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Tired but relieved

Ok I had work today~
As some of you may know,
The previous few work schedules for me is HELL
Mainly because I am always late for work (not on purpose)
And really am on the verge of getting myself sacked (or so I thought)
Yeaaa my boss is very nice la~~
He warned me and stuffs but yeaa he didn't give me hell~

So being super paranoid,
Work starts at 1230 today and I left house at 11 HAHAA
But you need to know
Travelling to Sentosa is HELL!
Leaving house at 11 you know what time I reach?
1210!! Takes more than one hour!
And this time I didnt do much waiting for trains and stuffs you know~ T___T
So next time really must leave house super super super early =XX

My boss seeing me reach earlier and not late
He look and me and said 'good good'
Maa it cheered me up a little =X

But still work today sucks
There are sooooooo many that I don't even know whether to serve them or not
At almost every second the shop is flooded
And because there's this section where we are selling t-shirts
And alot of them will look through the designs and find sizes,
And leave without buying anything,
And that corner would be in a huge pile of clothes mess
So from the moment I start work from 1230 until 530 I have been folding clothes NON-STOP (literally) and it wasnt until 530 that I realized that it's already 530 zz
After that the rest of the 2 hours are a bit slower, but still the same thing goes on~~~

Only good thing that happened was that this group of 3 Japanese guys came and look at the shirts,
And then saying that it's Singaporu~ (Singapore)
Then I just stood beside them all the while seeing the moment they need help I'll just go over and serve them
Then one of the guys randomly just said "Singaporu...Xin Jia Po(chinese name for Singapore)" HAHAH!!!
OMG so cute!!!! LOL
Hearing that I cannot help but started grinning to myself like an aho~ HAHA!
And apparently my grin is too big to hide and that guy saw me grinning,
And he started smiling and grinning to me like an aho also HAHAHA!!!
AhhhhhH~~ kawaii~~~~~ =X

OK I know I'm not supposed to look at cute guys during work but
Hey if they're there for you to see,
Just see! =X
Kochan I still love you don't worry~~~
Through the 1st 5 hours of working my head is constantly playing Ai no Katamari for no reason LOLOL
I guess that's how that 5 torturing hours can pass so fast LOL

Ok work aside,
Time to talk about something nice~~
Actually there's not much too~ T_____T
Just some things that keep me going with my day~~

My new wallpaper!! =DD


You guys know how much I love this Singles cover~
So I really can't help myself but to try and see if it can work as a wallpaper,
And it turned out to be soooo beautiful!!!
And what a coincidence,
Just as I am typing this my windows media player is playing Harmony of December!
Yappari KinKi Kids can hear me!!! LOLOL
It's always these little coincidences that makes my life a little happier hehe

And also,
Ever since I got my new phone,
Life has been great for me~
Because I no longer have to worry about making a phone call and having it die on me after having just a 10 second conversation
I no longer have to worry about having no songs to listen to during my long journey home
I no longer have to worry about smsing excessively, wearing my phone battery out unnecessarily

Yes I can listen to my beloved KinKi Kids as much as I want,
And know that whenever I am outside now they will always be with me,
And I can make as much phone calls and sms as much as I want
So people!!
If you have nothing better to do,

Yes yes I know that I am very biased towards Koichi,
So after changing so many Koichi wallpaper,
I finally decided to use this picture as my handphone wallpaper:


Now cannot say I biased towards Koichi already hor =XX
I love this picture,
Because Koichi is in a tank-top *gasp*
And Tsuyo looks great with this hair~! =DD
Finally a picture where the both of them look good! =DD

Yess and from time to time whenever I am feeling tired,
I will just open my flip phone and take a look at this picture
And strangely enough,
I always will seem to be able to get some energy back =DD

Ok that's the end of my random post~ haha
Still waiting for my Brand New Song Limited Edition to reach my mail T___T
Stupid UK postman cheat my feelings,
Tell me will arrive within 5 days LOLOL
Maa I guess I'll just wait for it hahaha T____T

Also my room is in a mess now~~
I have like 3 Kinokuniya plastic bags on the floor
Clothes and bags and laminating papers all around the floor LOL
Someone needs to stop going to Kino~ LOLOL

And one last thing~~~
Tomorrow will have a preview of Ai no Katamari!!!
You guys need to listen to this song man I tell you
It's composed by Koichi, lyrics written by Tsuyoshi~~
It's one of the best songs ever created in this world I tell you
1000000x better than all those RnB or Hip Hop songs LOLOLOL

So yeaa from today onwards I will be count down-ing to the release of KinKi YOU DVD! =D
I cant wait for my sleepover session!!! *looks at Eliza =X*
Ok I am ending here
Got report to rush
Tomorrow have to submit for group members to see already
Pray for me T___________T

PS: Vanilla I just realized that I havent reply your mails yet!! Gomen gomen!! I will get around to it soon k!! As soon as this stupid assignment frenzy ends! T___T Gomen gomen T___T

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