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Swan Song covers out!!

Ahhh it's out it's out!! ^^
Here are the covers for Swan Song single! =DD

Limited Edition:


Regular Edition:

I won't be reposting the contents of the single already =))
I personally prefer the Regular Edition cover cus they look happier, LOL

Sorry for those who already read this in the community, I'm too lazy to write up anything new T__T

PS: I know this is totally random and has totally no relation to this post, but I need to say this..H.A.N.D ALBUM ROCKS!! It's soooo worth my money!! Apart from the singles track, the rest of the songs are just as nice!!
- Arabesque ~千夜一夜の夢~
- キミハカルマ
- WATER SCREEN -theme of H-
- 未完のラブ・ソング

They took such good care of me while I was rushing my report through the night..


blogged @ Wednesday, September 30, 2009 12:49:00 AM

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