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KinKi YOU DVD preview - 愛のかたまり

Finally the long awaited 愛のかたまり (Ai no Katamari)!!!!
Ahhh this song this song!!
Music composed by Koichi, lyrics written by Tsuyoshi..
This song is ranked no. 1 by the fans among all of their songs during their 10th Anniversary poll =DD
And I shall let the video do the talking now!! =DD
In time to come when I'm free I shall post the subbed version of this song with translations from their 10th Anniversary concert hehehe

PS: During the Only Star interview last week, Koichi said that his impression of this concert is that while walking down the stairs, he saw that it's soo high that he felt like falling over them HAHAHA!! He must have fell down the stairs too many times already HAHAHAA a baka that wants to fall over stairs whenever he sees one LOLOL

And yes yes yes
After watching this video I CANT WAIT FOR THE DVD!!!!

Yes I skipped one day~~
Because today I fell sick AGAIN GRR
Flu again
I guess I really need more sleep na~~
Hahaha so yeaaa by the time I updated it's already past midnight ^^

Eliza asked me if I want to go over to her house for nabe party
And meet more of her KinKi friends hahaha
Since it will be on a Saturday I guess I might have to skip service? T___T
Hahahaha maa I'll just go for cell group then hahaha
And of course most importantly,
Watching KinKi YOU DVD together!!! =DD

Ahhhh I cant wait for them to come! =DD
Oh yeaa recently I also suddenly had a goal..
Of course you guys have heard this before,
But I really want to make it come true..
I wonder if I can na~~ T____T

That goal is that when I'm 21 years old,
I want to watch Endless SHOCK!!
I want to travel to Japan and watch Endless SHOCK for myself!!
See the amount of effort that Koichi has put in for making it possible,
The awesomeness of this musical that has been performed for soo many years
The record breaking musical which was performed for more than 600 times
And also seeing Koichi fly around =X
In order for that to happen,
I need to save
I have 2 more years...
By 2011 I will be 21 years old..
But I don't mind watching it in 2012 as well~~

There has been rumors that the world will end in 2012 LOLOL
So yeaa I guess I don't have much time left na~~ hahaha
Better watch Endless SHOCK by 2012~~~

And on another side note,
I found this picture today:


Yes it's KinKi Kids on the cover for TV Guide
It looks soooo nice right!!
It was last year's issue
On August 23-29
When I saw this I almost died
August 23rd is MY BIRTHDAY!!
Which made me regret sooo much
Why why why did I come back into KinKi SOOOO LATE!!!
If not I'm sure last year's birthday would have been a great sweet surprise for me
As opposed to that stupid break up that I had to endure

Maa kore kara mou
I want to be with KinKi Kids forever =DD

Oh yeaa..


This is my new handphone wallpaper!
I know I know I said I won't change!!
But somehow this looks soooo nice!!!
Looks so pure, looks so angel-like
I cannot help it!!!
So yeaaaaa =XX

Ok time to sleep ^^
Got work tomorrow~ Haha
Cute Japanese guys here I come!!!! =X

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