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Koichi's reactions~

Haha the video above,
Is the video where Koichi went for a food tasting show,
And before the food tasting started,
They ask him if he's interested in such food,
And he actually said
"Ehh..not really..like when I'm hungry and I go to my fridge and see nothing,
I will be like..I guess I'll just eat tomorrow"

No wonder that guy is soooo freaking skinny~
And after tasting the food the reactions of Koichi is PRICELESS!!
I have subbed the videos for the parts that are nice,
And also cut out the parts where there is Koichi's reactions
Its only 3 mins so do take the time out and watch!!! =DD

And Emaine if you're reading this,
Thanks for teaching me how to get back my html and compose tab HAHA
Yiting has told me about it
Hopefully you will enjoy Koichi too~ =X

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blogged @ Tuesday, August 11, 2009 11:05:00 PM

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