart from that,
From the pictures below you can tell that he 'flies' alot
And I'm sure it's not as easy as you think
Even though he makes 'flying' looks soooo easy LOL
And during one samurai scene,
He had to fall down from a high level of stairs just for the musical
Shows the amount of hard work he put in
And how dedicated he is ehs~

I just wish that when I have the ability to go and watch Endless SHOCK live,
He will still be fit enough to continue performing it T___T
And before I show the pictures,
I'm gonna show you the video of the samurai scene that I talked about haha
It's around 3 minutes long,

And the muscial emphasizes on Show Must Go On,
No matter what happens, they must continue to perform the show
So while they were performing this samurai scene,
The person that Koichi is supposed to fight with,
Purposely dropped his sword so that the show cannot go on
And his partner came up with another word
Apparently the sword that was given to Koichi is a REAL SWORD
But because "Show Must Go On",
Koichi decided to go ahead with the performing fighting with a real sword,
And gave the real sword to his partner in the show

And hence the partner took the chance to stab him with the sword,
Hence resulting in Koichi falling down the flight of stairs
In this musical they use their own names as their character names
Which is why you can hear them screaming "Koichi!" in the musical =D
With that, enjoy~
And be amazed at Koichi falling down from the high flight of stairs =)

Haha crazy right!!!
And this year during his promotion for Ayakashi
When he attended a program,
They showed this scene of him falling down the flight of stairs,
And Koichi said "actually it's very painful"
Imagine he has performed this show 626 times,
Which means he fell down like that for 626 times you know!!!
How many people in the world can actually do that LOL
He's just soooo amazing~


Endless SHOCK 2005-2006
Yess the tank top picture is hooooooooooot~
As you can see he's "flying" ^^


Endless SHOCK 2007
Yupp more "flying" again~ ^^


Endless SHOCK 2008~
As you can see from the bottom picture~
That guy hanging upside down is Koichi hahaha
He hung like that and spun many many many rounds LOL

Ok and finally,
This magazine comes with a Koichi Pin UP!!!


Ahhhhh~ It's sooooo nice~
Sooooo handsome
And he's in a suit! LOLOL
Anyone knows how to get rid of that line for me? T___T

Haha and yay~
Takatsuka Sensei just gave me a comment in facebook
This is what he said:
(Good evening Domoto san, how are you? Did you watch Domoto Kyoudai?)

He so cute la! LOL
Call me Domoto san HAHAHA!!
Maybe when I get married to Koichi that's what people will start calling me Domoto san
What a nice dream~ =X HAHA


This ultra mega cute picture from Endless SHOCK shall end my post~ ^^

Tomorrow I will be meeting Rie at town~ haha
Ahhhh so excited~
Shall bring her tour around HMV and Kinokuniya and search for KinKi treasure! =DD
And also~
Today is Rie's birthday~ =DD
Hahaha ok I'm a little late at posting this because I have work~ haha
Even though it's already after midnight~

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