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I want to..

I wanted to update about today's KinKi fan outing..
I really do..
I wanted to update about my Brand New Song single when I got home
I really do..
I wanted to update about my beloved Koichi concert goods~
I really do..
I wanted to reply Vanilla's mails (after sooooo long) when I reached home today
I really do..
I wanted to talk about how I experienced F1 for the 1st time today~
Hearing the sounds of the engine as the cars went past one after another
(The sounds are Koichi's ringtone by the way, I and totally don't find it weird. I love those sounds too..I couldnt stop waiting for the next car to come just so that the sound will appear again)
I really do..

But I'm sorry it's sooo late already and I'm sooo tired
And I have work at 930am tomorrow and Dad's not driving me
So I have to wake up super early and I cannot afford to be late AGAIN
So for now please make do with this horrible picture...


Me and my baby sis enjoying ourselves with Kochan's DK light stick in the dark
Dont you dare say we look like ghosts!! >=(
I'll smack you with the light stick! Yeah right~


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blogged @ Sunday, September 27, 2009 1:15:00 AM

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