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Lu chen's post on my birthday~

Ok I just realized that when I was reading the entry,
I have to click on the title to read the full thing
No wonder why I dont see any of his comments about that fan's comments at all hahahaa
And now after I read it,
Its too cute not to talk/translate about the entry!!
Ahhhh yappari I love Lu Chen ahh~~
The cutest magician in the world haha
Totally love his personality LOL



不是魔術 是你脖子上戴的那個鑰匙的項鏈
那條鑰匙形狀的項鏈真的非常難看 難看至極
拜托 請你不要再戴那條項鏈了

謝謝了 謝謝了 !!

我愛你 就是愛你智慧的頭腦 高貴的品位 你的做事情不是隻要過關就好的態度
The Phantom of the Opera才是你的菜 你的本色
公縯上你選的的音樂是那麼棒 那麼有震撼力

P.S.你其他的戒指和項鏈都很棒很有品位很美觀 除了今次你第四季的這個黑色鈅匙

劉謙之所以成為劉謙 就是因為你遠離了低俗的東西
無論生活中還是工作中的錶現 亦如是


The Phantom of the Opera很酷,已經被我拿來當手機鈴聲。




Below is the opinion of a kind internet friend:

I really really don't like the 4th season of your performance
It's not the magic, but the key necklace that you are wearing on your neck
It really looks horrible
That kind of shape for the key is really really ugly, ugly to the max
Please I wish you would stop wearing that necklace
It really doesnt suit you

All the accessories/jeweleries that you have are all very nice
Only for that necklace it's not nice
I look forward to you not wearing it anymore
It doesnt suit the "royal" image that you have
That key necklace totally looked so cheapskate
Please don't wear something like that anymore
Thanks! Thanks!

Lian Lian Kan(Name of a game) such a childish passe and low class game I also hope that you wont touch it anymore
I love you, is because I love your intelligent mind, high class taste and your attitude to strive for excellence
The Phantom of the Opera then is your type, what suits you
During the performance the music that you chose are always so great, so full of impact
Such an ugly key necklace and such childish game please let them disappear from your life
It doesnt suit you

PS: The rest of your rings and necklaces are all great, very tasteful and nice, except for the black necklace that appeared in the 4th season of the show

Lu Chen has become Lu Chen, is because you left the low class stuffs
You belong to the high class and tasteful world
No matter whether is it during real life, during work or during performance, it's the same


My dear friend, thanks for your warm and precious opinion
The black key necklace that you hate so much really is in fact, a cheap good
I already fed that necklace to the dogs, and you will never see it again
The dogs are still healthy, so you don't have to worry
The Phantom of the Opera is cool, I have already use it as my ring tone

And you said that Lian Lian Kan(The name of the game) is childish, passe and low class, I couldnt agree more on that
Even with my intelligent brain and my high class taste, playing that game online for one whole week, I didnt even manage to win it once!
It made me believe even more that this is a game sent by the devil to come and torture me, and should be destroyed by the force of justice
Hence I shall continue playing this game, and let my life as well as the world regain its "light"
Do cheer me on!

PS: How did you know that recently I am addicted to Lian Lian Kan?

HAHAHAHA omg I totally cannot help but laugh when I read his reply LOL
When I 1st saw the fan's comment,
I was like 'waaaaa arent you being a bit too weird and harsh?'
LOL I mean if it's me I wouldve gotten a bit unhappy LOL
Like, dunno leh what if that necklace was very important to me and you dont even understand the significance behind it?
What gives you the right to insult it just like that?
Maaa but seeing that he's fine with it I somehow was quite relieved =)

And wow he also agrees that Phantom of the Opera is cool~ lol
I have been in love with Phantom of the Opera since I was 14 LOL
Still remember the times I always sing the song with the choir,
And play the song non-stop in my mp3 and windows media player
And kept singing along with it
(Yes I have a high pitched voice and those notes are of no kick to me =)) )
I totally loved the comment about him saying that he has already fed that necklace to the dogs, and the dogs are still healthy, not to worry HAHA!!

OMG I really love his humour, his randomness, his cuteness and I miss him!
Ahhh when is your tour going to end!!!!
(This is the 1st time I actually want the tour of my favorite person to end LOL)
And what the hell he also admit that the necklace is cheapo stuffs HAHA
So cute!!! LOL
And the way he talk about the game also HAHAHA
Even with my intelligence and high class taste LOL
OMG he really knows how to play along with people hahahaha
Defeating the "devil" ehs? hahaha
Gambatte~ LOL

On another side note,
I went to find out about this lian lian kan game, and its really hard to win!
Even I also cannot win
Let alone Lu Chen
Lu Chen if you read this please dont hate me T_____T
I actually bought all your books and DVDs so please love me instead ok? =X

Haha had another day of work today,
Turns out that my sister went for a job interview at Sentosa,
And she was sent to my Merlion to work as well!! =DD
I really hope that she can get the job~
So we can work together~~ ^^
I really enjoy working there na~
Mainly because all you see there are happy faces of the tourists haha
Cus since they are on a holiday,
There will always be this stress free vibe coming from them~

Today I went to do buskering (carrying a basket selling light sticks)
And then 2 cute little Japanese boys came over and said "ikura?"
And I understood Japanese ma~
So I told them the price in Japanese, and told them it's buy 1 get 1 free =D
And they said "chotto machinasai" (Please wait a while)
And they ran off LOL!!

And I was thinking "Ahhh they might not come back na~ maybe parents dont wanna buy for them"
Then I saw them coming back with their elder sister, with a $10 note in their hand haha
And they came over and looked at the lights,
And discuss which one they should buy
And I just gave them suggestions,
So they decided what to buy, and I asked them what color they want,
And they wanted blue, but there wasnt any blue left so I just told them
Asked if there's any other color they want hahaha
And they told me they want green and yellow~ lol
So yay I gave it to them and transaction completed

All the above that has happened,
Everything was done in Japanese hehe~
Even when I told my dad he was shocked also hehehe
To think that time he was so against me learning Japanese
But now he's so proud of me hehe
Chotto ureshii desu~ hehe (I felt quite happy)

Oh ya something weird happened also LOL
I was give 7 light fans to sell,
Before I went off to sell,
I even counted properly the amount and confirmed that it is 7,
And someone else counted for me also
And apparently for the 2nd round I only sold 1
So by right I should have 6 right?
But when I returned to the shop,

Cannot be I forget to give my sold light to the customer right,
If not they confirm will be chasing after me since I took their money LOL
Then my job people say cus its 7th month ~.~ LOL
Waaa so nice give me extra light fan LOLOL

Ahhh and I guess its time to end this entry haha
I am getting tired and its already 3am AHHHH

I'm so sad ne~
Rie fell sick,
Stomach flu I think,
And she still don't want to see doctor/drink medicine
Like a small stubborn kid lol
Like me last time HAHAHA
Maaa get well soon k!
I want you to enjoy Sentosa on your birthday~
And I want you to be genki when we meet on Monday!
So many things I want to show you!!

Zettai naosu ne!!

And since it's been a long time since I last post pictures~~~


Woooo HOT HOT HOT!!!
Kochan in a tank top sitting on the bed waiting for me~


Wooo ultra mega hot Kochan in a suit
Woooooooo it's just too nice for words
Yuanshan please stop your heart from pumping too fast~you'll die
Look at the way he sits~
So ah beng yet he can pull it off looking so prince-like
Sasuga Kochan sama~~~ >.<

Ok I'm off to sleep
Cya~ ^^

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