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Early in the morning~

It feels good,
To wake up early in the morning,
With so much time to spare

Even though I'm having a slight flu now,
I hope it won't be that serious when I'm at work later
Listening to my KinKi Kids playlist,
In the quiet morning,
Without any disturbance..
This peaceful situation is something that I more than often want to get
It feels really good~ ^^

Met my friend Haider online just now
He's my friend that I got to know when I was still in Secondary school
I got to know him through the internet because we both like Prince of Tennis haha
He's from London so yeaa we only communicate to each other through MSN
After I graduated from Secondary school we didnt really talk anymore
Until like early this morning when he came to talk to me

It was such a nice surprise
And when I told him that I finished A levels and is in 1st year University now,
He got a big shock! HAHA
And he says that I grow up too fast ~.~ Haha
I guess that's probably because when we knew each other that time,
I was always whining to him about stupid O levels,
And now I already finished A levels!! Hahaha

And I'm shocked too,
That he's in Law school now and will is becoming a lawyer like next year LOL
And he's only 2 years older than me! Hahaha
After chatting for a while he gtg already
Cus it's like 2am in London now??? LOL
So yeaaa and he said if he left it like that again
The next time he talk to me I probably would be married with kids HAHAHA!!!
What a joker LOLOL

But still after so long,
It was really to be able to chat with him again haha ^^
And it makes me realize that time really pass so fast
And along the way we might have forgotten about the people that we might have known,
But it doesnt mean that their life doesnt go on..
What does it really mean to be a friend?
To try and contact them from time to time to see how they are doing?
Trying to keep in constant contact?
To be there when they are going through tough times?
Or to just to nothing and wait for things to happen?

I guess I'm guilty of all of the above~
Which is why in this case I am really happy that he took the initiative to come and talk to me again
Even though the next time we talk might be another few more years later..
I also cannot deny that at some point of time in my life,
He was there to help me, and was a good friend to me ^^

Ahhhh so many things rushing through my mind early in the morning
I guess this is what happen when you sleep too much lol
(I had a loooooooong nap from 4pm to like 9pm ystd and then go back to bed again at 1-2am)

Haha alright it's already 930 now,
So I'm going off to prepare for work already~ =DD
(Wants to leave house by 10 so that I am reach Sentosa by 1130) Haha
Alright before I leave,
My dear Eliza requested this~~
I think it's nice so yeaa just to show it to you guys~~ hehe


Hehe another wallpaper from Harmony of December single!! =DD
Nice hor~~~~~~~~~~
Please say yes T____T

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