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KinKi YOU DVD preview - Secret Code

Yay~~ Another preview~~
Omg faster release the DVD already!!!
It not by then I think we already watch most of the con already!!

*Still looking forward to my night with KinKi Kids =X*

Yeaaa the 1st time I heard this song I didnt like it
But after hearing it more,
I realized that omg it's actually quite nice
And the PV is cute too!!
For those who are interested you can watch the PV
Both of them are so baka!! hehehe

I love the part when Koichi is rolling on the ground hehehe
Only in KinKi Kids PV then can you find stupid stuffs like that! hehe
やっぱりKinKi Kidsは大好き!!


blogged @ Tuesday, September 15, 2009 11:58:00 AM

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