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Something that made me excited early in the morning

Hahaha today had morning class~ T_____T
Super super tired T____T
And lecture is soooooooooooo boring
Talking about customer service and stuffs
And ahhhh just doesnt require as much attention I guess

Andd many people are once again dozing off again hahaha
Finally at 10 the lecturer said "Ok! Time for your tea break! Everyone it's time to wake up!!!"
And everyone and I really mean EVERYONE left the room hahaha
Only me and my group of friends remained in the lecture hall

It shows how much everyone is dying to get out of the room LOL
And of course being the usual me,
I started to watch my beloved Mirror Concert hehe
And then my friend came beside me and watch too
Cus she thinks Koichi is damm handsome hehe

After that I fast forwarded to Kagen no Tsuki,
Cus I love that song,
And when she heard the song she went
And this was the rest of our conversation

Blue is me green is her

"Ehhhh?!?!? OMG YOU KNOW THIS SONG?!?!"
"Yes I know!!! Last time I watch MTV then this song keep playing!!"
"Ahhhhh!! Nice right this song! I love this song too!!"
"Yeaa!!! Last time I want to know what song is this, but I cannot recognize so I ask my friend to help me find the youtube video of the PV, and I last time always think waaaa the guy in the PV damm handsome..then OMG IT'S ACTUALLY KOICHI!!
I didn't know it's actually Koichi!! Ahhhh omg he's really very handsome!!!"

OMG and the both of us just went squealing in the middle of the lecture hall HAHAHA!!
Luckily there's only the few of us in the lecture hall if not everyone will think that we are crazy HAHAHA!!
But still, yay!! It's always nice to know that there are people out there who loves the songs that Koichi wrote hehe
Koichi is really amazing na? ^^

And since my laptop is running out of battery soon,
I shall faster end this entry with the concert version of this song
Do watch it as it's really beautiful,
He's wearing a very nice haori,
And the dance is just ahhhhh beautiful~ ^^

And yay~
Later I'll be doing magazine hunting,
And meeting Emily up for my pamphlets!!!

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