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KinKi YOU DVD preview - 硝子の少年

It's not even night time,
And it's out already!!!
Weeeee 硝子の少年 (Garasu no Shounen)

This is the debut song that KinKi Kids sang,
Which means the 1st single that they ever released that hit no. 1 on the Oricon charts =D
The 1st time I listened to this song was when I was 10
When Yan Jie Jie brought the 1st KinKi Kids CD that I ever saw in my life,
KinKi Kids Single Selection hahah
And that was the 1st song that was played LOL
Ok la not the 1st song, the 1st song was Theme of KinKi Kids '00 LOL
But that one has no singing so it doesnt count! =X

And yeaa the 1st time I heard this song,
I still didn't like it
And even until like last year,
I don't really like the song also
But somehow as I listen to it more,
The song just grew on me..
I will still skip this song sometime when I don't have the mood,
But the live version of this song is always always awesome!!
With that, enjoy!!! =DD

PS: I watched this in school and its sooooooo hard to suppress my excitement T__T
How I wish Kristy or Relockz is here with me at least when we fangirl together in a group it wont be that weird T___T HAHAHAH
And yayy I love it that they choose to dance this time~ =D
For the 10th anniversary concert they just stood there and sang this song hehehe
Ahhh okok back to report!!
I keep taking mini breaks T___T

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blogged @ Tuesday, September 8, 2009 6:55:00 PM

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