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To you guys,

Even if my heart breaks,
I will send it to you,

I will convey it to you,

Because I love you

Actually Tsuyoshi has been updating his jweb consecutively for almost 2 weeks now,
And yesterday on 23rd of September he didn't update.
What went through my head was
"Eh? So he's gonna stop already?He's not gonna update in the near future anymore?"
And today when I came home he updated again.

I have translated a lot of jweb entries,
But of all the entries,
I felt that this entry touched me more than any other entries
To be honest after reading his jweb for many days,
I sort of took it for granted that he will update everyday,
And yet at the same time I was feeling tired,
Thinking "Yes, I know he loves us" and sort of felt that it was too repetitive
I guess that's just the kind of person I am
I tend to take things for granted
As much as I know how to appreciate,
When things happen again and again for a few times,
I sort of felt that I rather it stops

And yesterday when he didn't update
I felt so sad
That one day when I needed assurance from him,
He didn't update
Now that I'm home seeing him update again
Somehow I felt that this entry wasn't repetitive
I really felt the love conveyed by him
So much so that I started emoing again T_____T

KinKi Kidsは本当に大好き!!

I really love you both!!
I really love KinKi Kids!!
I wonder since when, you guys have become so precious to me
If you guys weren't here, I don't even know what I should do
That's why once more, thank you..I love you!!

Once again sorry for this random entry~
I am already fine =))
I guess it's time to explain the situation?
The person who is supposed to order my Koichi concert goods FORGOT MY ORDER
Yes I know to some of you guys who are reading it,
You might think it's a stupid thing to get so upset over..
You don't understand..
This is the 1st time I actually went to the extent of ordering concert goods
And this is the 1st concert that Koichi had when I got back into the fandom
Ayakashi is the 1st single that I preordered ever, and the Limited Edition is the 1st Limited Edition I preordered.
Hence this concert is important to me,
Even though I didn't actually go to the concert..

To know and feel that there is a possibility that I might have to buy 2nd hand goods,
Off the auctions somemore just makes me so pissed off
Life hasnt been easy and this was what made me look forward to and kept me going,
Of course KinKi YOU DVD as well..
And I really loved that DK logo
Some of you should know it by now,
How much I love that logo...

But everything's fine now..
I found another seller who can buy it for me..
Money wise I talked to my mum already she agreed to lend me her card..
I'm not sure how much the shipping will cost me,
But I'm just glad that I will be able to get those things..
Please let those items still be available when they are going to get it for me T_____T

Thanks to dear Eliza and Bamboobranch and Yiting for hearing me rant T___T
And thanks to Kristy for trying to help too =DD
Of course how can I forget my dear Vanilla(I miss you T____T) and Gally and Zijun for the hugs T______T
I really love you all~~
Thank you~~ T____T

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