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Tired tired TIRED!

Ahhh so sorry that recently my entries is just talking about how tired I am
I guess I just need an outlet to whine and stuffs
And I don't wanna do it in Livejournal since when I update the entries will appear in their friends page,
I dont wanna spoil it so yeaaa
I'll just update it here so that only those who come and read will get the bomb =X

Thanks for those who read my earlier entry and prayed for me
(I don't know who did la but if there are people who did I would like to thank them)
Because just now during work,

And I was able to finish work properly without feeling too drowsy and want to die LOL
The only bad thing is that I didn't get any break today
Turns out that they thought since I already ate lunch I wouldnt need any break to eat so they didn't give me any break
So I literally had to stand for 7 hours straight!!
I almost died I tell you LOL
Cus no matter how long my working hours was I never had to stand 7 hours straight
Cus usually will be like 4-5 hours standing then 1 hour break then another 3-4 hours standing
Ahhhh I'm so glad work ended

I guess for the rest of this week I'll be working 7 hours na~ T____T
I want the money too~ T____T
And since I'm paid like $6.50/hr
So today I only earn $45.50
Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa T__________T

Another side note,
For the 1st time,
I talked to BambooBranch during my lecture! HAHAHA
Ok I'm not supposed to do that during lecture but
Ahhhh somehow I'm so excited HAHAHA
But it sucks that she only online sooooo late
Cus LOL lecture ended early
So can't chat long with her T_____T
Hahahaha and now she's not online
Ahhhhh sian LOL

And fluffy87 replied my message already
Ahhhh and she said that to apply for KinKi Kids' FanClub I must have a valid Japanese address and phone number,
And if I want to ballot for concert tickets I need to call them one
Since everything is in Japanese it will be very complicated if I dont have any Japanese friend to help me

The fact is I DONT HAVE any Japanese friend to help me!!!
Where am I gonna get a valid Japanese address and phone number?!?!?!
Seems like my dream is flying further and further away from me~
Guess I'll just have to earn more money and buy a house in Japan
I know I know you want to slap me LOL
Maybe I should just slim down and fly to Japan and seduce Koichi HAHAHAHA
That will be much cheaper muhahahahha

Ok another another side note,
I saw it from Rurun's Livejournal,
Tsuyoshi has updated his LoveFighter Jweb again =DD
This is it:

If we doubt the heart,
It will die completely
When we believe in the heart
I wonder if it will be alive again?

Haha I think that's what it SHOULD mean
BambooBranch feel free to correct me T____T
Me and Kristy is like cracking our heads here like nuts
Trying to figure out the exact meaning~
Ahhhhhh can't believe I will spend so much time trying to translate this 4 lines properly T___T

Maaa reading this 4 lines,
And seeing what BambooBranch has written about Tsuyoshi's new song Sunday Morning,
Sorry but I still don't like the song
I somehow feel that it's sort of linked?
I have never really doubted my heart before
Doubting others' heart maybe,
But not my own
Because I know myself, I know what I want
And I believe that my heart functions together with my brain
So whatever that I am doing is really what I want to do

But yet again,
I also didn't really feel that I have believed in my heart before
It's weird isn't it?
I guess I'm just someone complicated hahaha
Maybe Takuya Kimura would like to take a look at my brain >.< Still in Mr Brain fever~ GACKT!!!!!
Haha and yay I found another classmate who knows KinKi Kids in lecture today

I really am weird haha but I'm loving it =DD
And I cant believe halfway blogging this entry
I suddenly had this urge and I went to scan these pictures zzzzzz
This is the 1st WinkUp issue I own so yeaaa
I love the shoots and of course ahhhh you'll have to see it to know it ^^


Ahhhhh are those roses for me? =XX
I love roses!!!
And seeing him holding them is like ahhhhhhhh~~~


I like how the rose petals falls on the ground,
And yes you never get tired of just him staring at you expressionless =))


Omg how can he look so gentle without even making any expression on his face
This guy is amazing I tell you

And yessss I decided to make this into my laptop wallpaper,
Tada!!!! =DD


Haha BambooBranch don't worry,
Anata no wallpaper mada ikiteru!! ^^
I only changed the wallpaper in my laptop from one Kochan to another Kochan hehe =D
And guess what?
The color of your wallpaper has reverted back to the original color!!
It's no longer the bright bright green!!

Ok omg I can't believe it
This is supposed to be a very very short entry
And look at the length zzz
I wonder what will happen if I want to blog a long long entry T___T
Ok tomorrow I shall be a good girl and stay back after school to finish my report =D
And to sub videos also
Ahhhhhh pray for me again~!!!
Pray that I will finish what I have to need to and want to do =)))

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