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Volcano erupted

I didn't go school today
I was very tired and my left eye is hurting again
I really wonder what is wrong
My mum keeps telling me to see the doctor,
But that would mean spending more money

Ever since the topic of buying a laptop was brought up
My dad hasnt exactly been in a very good mood
I am so sick of this roller coaster ride already
I know money is hard to earn
And I know that expenses are high
But it's not like I have been wasting that much electricity
And as a daughter I have been trying my best to stick to my part

Whenever the light is no used I will make an effort to off it
Whenever I go sleep I will off everything
But why is it that the one time I forget to do it
You have to bring it up and use such a manner to say that I am wasting electricity
And I am always doing it?
Why must you be like that?
It's not easy on my part also alright

Is it my fault that school has just started
And I dont have to study as much?
Does that mean that I cannot use the computer?
I am sorry for skipping school but do you have to lash it out on my mum like that?
When I asked you to wake me up for school in the morning
I just didn't want to oversleep and miss lessons
I didn't know that you didn't want to wake me up
And you are so fed up of waking me up in the morning
I didn't know that you were so against waking me up in the morning

Like seriously what's the problem?
Aren't you going for work too?
Don't you have to wake up too?
What's the problem of just coming into my room and just break me out from my sleep?
I really don't understand what's going on in your mind
And I am really so sick of your ups and downs in mood
When I told you about the laptop yesteryday
You were so ok with it,
And say 'Ok ask your friend check the prices then we go down on the 2nd day'
And yet today you brought up the issue again to my mum
Saying I should just go and get a job if I want to get a laptop

Fine, I guess I really have to get a job now
I am afraid that after I get a job I would be so worn out
And when curriculum gets tough I cant cope
But if that's what you really want then fine I will get a job ok?
Hope that makes you happy

Do you know that the printer ran out of ink already?
I can't print my notes for the lesson tomorrow
And I cant find anyone to help me
My only friend in SIM's printer ran out of ink too
Do you even know all these?
You don't know and you probably dont care
Cus inside your mind you still resent the fact that I am freaking studying in SIM
So please if you are really that unhappy
Please don't try to be nice
Because I rather you are mean all the time
Than to have you be nice and then all of a sudden
Not knowing why
You explode

This is very stressful for me
I cannot take it
My phone is dying soon
I am trying so hard to maintain it in its condition
So that it would last longer and I wouldn't have to bring up the topic of getting a new phone just yet
To all of you who are reading this
I get very irritated now when I am outside and if you call me and don't talk fast
Because my phone battery wouldnt last 10 seconds if a phone call is made
So please either you talk fast or don't call me at all
Sms is fine

But just sms the main things that you want to say
Don't go on and on about the useless things
Because I get very irritated when my phone dies
And I cant listen to songs
So sorry if I sound so mean but I really feel that way
So for now, I'm sorry try to accommodate to my selfish requests
It's fine if you totally don't contact me at all too, cus I am already used to not having my phone ring

Sorry for such a lousy post~
When I saw the new KinKi Kids commercial for music.jp
I wanted to post it here
But I guess I just don't have the mood
I am sorry
This entry will have no picture as well~

Anyone with any part time job lobang?
I want it,
I need it
And thanks in advance


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