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It's early in the morning..

It's early in the morning
Today's lecture was cancelled
So why am I awake?
That's because I am going to work..

Work's enjoyable but horribly tiring
I didn't realise it until I woke up this morning
My legs are still aching from standing too much yesterday,
And my shoulders and back are aching also

I really didn't feel like going to work today
But thinking of the money made me push myself out of bed
Because I woke up earlier,
I had time and I went to on my laptop
Seeing I had 5 new emails in my inbox made me a little happy
Even though I dont know who it's from

And then I saw BambooBranch and Vanilla7's name
I got happier haha
Reading their mails always crack me up
Or if not, somehow just gave me strength
And of course the people who has tagged me at my tagboard
When I reached home last night dead tired,
I was really happy to see my tagboard flooded again
Even though I havent reply you guys yet,

It's not because I can't be bothered to
It's just that because I'm too tired my brain can't really function well,
And I don't want to give you guys some messy reply
Same goes for BambooBranch and Vanilla7
I want to properly reply those mails when I have the time to think through what I want to say
After all replying you guys is one of the enjoyment that I have in my life too~

Just want to say
Hontou ni Arigato Gozaimasu

Just some pictures that I saw this morning
I know they are old,
But it just gave me the mood to want to show them right here right now,


This is really really nice~
I love the accessories as well~
And even though he gives the pissed off face,
I'm loving it!! ^^


And ahhhh
Of course Kochan in a Japanese costume is always always love~~
Somehow even though his hair's parting is weird,
It somehow fits in ^^

And it's been a looooooong time since we get some young KinKi so...


For those who still dont know,
The left is Tsuyoshi and the right is Koichi haha
Both of them look soooo cute
Are they like trying to look for a place? Oo
I like the way Tsuyo wear's his cap too hehe

Ok that's all
Sorry for this random entry
Like I said before
I am always weird in the mornings
I'm not good with mornings so yeaa..
Alright I'm off to work =)

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