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Suckiest day ever

I had such a bad day today
Woke up thinking I'm gonna make good use of this day,
Even made an extra effort to wake up earlier,
So that I wouldnt be late for work

Who knows,
Being the idiotic me,
I actually mistook my working time of 1230 to be 230
And so yeaaaaa of course I was late
Thing is my boss called me at like 1pm
Asking how come I'm not there yet
And I told her I thought I start at 230??

And so I went to check my schedule again
Holy shit it's really 1230!!
So rushing, I ran out of the house and hailed for a cab
And yeaaa just when I got onto the cab my boss called me
Saying it's ok just reach by 230
Then walau I already inside my freaking cab already
So yeaa I just cab to work

When I reached clementi that time I realised that I didnt bring my freaking wallet
So argh!!
I told the uncle 'please turn back I forgot to bring my wallet'
And yeaaa I turned back, took my wallet, and went to work
The total journey cost me $30

Good thing is that going down to Oscar to do busker really cheered me up
I really love the people there lol
A bunch of jokers hahaha
You can totally just fit in hahaha
Daisuki ^^
And one more consolation is that
YAY!! I got my pay today!! ^^

So yeaaa my finances is not that tight now,
But that doesnt mean that I'm rich
What I mean is that I have settled another debt that's all
Hahaha I'm just broke, just that I owe lesser now =)
The USD has dropped again
Hurray!! =D
I hope that PayPal will readjust the exchange rate soon,
So that I can pay lesser by $4!!

I know I am being evil here but who cares, survivor of the fittest =X
Ok I cant believe I just said that
I'm just kidding hahaha
Ok la I'm going off to sleep now
Assignments are waiting for me
As a new day starts again tomorrow~

There's nothing I love more that sitting on my bed
Using my lovely laptop
Having the air con keeping my room cool~
And let my KinKi Kids' songs play throughout the night
Best would be me having no school the next day,
So I can spend more time with KinKi Kids through the night,
As they sing to me,
While I am lying on my bed
Thinking through various things
Somehow I know,
They will always be there for me ^^

Baka asked me out again, I wonder if this time we will actually get to meet...

Ok just a photo to end this post
I really love this picture,
And seeing them like this always gives me the strength to go on,
Knowing that life is more than just studies and work,
And I have an amazing life ahead waiting for me,
It's just not the time yet,
And I am not there yet
That's all
So in order to reach that point,
I shall continue to give in my best in what I do
So sorry if nowadays my entries are always so boring~~


Yes they are so freaking cute,
Tsuyo is skinny, cute
Kochan is innocent and cute
And they are both wearing yukatas~
What could be better than young KinKi smiling and wearing a yukata?
But we don't really have that so T_____T

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