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Random feelings~



I cant wait for my KinKi YOU DVD to arrive
I wanna watch it together with Eliza!!
If ok let's have stay over k??
Since you live sooooooooooooo far away LOLOLOL
Ahhh but I need to settle my debt soon~~
After this round I will stop buying
And yesss
I really will
Including all the pending limited edition single that I have on my Yesasia and Play-asia cart
I will stop buying them

Cus I wanna save up and go Japan~
Even if my parents might not allow me to
At least I want to have the money to be able to 1st
Money please come to me~~

And Vanilla7 if you are reading this,
Gomen ne, I still havent reply you
I wanna scan in my drawings 1st before I reply you
So I can show them to you ^^
Hahaha wait for a while more k?
I guess tonight I will have more time na~ =DD

And baka BambooBranch
What have you been doing?!?!
I haven't talked to you in days already!!
Where are you?!?!?!?!
Hahahaha tonight when I talk to you you better reply me >=(

And gally04, I love you~~
Ahhhhh thanks for the encouragement na~
I know you don't know about this blog but yeaa
I just wanna let my friends here know that
I have another great friend that is lurking around livejournal hehe

Oh wtf, stupid mediaplayer is playing Edge of the WORD now, it makes me want to cry T_____T

Ok I'm going off to church now~ hahaha ^^

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blogged @ Saturday, September 12, 2009 2:58:00 PM

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