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もう君以外愛せない KinKi YOU DVD Live Performance

Ahhhh so sorry for posting again
I was going to sleep and I had to click on since1997
And I saw that the preview for DVD is aired!
And the song they chose to do preview is もう君以外愛せない (Mou Kimi Igai Aisenai)
It means I will love no one else except you
This is a very beautiful song,

And what a coincidence!!
Just today during work I was sooo bored
I decided to write lyrics,
And I wrote Kagen no Tsuki, Shunrai, Yoru no Umi and もう君以外愛せない!! LOLOL
And it came out on the DVD preview today~
Ahhhh I think KinKi Kids heard my voice again LOL

For your info the rest are Koichi's solo so not counted =)
And Shunrai I only wrote the 1st verse of the song so also not counted
Only KinKi song that is complete is もう君以外愛せない hehe
So sorry since this is youtube video so there will be no translations
If tomorrow I'm free I will translate and update on this post =))
Till then, enjoy the song!! =DD
It's beautiful~ ^^


blogged @ Tuesday, September 8, 2009 1:09:00 AM

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